Thursday, October 9, 2008

Learning = Yummy & Allergies = Itchy

While my mommy was reading her favorite blog ("I Eat Raw Meat") the link in on the side of my page) she was taking note on the hand gestures that were being used to train my blog buddies and decided that it was time to start training me to use my crate on a comand. We worked on it for about 15 minutes...and guess when mommy says "crate" and points to the door, i go inside and either sit or lay down like a good girl. There were of course two MAJOR factors in this:

1) I like my crate to begin with.
2) there were treats involved every time i went inside my crate

later last night mommy and i practiced some more and we showed daddy my new trick. I also showed mommy & daddy that i have learned to play fetch with my fuzzy ball! We must have played fetch for about 1 1/2 hours...It was a blast. Mommy said that we need to work on the "drop" thing when i bring the ball back though because i like to hold onto it.

My mommy has noticed that i have been spending more time than usual scratching...and that when she scratches my back and under arms i thump my foot because it feels so good. She thinks that i am alergic to something in my food so she is looking into it some more. But she said that this weekend she is going to be feeding me rice and boiled chicken to see if i will stop being so itchy.

Last night i got to cussle with mommy and daddy in the BIG bed! It was SO much fun! First i cuddled with mommy, then daddy, then mommy aain...then i twas time for me to explore under the covers and find my comfy spot curled up into a tiny little ball right next to mommys leg! It was so warm and cozy; but daddy was worried that i couldnt breath so he lifted up the blanket and called my name so i would come out...but let me tell you...that wasnt going to happen...I WAS SNUG AS A BUG IN A RUG!

Does anyone have any ideas of puppy kibble that might be more natural than "Science Diet"? My mommy would LOVE some suggestions.

Learning, Playing & Scratching

Coco - The Princess

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Sunny,Scooter,Jamie said...

hi sweetie, we just found you and you are soooo cute! We use Blue Buffalo. Natural and no recalls ever. We get it at PetSmart. Mom has really been happy with it for me-Sunny, Standard poodle and Scooter-chihuahua. And it tastes great!!!(Science diet hs sooo much grain, we haveheard of alot of allergies) Also, Solid Gold is a natural food.
Hope you like one of those!
Sunny&Scooter(&Jamie the mom who would love to scoop you up!!)