Wednesday, October 1, 2008

i'm not so sure about shopping

Hello everyone! This is how today went...

At lunch time mommy and daddy came home to spend some time with me. Mommy came home first and i went potty when mom told me to on the wee-wee pad, mom and i cuddled for a little, then dad came homeand i cuddled with him next.

But when dad came home, it was quite a while before mommy came home cause she had to work late, so i got to cuddle with dad some more before mom got home (it was a total father daughter thing).

When mom came home, they both went shopping for presents for me! They bought me a harness, leash, and a sweatshirt! And they were all pink!

I got used to the harness, but the leash was somewhat of a different story...but it was fun to chase around!

then it was time for the sweatshirt...this took some adjusting to...i was less than thrilled to say the least! But damn i look cute! and the sweater keeps me so nice and warm!

after all that shopping and modeling, i was really tired and i fell asleep on daddy's chest.

Thats all for today folks...its time for nighty night in my princess bed!

Coco - The Princess

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Endless Love said...

your a lucky and pretty girl !