Monday, October 6, 2008

My Lazy Sunday

Between all the shopping, barbequing, and playing that took place on Saturday, by Sunday I was one tired puppy! I tried to start my day as I always do with my usual “Doggy Derby” run through the house as fast as I can. But I just couldn’t do more than 2 laps… Mommy caught on to how tired I was very quickly, so she and daddy and I cuddles on the sofa and watched movies for the most part of the day…In fact, we watched 3 movies…but realistically, we slept through most of them. It was ok with me though… Then it was time for mommy and daddy to cook dinner, and because I was being such a good girl, so they left me on the sofa to keep sleeping. Mommy and Daddy said that I am getting better with my potty training for the most part. I leave puddles on command, but leaving pebbles is still a work in art. Sometimes I get so excited I accidently leave little puddles; but mommy told me that I will grow out of this.
As you all know, it is Monday – and I feel the same way about Mondays as all of you do. MONDAYS STINK!!! My mommy came home today at lunch and we cuddled and played a little bit too. Daddy didn’t believe mom when she said that I puddle on command until he saw me do it this afternoon. But overall, lunch was nice, mommy, daddy and I laughed, played, and cuddled...Mommy has school again tonight, so I will have plenty of time to con daddy into treats while mommy’s earning her good grades.

Resting peacefully,
Coco-The Princess


Girl Girl Hamster said...

Hello Coco, you sure are a cutie... I think it'll be pawsome if we can play together coz I think we're about the same size hee

~ Girl girl & Bae

Goofy said...

You are such a cutie pie.. Coco..

Sundays are days meant for us to be lazy I know.. :P


Stanislaw said...

You have the cutest little round puppy belly! It looks like your belly enjoyed some great snuggle time.