Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Im Oh So Beastly!

after my morning wee-wee-ad session, and of course a fresh bowl of my doggy breakfast, it was time for my morning thrashing of one of my favorite stuffies named "Kitty". I do this every morning while mom gets ready for work. I'm practicing my beastlyness so that i can protect the house while mommy and daddy are at work. I had mom attach a video of me (she took it today).

After my morning thrashing, it was time for mom to go to work. But when lunch time came around, Dad brought home some roses for me (mommy thinks that they are for her; silly human). Dont I look cute with my flowers?

Then mommy came home and after she smelt my flowers and told me and daddy how beautiful tey were, she and i spent time together cuddeling like we do every lunch. And for those of you who dont know...thant means that i get to crawl into mommy's sweater and give her kisses while we cuddle! Mommy says that i keep her warm...she keeps me warm too!

Mommy is incredibly tired from being at school untill latelast night, so when she gets home, we will take a nap with daddy, and then watch our favorite shows untill i fall asleep in mommy's lap (like always).

~Coco - The Princess

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