Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Were Alive & We REALLY miss Blogging iwth you all!

My sisters and i miss blogging and visiting you all so has been a little crazy to say the least.  Mommy's company got gobbled up by the company that bought them and now mom is starting her own business because she says that she is too smart to be relying on people to determine what her income should be and that she should be in charge because when it comes to income the sky is the limit.  Now, i don't know exactly what all that means but what i do know is this...  Our mommy is one smart cookie, and she has been doing a lot of something called "studying" for HOURS on end and she came home all super happy talking about passing some "State Test", so we know that were going to be ok...actually, were going to be more than ok because that's what mommy promised us.  And mommy has been spending a lot of time making sparkly stuff for our Uncle Chris and Auntie G's are mommy's shoes

Now, enough about mommy and lets talk about me and my sisters and our new life!
We spend lots of time in the living room hanging out with mommy while she reads
and we REALLY like hanging out with our Grandma while she and Grandpa are in the living-room because they are SUPER cool and they don't have any rules like mommy...  well, the do have a FEW rules like "go potty outside not in the house" but they let us beg for food and thats a BIG "no no"with our mommy.  Grandpa is particularly a softy to us fur-kids and just cannot say "no" to our big brown eyes

and speaking of Grandma...she gives us ALL KINDS OF STUFFS!  like PEANUT BUTTER!  OMD PEANUT BUTTER!  This a pic of Truffle was taken last week...
Grandma asked her if she wanted a treat and well, who could say "no" to THAT word!  Little did she know hat Grandma was going to smoosh this peanut butter stuffs on the roof of her mouth and on the back of her teethies!  but O M D was it DELISH!  Oh yea...Grandma knows whats up! 

(thanks for holding out on us for the past three years mom!)

Its getting late so My sisters and i need to get mom to bed because she is getting up early for a hike where the coyotes live that wake us up at night (well tell you all about that tomorrow!)

Tail Wiggles & Puppy Kisses,

Coco The Princes, Truffle, & Lady Godiva Too!