Tuesday, October 14, 2008

What a weekend...

Saturday morning my mommy woke me up and we went for a ride in the car. I knew something was up because daddy didn’t come with us and I was put in my travel crate. Sure enough, I was back at that pace where mommy puts me on a cold steel table and a tall man always takes my temperature (in the most unpleasant way)… Then it happened. There was a searing pain in my little back left leg. It hurt so bad that I puddled on the table! I SCREAMED…Oh man did I scream! It hurt so bad that I cried the entire way home too. Stupid #2 Puppy shot!
Then for the rest of the day I didn’t feel good…all I wanted to do was sleep…I didn’t even want “Coco Cookies” I felt so icky. I shook so hard that I vibrated because I was cold and because I felt so icky.
Later in the evening Mommy’s best friend came over (Auntie Alyssa is my favorite!) which is always fun because she always brings me a bag full of toys every time she comes! And the best part…the toys are my size!
Auntie Alyssa brought me two super soft blankies that I LOVE to cuddle up in because they keep me super duper warm. I of course perked up for her, but only for a little while…then it was time for me to go back to sleep.
Sunday afternoon mommy and i went online to my favorite place to shop at http://www.petdesignesbysherri.com/ and i helped mommy pick out 5 new outfits that i wanted. Mommy said that they will arive later this week.

Last night while mommy was in school, I got to cuddle with daddy the entire time. He and I cuddled and slept on the sofa (I slept and he played video games). Daddy said that he thinks that my brain is starting to work efficiently because I started to get fussy and wouldn’t hold still and when he put me on the carpet, I B-lined for my wee-wee-pad in the kitchen and went puddles and pebbles! That’s right…I did it all on my own and no one had to tell me! I still have little excitement accidents sometimes, but for the most part…potty training is coming along quite smoothly. Not bad for a 10 week old puppy right? Oh yea, the doctor said that I am just under the 2 pound mark too! That’s right…I’m almost 2 pounds!

Waiting for my next package in the mail from Sherri,

Coco - The Princess

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Stanislaw said...

Aren't shots the pits? We've starting doing titers since Big Pupi doesn't react very well to injections, but your baby shots are a must. Sorry kiddo! They'll be over in no time.

You look awfully snazzy in that sweater! My mom will send that store link to Pupi's girlfriend (a chihuahua) so she can do some shopping too!