Saturday, October 4, 2008

Woo-Hoo its Saturday!!!

I have had quite an exciting day. First i showed mommy and daddy my new escaping trick. During the night and while my parents are at work, they have made an area for me that has my bed, wee-wee pad and my food and water bowl; this was fine with me for the past month, however i have decided in the last week that sometimes i need a little more room than that. I have been doing this since last sunday and mommy couldnt figure it out untill she caught me in the act! And now she keeps saying that i think im a billy-goat. I have to disagree though...i just think that i am really smart.
YEP! thats right...i have figuredotuhowto climb up the boxes!!! But none the less, mom said that i can get hurt jumping from up so high, and that she needed to buy me a playpen. but before all that, it was play time! I showed mommy a & daddy my master hunting skills by chasing "the dot"
And then i showed mommy how fearless i am! because i think that it is important that mommy and daddy know that i can protect them!
So, after all my morning hunting and of course my doggy breakfast, it was time for mom and dad to take me with them on their shoping trip. We went to this HUGE pet store that is in a warehouse and there were tonz of people that kept asking if they could take me home with them. One lady even opened up her purse and said "ok, you can put her in here". Mom just laughed and held me tightly. Mommy bought me a playpen, so now i have lots of room to play! Of courst, this also means that i can not escape any more so i amnot quite sure how i feel about this yet. Its kinda bitter sweet.
After the pet store, we went to 3 other stores for humans, and people kept starting at store was had two girls behind the counter that kept asking mommy all kinds of questions about me. by the time i got home i was so tired that i fell asleep on my mommy and daddy couldnt resist taking photos of me cause he said that i was so cute.
As you can all tell, shopping was one tiring experience. It was quite a busy day for a puppy like me. The restof my evening looks like this so far...

1) Right nowit is time for my doggy dinner
2) Then some play time
3) After play time it is always potty time
4) Last but not least; some evening snuggles, kisses and love while mommy & daddy while we watch a movie

Living life like a princess,


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