Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Coco's Luxating Patella...

I am writing this with a heavy heart right now. On Friday evening, Coco Bean was playing with a sock that she had taken from the hamper. She would throw it in the air, chase after it and roll around with it. About 20 minutes into this, all of a sudden she would not put her back left leg down.

I laid her on her back and moved her little leg around with no reaction from her. We got into bed and as she always does, she laid down on my stomach. she would whimper or grunt and shiver almost the entire night. The next morning, she was acting fine but i noticed that she was skipping more noticeably than usual.

On Sunday when she was getting her bath, her back leg went out from under her and she fell hard on her left hip and then refused to put her leg down. Within an hour, she was back to her perky loving self.

Although she was acting and walking normal (except for the more noticeable skip) i knew i had to take her to her doctor. Today after work i brought her to the appointment and they took an x-ray.

when they brought me back into the room, this is what i saw:Coco's x-ray and a diagram and a book with drawings of a kneeThey did not have my little Coco Bean with them. Instead, they were giving her pain medication. Her little knee is so bad that her patella (knee cap) is off to the side of her knee and wont even stay in place. i immediately asked how soon they would be able to do the surgery to fix her little knee...at this point, i dont care how much it will cost. i just want my little angel to be well and pain free.

they asked if they could keep her over night to keep her hooked up to an IV of fluids and pain medication so that they could do the surgery first thing in the morning and i agreed. but first they brought her to me so that i could say goodnight and kiss her and tell her how much i love her.

i miss my little angel so much right now i dont know how i am going to sleep without her. i feel so horrible that i did not know she was having this problem and extreme pain because she hid it so well.

they told me that this surgery will not only fix this problem and free her of her pain, but it is an incredibly successful surgery and will fix it permanently and i wont have to worry about her little left knee luxating again.

The whole surgery package (x-ray, blood work, IV's, catheter, etc) is going to cost me $1,032.00.

I ask that you keep my little Coco Bean in your prayers and thoughts tonight, tomorrow, and through her recovery. I know that if we all come together the power of the paw will get her through this safely.

~The Mommy


Khyra And Sometimes Her Mom said...

Paws khrossed here fur all to go well and that patella to luxate no more!


Fred said...

I'm so sorry! We will definitely be POPing that she'll make it just fine through the surgery, and her knee will be back to normal soon!

Nadine, Chewy and Lilibell said...

Oh no!! Of course we'll keep Coco in our thoughts and prayers.

I know it's hard not to worry (I would be a nervous wreck right now!), but this surgery is so routine, she'll come out of it just fine. The hard part may just be the recovery time and trying to keep her quiet!

Lilibell has the luxating in her left leg too, but so far it's not bothering her. We have an appointment with their new vet (holistic) this Saturday, I'm going to find out if there are any supplements I can be giving her to head off problems down the road.

Lacy said...

Woofs, me hopes u will b ok....and the drs can fix u up...do what they say so u can git better...

b safe,

Painter Pack said...

We are so sorry to hear of CoCo's injury! You could not have known it was this bad...sometimes our little furry kids hide their pain from us. At least you know that she will be safe and pain free, back home with you, soon. We are crossing all paws and saying prayers for you and for Coco and the doctors. Keep us updated as we love you and CoCo.

Painter Pack

Maggie and Mitch said...

Our paws are crossed for you, Coco! We are praying for a very successful surgery.

Love ya lots
Maggie and Mitch

Anonymous said...

OMD! You bet your britches that my paws are ALL crossed, oops, I fell down. Oh well, I just know that Princess Coco will be all better!

Me and my Mommy send all our LOVE to her in hopes that all will be well!

woo woos, Tessa

Stanislaw said...

Hi Coco!
My cousin had this condition and went through surgery for it 2 years ago. She healed super quick and is better than before. I have to warn you... the incision on the knee is kind of icky, but the surgery really truly fixes the problem. We wrote about it here:


Hope you feel better soon!!

Draco and his Mom said...

Oh my goodness...I am sorry to hear about Cocos bad knee. I have one myself, but not to bad yet. I hope Coco has a successful surgery and gets to feeling better real soon.

Lorenza said...

My paws are crossed and my mom is praying for Coco!
We are sure everything is going to be ok!
Let us know, please!
Take care
Kisses and hugs

The Animal Doctor said...

oh no..just read this! Im praying for your quick recovery, Coco Bean!
i hope you will be back on your toes in no time. you sure are brave to go through that surgery!

lovelots, Scarlet