Friday, October 3, 2008

Its Princess Time!

My day started as usual yesterday, untill mommy came home and told me that since all my toys and princess bedding was all cleaned, that i needed a bath. Not exactly my favorite thing in the whole world to do, but it isnt so bad when mommy gives me a bath because she gets into the tub with me.

Once bath time was over, and mommy blowdried me so that i didnt get cold, it was time for my puppy derby when i run around like a crazy dog on WAY too much caffene!.
Once all that playing had pooped me out completely, and i had ben given the appropriate amount of evening cuddles, kisses, and loves from mommy and daddy, it was time for me to go to bed. A couple of hours into me falling asleep, i woke up to mommy calling daddy into the kitchen saying that he had to take a look at me. Apparently i was being REALLY cute! She took some be the judge...i was just being my usual princess self, but mom said that i was just adorable. But who wouldnt be adorable in a bed like mine!

Resting like a princess...


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