Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Coco Bean's post surgery UPDATE

i called the vet at 9:50am adn they had just received Coco Bean's blood work and it showed that she was good to go and all in the clear for surgery. The surgery was scheduled for later in teh afternoon and i was told to call back at 5pm.

i called the Vet at 4:55 ( i just coudln't wait any longer). The vet said that Coco Bean made it through surgery quite well and was in the cage recovering still hoked up to IV fluids and pain meds. they wanted to keep her overnight to make sure that there are not any post-op problems. of course i agreed. as much as i want her home with me, i know she will not feel well and will be distracted with Truffle and Godiva running around and i KNOW they will not leave her alone if i bring her home.

i just want her to rest there (with the extra pain meds) until i pick her up tomorrow. i anticipate a lot of babying her and hand feeding her. And i know she will have a large bandage on her leg. i wonder how she will get around to go potty but i'm not worried about that too much. what i do worry about is whats going to happen while i'm at work on Friday. What if she needs something and i am at work!? I am going to ask my boss' if i ca work half the day at the office and the other half a day at home. I'm sure they will understand.

if any of you or your friends have had a dog (or dogs) with this surgery, can you please let me know if she will be able to get around? I have a small playpen set up for her. i call it the "recovery nursing station" and it is in my bedroom next to my bed. i have the bottom covered in pee-pads and a small bed and her water bowl in it so she doesnt have to go very far to eat/drink/go potty of she needs to. Also, Lady Godiva & Truffle wont be able to get to her to play which i KNOW they will want to do.

Thank you for keeping my precious Coco Bean in your prayers and thoughts.

Your Friend,

~The Mommy


Mollys Momma said...

Hi Worried Coco Mom,
My very first dog had this surgery on both his back legs ( at different times thankfully ). He managed fine he hopped around with ease and did not seem to be too troubled at all by his leg being all strapped up. We did tape a sock over his bandages to stop him pulling them off as he hated buster collars. The only thing we had to do really was carry him up and down stairs as we lived on the first floor and had to gow and up the stairs for him to use the garden. He had no trouble going potty except the pain meds blocked him up a little. We did put pee pads down for him to make life a little easier for him and for us. He recovered well and lived toa good age with only one little problem as one of his legs had to be wired and when he was about 10 or 11 one of the wires had moved so he had ir removed. But other than that there no further problems. He was agile and could run and jump fine you would never have known he had ever had luxating patellas. Luckily when his used to pop out they did not cause him any pain just made his leg look all hinky until we popped it back in but obviously if left it would have caused him problems.
I should imagine that the surgery has advanced since my boy had his ops many years ago and I know you cannot help worrying and nothing anyone can say will stop that but I am sure your darling Coco will be just fine. If she is anything like my Sam was she will play on it and give you huge sad eyes that will make your heart melt well all I can say is follow your heart and you and she won't go far wrong honey. If you want to ask anything just drop me a message on either my blog or Richies or Ronniis and I will get back to you asap.
Fingers and paws all crossed here that she is home safe with you very very soon. Please give her gentle huggles from all of us here.

Momma Tea
xxx x xxx

Nadine, Chewy and Lilibell said...

So I'm guessing that the little patient will be coming home today, right?

One of the member's chi's on a chihuahua forum I belong to went through knee surgery a little over a month ago, here's the thread for it
There's several tips to keep Coco quiet, plus an insight as to what you can expect for recovery. Is Coco in a cast right now?

Please keep us updated as to how she's doing.

kissa-bull said...

we willkeep her in our prayers until she is back to her old self.sending lotsa healin sugar in the meantime

the pittie pack

Lacy said...

w00f, thinking of u and Coco..i agree with the play pen...esp with the other 2 there, they might want to play a little ruff with her..

b safe,

Jed and Abby in MerryLand said...

We just read the last 2 posts. We have no experience with this, just wanted you to know we have all our paws crossed and our best doggie prayers said for Coco Bean's full and speedy recovery. She may not like the 'no jumping around' requirement, but from different but similar surgeries we know that part is very important.

Jed & Abby