Saturday, February 28, 2009

So Much For Me To Share!

I’m sorry I have not been visiting all of you as I usually do and I’m sorry that i have not posted anything for you all to read. I promise to get aroudn to you all really soon...
There is so much to tell all of you, that I don’t even know where to start!

I had a play date with the infamous “Juicy Princess”. For those of you that don’t know, when my mommy’s “Heart Dog” went to the rainbow bridge (2 years ago this April) my mommy’s heart went with him. Mommy swore she would never get another dog…Mommy had other dogs that got old and passes away, but Pasko was not like any other dog, and they shared a connection that was unexplainable. this is the picture of mommy and Pasko :
But in August 2008 mommy was at my daddy’s company picnic and she met a little Chihuahua that she couldn’t resist but to ask if she could hold. This Chihuahua’s name is “Juicy Princess”. Mommy thought that Juicy Princess was a puppy because of her small size (1.8 Poumnds) but in fact Juicy Princess was 3 years old!!! N/E way…when mommy held Juicy Princess something inside her snapped… all of a sudden, mommy needed a dog… for the first time since Pasko had passed, mommy wanted another dog, and she wanted a micro-teacup Chihuahua. Mommy showed daddy and he said she could have one if it stayed Juicy Princess’s size! The very next morning at around 7:00 on a Saturday mommy jumped out of bed, turned on the computer and started looking for a teacup Chihuahua. One week later mommy found this picture on the internet: Two days and $450 later, mommy and daddy were driving home with me! Daddy said that i looked like a tic-tac version of Pasko. that was when mommy kissed my little eyebrows, then my left front paw and handed over the check for me!

Ok, so now you know the story of how Juicy Princess made my mommy able to bring another dog back into her life. Juicy Princess started the healing process of my mommy’s heart and if it wasn’t for Juicy Princess doing that, mommy might not have ever gotten another dog! I might have not gotten such a loving home! I was barely alive when mommy and daddy brought me home, that’s a totally different story…maybe next time.

So I had my playdate with Juicy Princess and her sister Jasmine. They were so kind and I got so much attention and loves and hugs at Juicy Princess & Jasmine’s house, I felt like a total celebrity! They even let me do a little weebling of my own in their front yard during our potty break. Now that’s hospitality. OH! AND GUESS WHAT!!! My mommy showed Princess & Jasmine’s mommy my blog and all my friends, and she set up a blog for Juicy Princess & Jasmine!!!

Earlier this week, mommy got an email from a very kind woman who said that she had been following my blog for a few months now and that I had inspired her to start a blog for her brand new puppy named Tessa! The letter was so very kind that it made my mommy’s eyes drip. Tessa is a beautiful little Maltese who works VERY hard to keep my mommy’s life filled with joy.Yay! I have brought more friends to the DWM community!!! They are all wonderful little fur-kids with so much to share! Go say “hi” and welcome them to the family!

Today, my mommy decided that she was going to make me a bling collar that is mine. This is the result. Daddy LOVES it and says that now people will stop calling me a boy dog when we go out in public…I guess the pink sweaters and dresses aren’t enough of a hint that I just might be a GIRL!

Tomorrow I have another play date with Juicy Princess and Jasmine. This time they are going to come to my home. I am so excited!! I had mommy get all my toys out so that I could inspect all of them for tomorrow to make sure that they are in tip-top shape for tomorrow’s date. Mommy promised to take lots of pictures and i'll post them tomorrow!
Anxiously awaiting my play date…

Coco – The Princess
P.S. Please dont forget to go visit my new friends Juicy Princess & her sister Jasmin and of course Little Tessa


The FOUR Musketeers said...

have fun with your playdate !

Lorenza said...

Hi, Coco!
Thanks for sharing your story.
I went to visit your friends! They are so cute!
You collar is beautiful!
I wear a dress everyday and people still ask if I am a boy! Hmmmm.....
Kisses and hugs

Anonymous said...

Good morning Your Highness, Princess Coco.

Thank you so much for telling all of your friends about me. That was so very nice of you to have done for me. Maybe your friends will become my friends too.

I love your necklace, it looks so pretty on you. My Mommy said that your new necklace "exudes femininity". Mommy also said "if anyone thinks Princess Coco is a boy doggie then they must only have canaries as pets (one cannot tell the gender of a canary by just looking).

Have a wonderful day, wiggles and nisses from Tessa

Isis said...

i hope you have tons of fun! i know i love my play dates with benny!

Pink Chihuahua Princess said...

Hi Coco! Our mommy thinks you are the cutest chihuahua. Next to us, of course. :)

BenTheRotti said...

Hi My beautiful little Coco,

Thank you for sharing the story of how you came to live with your Mommy. Pasko was very beautiful, My Mummy felt just the same when she lost her first dog (My bridge brother Ben) and she truly believes that fate brought me to her doorstep because she too was adamant she would never have another dog. Mum is all leaky now!
I will be sure to run along to visit your friends, and I am sending the biggest slobbery rotti kisses to your Mommy, and tell her any time she needs a little rotti love I'm right here.

Ben xxxxx

Ruby and Penny said...

Hi Coco
What a beautiful picture of your momma and Pasko.
We loved the picture of you in the teacup. Mom told us your story & it was nice to see some pictures.
Love Ruby & Penny

Sharon said...

Hi Coco!! Your new bling-y collar is b-e-a-utiful! Thanks for introducing us to your friends, too. I'm so glad they helped your mommie meet you :)

S and D