Sunday, June 7, 2009

So Much To Share

I would like to first apologize for not blogging or keeping up with your blogs. A lot has gone on lately and mommy had to attend to the family. But so much has happened and i must share it all with you! First, I received a package in the mail from Tibby! I had played a game in which I had to count how many butterfly's were in a picture and I won! The Package came addressed to me and my sisters. Since they have never received anything in the mail before, i let them take the lead and I watched while they went wild over the package! Here are the pictures: Tibby sent us wonderful gifts that were the perfect size for us! We got a little fuzzy lamb and a little fuzzy piggy and SUPER yummy treats that are grain free!My sisters unlike myself are totally uncivilized and couldn't keep their fuzzy fingers off of those treats while i sat back and played with the fuzzies that Tibby sent.There was this really cue card that came with the package. Mommy totally went gaga over itTibby, where did you ever find such perfect cards? Here I am posing with all the goodies that Tibby sent me and my sisters This is a video that my mommy took of my sisters going totally crazy over this package of treats. Please excuse the parrot in the background screaming her name "Poquito"which means small but let me tell you that parrot is anything but small...for crying out loud, shes bigger than me! I have been given a couple of awards from some good friends! The Country Corgis gave me the "Top 10 Blogs That Make My Heart Smile"
The rules for this award are~~~
1) The winner may put the logo on their blog
2) Put a link to the person who sent you the award
3) Nominate 10 blogs
4) Leave a message for your nominees for: Top Ten Blogs That Make Me Smile

Honestly, it would be impossible to choose just 10 blogs that make me smile so I am going to have to share this award to all my friends that are on my friends list. So please friends, if you don't already have this award please take this award and post it proudly on your blog because you all make my heart smile.

My next award:

My sisters and I have been nominated by the the TN Bull Terrors (AKA Kids In Dog Suits) to post the OWAS button. Here is the story behind this button:

OPERATION WHACK-A-SQUIRRELAccording to Darla Jean: "We have GOT to rid our yards & our trees & our neighborhoods of these rotten little tree rats! They are wreaking havoc all over doggie bloggie land! First we found, they will do anything to get to the bird feeders in your yard! We mean anything."

Now, i dont know much about squirrels since my sisters and I don't go outside unless it is for a ride inthe car, but my mommy used to have a pet squirrel named "mookoosh" (It is spelled wrong but means squirrel in Hungarian). So I don't know how bad they are, but I definitely know of some doggies on here that HATE squirres...So, Big Pupi & Stanislaw, I wold like to pass this OWAS button on to you to aide you in your quest to hunt tree-lobsters!

Now, you will have to excuse me while i tend to my two little sisters that got another set of shots today and aren't feeling well. I promise to catch up with your blogs later tonight and tomorrow.

Tail Wiggles & Puppy Kisses,

Coco The Princess


the TN Bull Terrors said...

Oh Coco, you were confused little ones (no wonder with those wonderful treats, those are our favorites!!) Anyway, go back over to our blog & get the Sugar Award, the sweetest blog one that is at the top of our post. We think you guys are sweet! :)

Feather, Darla, Pappy & LizzaBella ^..^

ocmist said...

Wow, that was sure nice of Tibby to send such nice gifts, and of you to let your sisters get into the treats first.

I gather a parrot is a bird? I wonder why Mom calls me a parrot then, when I sit on her shoulder... I'm not a bird... I CHASE birds!

We will definitely grab the Whack-A-Squirrel award. We LOVE to "Whack squirrels" whenever we can. You should try them! They taste great! At least when we (usually Auntie Sadie) catch one and get a chance to munch on it before Mom finds it and takes it away...

I'll have to run over to the TN Bull Terrors and see if they've caught any so that I can give them my Hunting Award.

Hope things are settling down around your place as we have missed you blogs. Dott

Suzuki said...

OMDog! Your sisters are getting so big!
Big licks to you

Brind'Amour said...

Congrats on your new awards Coco! You are so kind to pass them along to everyone.


Tibby said...

Hi Coco!
I am so happy that you liked the prizes I sent! That video was soo cute! It looks like your sisters really enjoyed those treats! My Owner Girl actually made the little card, she is very glad that you all like it! Congrats on your awards too!

Bijou said...

Hi Coco,

Congrats on the award. And those are terrific pressies. I hope you are able to post again soon. Your sisters are growing so fast!

Wags & wiggles,

Sharon said...

Hi Coco! Your sisters sure were excited about those treats- and Suzuki is right, they are getting big!

<3 S and D

Stanislaw said...

Wow! Your sisters are excitable feasters of the first order! My kinda ladies!

Thanks for the award!! We LOVE to hunt for tree lobsters. I wish they made tree lobster treats for me to feast on. I'd share them with you and your sisters. I'm certain they would be the tastiest things EVER!!

Rambo said...

Congratulations Coco on your award. You and your sisters are sooooo cute. One of these days we have to get together and play.

Enjoy your pressies.

Pedro said...


I would love to see a picture of that giant small parrot! Congratulations on winning the butterfly counting contest and getting such a great prize. No Grainers - what a clever name!


Jackson and Patrick said...

Those stuffies look awesome!