Thursday, April 1, 2010

Lock Down...

Yep, you read correct, Truffle has been quarantined by our mommy!!! And we mean quarantined BIG way!!!Lately, Mommy has been working REALLY hard to socialize Truffle. She is such a bundle of nerves we have been taking her to the doggy park near our home when we cant go to the really nice one because the nice one is almost 20 miles from home.

Anyway, Last night around 3:30pm, Truffle started coughing this REALLY nasty dry cough, and she started hacking and trying to throw up from coughing so hard. So, mommy took her temperature and it was only 101.8 but this morning, Truffle's temperature was 104.2 and you could feel and hear a rattle in her chest when she off to the vet we went only to find out that Truffle has Kennel Cough.

The vet gave Truffle two emergency injections to reduce the swelling so she can breath easier and without struggling, and the second injection of super strong antibiotics. Mommy is keeping a humidifier next to the doggy play pen and that seems to be helping Truffle a little. So, Truffle is in the doggy play pen (A.K.A. Doggy Jail), on two different antibiotics, drinking PediaLite, and on a bland diet of chicken & rice.In the mean time, mommy has been going OCD crazy washing everything in the washing machine with 3/4 cup of bleach in each load.

The vet said that if the coughing doesn't stop within 2 days that she has to go back to chest x-rays because he said that it could possibly turn into Pneumonia...SCARY!!!

Please keep your dewclaws crossed and keep us in your prayers that our sister Truffle gets better soon...Mommy wont let us help her be nurses to Truffle so we sleep outside the bedroom door tonight in the living room just in case mommy needs our help. But you can tell by the looks on our faces that we are not happy that we cant cuddle with Truffle while she is sick :(Playing Nurse from a distance,

Coco The Princess & Lady Godiva

Note from the Mommy:
Coco The Princess received a response from her Prince Dobby. While Coco is incredibly excited to share the good news with you all, as well as a couple of awards that we have received, the good news and awards will have to wait another day or so because taking care of Truffle's health and making sure that Coco and Godiva don't catch this horrible bug that Truffle has is my top priority right now. Please bare with me for a day or so. The Girls and i really miss you all so much. I wish i could update more right now, but i am going to go hold Truffle so she can feel safe asleep in my arms tonight.


Nadine said...

Oh no, poor Truffle :( We are hoping and praying that she gets better real, real soon and will be keeping our paws crossed for her.

Waggles & Chi kisses, Chewy & Lilibell

Pee Ess We miss you guys too.

Sharon said...

Poor little truffle :( We'll be sending happy thoughts your way!!

<3 S and D

Mhathy said...

Get well soon Truffle, hope you get well with the treatment. Peggy

Lorenza said...

I will have my paws crossed for Truffle!
I hope she gets better soon!
Take care
Kisses and hugs

Anonymous said...

OMD!! We are so very sorry that little Truffle is so sick! We hope that she gets better.

You might want to have your Mom consider getting you Coco and your sister Godiva the Kennel Cough injection at the vets. I don't know if Truffle will be able to get it when she is well, but you might want to have your Mom ask.

We will keep Truffle in our prayers and pray that you and your sister stay well.

Hugs, Tessa

The Two Country Poodles said...

OH my you poor baby. Hope you cough goes away soon.

Wags and Licks,
Mollie Jo & Bobo

Pee Ess: At least you have a private room.

Draco and his Mom said...

Oh you little chocolate treat Truffle. I hope you get better really fast. Your hospital room looks like a spa though.

Bijou said...

Sorry Truffle is not feeling well.I know your mom, you and your sister are gonna take very good care of her.

Being socialized is important, but it's a good idea to get fully vaccinated before going to the doggy parks.


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Mike said...

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The Animal Doctor said...

oh no...this post is a week old. Truffles, are you feeling any better now? Pls update us.

I just want you know that I got your package!!! I so love it, and will post about it as soon as my secretary makes herself available (grrr, lousy secretary).

Thank you so much dear friends, sending positive healing vibes for dear Truffles.

- Scarlet