Sunday, March 15, 2009

I Barked!

It was around 8:30 yesterday morning and daddy opened my crate so that i could go do my morning business. Mommy was still sleeping so it was just daddy and me which means extra Coco-cookies for doing my business (but we dont tell mom about that; its a secrtete between daddy and me)

All of a sudden mommy was woken up by daddy and a very loud constant barking which sounded like it was coming from the kitchen. Mommy jumpped out of bed and started heading to the kitchen. It sounded like the neighbors dog (constant, high pitched and irritating), but why did it sound like it was in the house? And why was it such an angry bark...Something was wrong...VERY wrong!
Daddy was totally freaked out. he wouldnt even go into the kitchen. So mommy went, she headed stratight to towards the back door to tell the neighbors dog to shut its trap but then she realized that it was coming from my bed...It was me!


As soon as mommy realized that it was me that was barking her whole demenor changed. She immediatley dropped to her knees and began to slowly come closer to me speaking very softly saying "whats the matter Coco Bean? Its ok, come to mommy...come come" But then i started growling and it was a VERY angry growl; daddy could hear this growl from the living room so he rushed to the kitchen doorway to make sure that mommy and i were oging to be ok (but he kept his distance just in case). Mommy stayed abut 2 feet from my bed because i was acting so angry.

Mommy knows (from experience) that if a animal is going to bite or nip, it is more likely going to happen when the animal is scared. But why was i so upset? what on earth made me angry enought to bark? up untill now, i had never barked before; let alone growled.

Very slowly i came out of my bed...esrs back, tail down, belly crawling and still very visably upset. i looked back at my bed a couple of times and growled again. When i finally made it to the safety of my mommy's arms, she noticed that my back, tail, and sides were wet; but she paid it no mind and held me close while i shook uncontrolably.

Then she saw it...the culprit...there was poobles in my bed! It had stuck to my butt and freaked me out so bad that i weebled all over the place and got that weebles all over me while i was freaking out...then i had jumpped into my bed for safety but it followed me...still attached to my butt!

So there was not just one thing that i was upset about...there were THREE
  1. I got poobles stuck to my butt
  2. I got poobles in a place where it did not belong
  3. I barked which in the past whenever i made a noise remotley close to a bark i scared myself enough to hide either in my crate under the blankets or in my mommy's lap
It took mommy holding me in her arms for about an hour before i stopped shaking, then daddy gave me a bath. After the bath, i was all better, but when it came time for me to do my afternoon potty break...i entered the kitchen with caution and refused to pooble without mommy there with me.

Seeing as though i have NEVER barked before. Mommy and daddy are wondering if this is a begining of a barking erra for me...but i havent barked since yesterday they think it was a one time deal...What are your thoughts?

Tail wiggles & Puppy Kisses,

Coco - The Princess


Hector and Lola said...

Hi Coco! You had every reason to be upset! We're glad you're doing better now, though! Your mom and dad reacted so well! Our mom would have been so perplexed about how to react! :) -Hector and Lola

Mango the Maltese kiddo said...

Haha, I know one of your top secrets: you bark 'cause you got poobles stuck to your butt. Cute!

Lorenza said...

Hi, Coco!
It sounds to me like a good reason to bark!
Kisses and hugs

Scottie the 'cutie' said...

Aww...sorry to hear you got scared of the pooble on your butt! Well, it's all gone now, so you shouldn't be too worried about it Coco. =) Barking is not necessarily a bad thing, I think...hehe!I love to bark myself...*wink*


♪Tobi♪ said...

haha. i get very mad when i get poobles on my butt. i have a very fuzzy coat so it has happened more than a few times. i just freak our and freeze and refuse to get near anyone!

Rambo said...

Hey....I would bark too if my poop was stuck to my butt. It's suppose to fall off in a nice log or pile. Dumb poop!
I predict you will bark again and you will get used to it and then you won't even know you do it.
Take my word for it!

Pedro said...


You are too cute! Tell your mom you are a chihuahua and just so being are destined to become a guard dawg. You will bark! Didn't you watch Beverly Hills Chihuahua? You have to find your inner chihuahua! Sorry you had such a scary "pooble" incident! You know what they say, "Pooble happens!"


Ruby and Penny said...

Oh Coco
You can't be scared of your poobles. We have to pooble all the time.
We're glad your feeling better now.
Love Ruby & Penny

Anonymous said...

Coco, poor baby. As we all know though one only needs to "speak" when one has something to say. I agree with you, you had a lot to say! Hopefully this past problem will not happen again!

We love you Coco, Tessa and Blu

Marvin said...

Hi Coco! Well I was a rescue dog, and I never barked for weeks and weeks when I first found my forever home. Then one day I suddenly found my bark when somebody walked up the park next to myself. And I have never stopped ever since!

I expect it was because you were a wee bit stressed though. My parents think I didn't bark for a long while because I was stressed so it was kinda the oppposite way around to you.

It is all a mystery sometimes why these things happen.

Hope you feel better now.

lotsaluv, Marvin xxxx

Sharon said...

Coco, what an exciting day you had! Dobby barks a LOT so your parents should be glad that this was your first time. Some chihuahuas are quieter than others.

<3 S and D

Stanislaw said...

Pupi and I FREAK OUT if there's pooble hanging on for a ride. We usually thrash about and try to run away, but in the end we need some human intervention. Yuck! Those poobles can have a mind of their own. It's so scary!

Pink Chihuahua Princess said...

Aww, baby! You found your bark. :)

ocmist said...

Maybe you found your bark and were trying to tell your people that you had to go out NOW!!! And then, when you barked, you couldn't hold it any longer?

You are so tiny that you can't hold much, I'll bet. You look so much like Mimi's little Kisses. She weighs about 4.5 lbs. and is about 2.5 years old. (Mimi is my Mom's sister). I followed you over from your comment on my friend, Mango's blog.

I'm OC (Ornery Cuss) and my blog is called Country Corgis. Maybe I'll see you sometime. Meanwhile, I'm going to add you to my list and tell Mimi about you... It's really amazing how much you look like Kisses.