Monday, February 28, 2011

We made it home!

And all is good in the world!

But let me tell sisters and i were SO tired! Mommy was SO happy to see us and we were incredibly happy to see her too...but at that point, all we wanted to do was sleep!

Truffle: "huh? Wha? what was that big flash?"
Truffle: "Oh no mommy, no flashie beast thingy right now please? i wanna sleepyz first"I was so tired, i didn't even wake up when mommy took this picture of me, but Godiva didOh, and here is two photos of me on my tempurpedic pillow that you all heard about in my last post...
I'm telling ya...if you don't have one, make you humans go out and get one! it isn't easy being a dog (or a cat I'm sure). you need postropedic for your little doggy (or cat) butts! Youll sleep like a puppy (or kitten)Mommy has been working so hard and i know she has been a little stressed so my sisters and i have been spending a lot of time being our goofy selves and making sure she laugh's (often). Mommy especially likes it when i do my "froggy butt" stretches.

Tell me friends, what do you do that makes your humans laugh? do you have any pictures? I would like to hold a competition if there is enough of you that are willing to participate. Let me know and if there is enough people who can submit a photo or video of something you do that makes your human(s) laugh, i'll host the contest!

Tail Wiggles & Puppy Kisses,

Coco The Princess, Lady Godiva & Truffle


The Animal Doctor said...

Hello Coco, its nice to hear from you again! My brother Moy does something which really makes our MOm laugh- thats when he chases his tail! We have pics and a video of it but sssshhhhh im not supposed to squeal his dirty secret hehehehe

loves, Scarlet

Lacy said...

w00fs, welcome home puppies...i8 really likes your pillow...

b safe,

Anonymous said...

Hello Coco, Godiva and Truffle!

I am so happy that you is all HOME!!!! I LOVE being HOME!

I been gone awhile but I was home goin no where! BOL

Mom had bad puter problems. The hard drive died, then the battery the Mom spent 2 weeks saying bad words trying to get her backup of emails. She is still mad about that cause she was only able to get a few of her emails.

Anyway, I'm back and so happy that you all are too!

I make my Mommy laugh when I do the frog stretch too! BOL

woo woos, Tessa