Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Fish Tank!

Mommy got a fish tank for Christmas! My mommy used to have a 100 gallon fish tank but when she moved out on her own she had to get rid of it which made her very sad because she used to have a beautiful fish called a Black Arowana who was three feet long!

So, for Christmas my mommy got a fish tank and although it is only a 20 gallon, mommy has already put some REALLY pretty fish in it. We plan on saving up and getting another 100 gallon fish tank because these fishies that mommy got are going to get really big! Truffle and I LOVE sitting on the sofa or on the floor right in front of the fish tank and watching the fishies with mommy. Our favorite time is feeding time because there is so much action in that little tank.

I wanted to share our new friends with all of you because i know that you will all enjoy their beauty as much as my mommy does.

This is the fish tank:This is one of the two Silver Tip Cat Fish and behind him you can see one of the two Rainbow Sharks:This is the Glass Cat Fish:This is one of the two Rose Line Sharks and behind him you can see mommy's two stripie fish who we call AWOL 1 & 2:

This is the Peacock Eel. He is a very delicate and shy fish and spends most of his time hiding under the gravel or under an ornament that he has dug a tunnel under. He usually only comes out when the fish tank light is turned off and mommy has put food in the tank:Here you can see both the Rose Line Sharks and behind them you can see both AWOL 1 & 2:This little guy is REALLY cute. He is called a Birchir. He is a total character and uses his front fins to rop himself up like little arms!:
This is the Needle Nose Gar:And this is a Silver Arowana who was purchased for my mommy to replace the Black Arowana that mommy used to have. We are all REALLY excited to watch him grow and cant wait till he gets REALLY big so we make sure he eats a balanced meal just like mommy does for us!

Lately, we have enjoyed sleeping in with mommy and all of the yummy treats that come with obedience training. Tonight, we got a bean bag bed that is really made for just one dogy, but Godiva doesnt cate and has managed to make it a two dog bed. It's a good thing that Truffle doesn't mind sharing!I hope you all enjoyed meeting the fishies in our new fishie tank.

Tail Wiggles & Puppy Kisses,

Coco The Princess


Pedro said...

Beautiful fish! Such great colors. The picture of the two of you snuggling on the bean bag bed is soooo cute!


Brind'Amour said...

Whoa! That's an awesome fish tank. The snakey looking ones are pretty scary. I bet it's fun to watch them swim!


kissa-bull said...

we love your fishes
we hope you get your 100 gallon tank soon
that is so nice of truffle to share
vewy nice sibling
wiggles and pittie sugar
the houston pittie pack

Bijou said...

You have some purdy strange looking fish. Mom says she is surprised you can keep so many in that size tank. We have some gold fish in the pond outside but me and Banjo don't pay pay them much attention. If mom had room in the house she'd have a fish tank too.

I like your new bed. It's the right size for snuggling.


Anonymous said...

Not only do you 3 have a groovy looking bed but you can now look at the fishies and watch what they are doing!

Hugs, Tessa

Draco and his Mom said...

Fish tanks are so fun to look at. Mom used to have one a long time ago..she said she had "Ciclads" whatever those kind are. Your new bed is a good snuggle place.