Monday, December 14, 2009

The exciting news...

Mommy was able to instal the Olympus program into the new MacBook Pro but its set up a little different so mommy is trying to figure it all out.

But the exciting news that we wanted to share with you is that the reason that mommy's new boyfriend bought her the MacBook Pro is because he said that she needs a reliable computer for her new business! Thats right, my mommy will have her online business up and running by the end of March 2010! She will be selling her hand made crafts/beadwork.

Here is a photo of a bell that she made and will be selling others like it on her web site:

And here is a picture of a Swarofski bracelet that my mommy made too:

My mommy took it one step further and decided to name her online business after me! she is caling it "Coco Bean Inspirations" (Coco Bean is my full name). She says that I inspire her to do things that she had forgotten she loved so very much.

So what do you all think?

Tail Wiggles & Puppy Kisses,

Coco The Princess


The Animal Doctor said...

Hi Coco,
What an awesome idea! I'm so glad that your Mom is pursuing her dreams. Some people are too busy or too tired to do so.
You must be very proud to have your Mom's beautiful work named after you?


Lorenza said...

They are beautiful!
We wish the best to your Mom!
Kisses and hugs

Two Country Poodles said...

Your momma's creations are beautiful! We love she named the business after you...Too Cool!!!

Wags and Licks,
Mollie Jo & Bobo

Heather said...

Gorgeous stuff! We wish your mommy luck with her new business venture. :oD

Nadine said...

Very pretty things your Mom made!! And our Mom is going to be starting an online business after the holidays too!! She's going to be making and selling dog necklaces and she's naming the store after Moi....Lilibell's Jewels!!

What a coincidence that both our Moms are doing this! I hope your Mom is very successful at her business!

Chi kisses, Lilibell

Cheryl, Indiana, Shingo and Molly said...

Be sure to post her web address!! Does she make doggy necklaces?

We love your blog!! Wanna be friends? You can visit us at:

Asta said...

Coco bean

Youw mommmi's business is suwe to be a gweat success wif you as an inspiwation and hew talent
smoochie kisses

Bijou said...

Hi Coco,

Wow those are really purdy! Your mom is very talented. Congrats on the new business. She picked the pawfect name too!


Hector and Lola said...

Hi Coco,
All those pieces are very pretty! Good luck to your mom! -Hec and Lola

Draco and his Mom said...

I can't wait to see the new web store. I bet you will do really well.