Friday, June 19, 2009

Paw It Forward

OMD! My Prince Dobby sent me a Paw-It-Forward gift. It was wrapped in a beautiful red box and left on my porch by the mail-lady.

It smelt special...and mommy confirmed that it was a very special package so she put me and the package on the sofa and put my sisters in the kitchen so that i could open it without any distractions. When i opened it there was a special note from my Prince and a picture of him sitting perfect and pretty on his sofa.
Isn't he magnificent! Hes such a perfect little man!

The first thing that mommy helped me take out was two Chihuahua window decals. I had to check to see if the black decal smelled like Dobby :)The second thing mommy helped me open was a special gift that was mentioned in the letter. There were three hand made necklaces that were made especially for me!
There was a black pearl necklace:
And a gold pearl necklace:And a Pink necklace!There was yummy Coco-Cookies:I will definitely share these with Godiva & Truffle
There was a small net with two brightly colored squeeky toys!
And a Mouse chew toy/stuffie! OMD do I LOVE stuffies!This mouse stuffie/chew toy has funny wiskers that i liked to nibble on even though they made me make funny faces:
Thank you SO much Dobby! Did your mommy make these necklaces? They are so beautiful! I love them SO much!

I told my mommy that i wanted to send you kisses in the mail but we haven't figured out how to do that yet. This was my first idea...
yep, thats me licking the box... So, I'm calling on anyone and everyone who reads my do i send kisses in he mail to a VERY special Prince Dobby? Any ideas?

I haven't shared my new toys with my sisters yet. Mommy is letting me have them to myself for a little while since i share absolutely EVERYTHING else with them my mommy said that it is important for me to have things that are just mine.

Hmmm...I wonder who I'm going to paw-it-forward to next??? I think i have someone in all will just have to wait and see.

Tail Wiggles & Puppy Kisses,

Coco The Princess

NOTE from Mom: The bark collar that is on Godiva is pet friendly. It isn't one of those mean ones that electrocutes dogs, it only beeps in a frequency distracts the dogs when they start barking. Truffle and Godiva take turns depending on who's more ornery. I would NEVER hurt an animal in any way. (Please don't judge)


Bijou said...

Hi Coco,

You are one lucky doggy! That Dobby is quite the catch and I'd say he is sweet on you. Those necklaces are to die for girl!! I love love love the pink one, but you look fabulous in all three.

Wags & wiggles,

Lorenza said...

Hi, Coco!
Dobby sent you pawesome presents!
The necklaces are beautiful!
Kisses and hugs

Marvin - oh and Jeannie! said...

oh Coco, those paw it forward presents looked amazing. How kind Dobby was to send it to you.

The necklaces suited your pretty coat!

I am sorry I have not commented for such a long time too! I am finding it hard to keep up with everyone to be honest! ;0(

I am not sure about how to send kisses but I think your post here will make Dobby realise how much you loved his gifts!

lotsaluv, Marvin xxxxxxxxxx

oh my Jeannie says she never "judges" people, and you should be able to do just what you want. She knows your Mama would never hurt an animal.


Lacy said...

w00fs, wowzers pups, u sure got sum cool pressies..loveee the necklaces..his mama must make them...

b safe,

Anonymous said...

Hi Coco,

Wow you really are a lucky pup! All those presents, treats,and jewelry too boot. What more can a girl want?

Love you Girl,


Jackson and Patrick said...

Those necklaces are stunning! Very nice of Dobby!

Sharon said...

Coco, I'm so glad you like everything from Dobby! I did make the necklaces. I thought they would look great on you- and they look even cuter than I imagined!!! I will tell Dobby you're sending him long-distance kisses. :)

<3 Sharon and Dobby

PS wow your sisters are getting big!!

Scottie the 'cutie' said...

Those are VERY pretty pressies that Dobby sent you, Coco! You are one lucky gal...*grins*


Brind'Amour said...

Coco, those are sure some great pressies you got there! Lovely necklaces! They look fab on you!


Katie and Gizmo said...

Hi Coco, wow you got sooo spoiled. Those pearl necklaces look just adorable on you, especially the pink one.

I'm glad I don't have sisters because I don't like to share, hee hee.

Hugz & Lickz