Saturday, October 10, 2009

New Introductions

My mommy went with Grandma & Grandpa to pick up my new cousin Abby today. I did not go because i get car sick on long car rides.

Here are the pictures of Abby that were taken before her long car ride home:

Here is Grandma Holding Abby:

These are pictures of Abby lounging around :

This is a picture of Abby cuddeling with her daddy "Red Dog Reese" and he sister "Sugar Baby" Here is a picture of Abby cuddeling with her daddy just before we left (he is SUCH a good daddy): This picture is of Abby and her mommy "Perfectly Princess" saying goodbye (Abby is on the left):This is a picture of my mommy, Grandma, Grandpa and Abby right before her long car ride home:Abby was absolutley pooped out by the time we got home and she decided to take a schnoozle on the sofa:
I told Abby about my bloggy and about how wonderful all of you are and she is really excited to meet all of you. Here is a picture fo Abby saying hello!

Hope yo9u enjoyed meetin gmy new little cousin Abby as much as i enjoyed sharing her with you.

Tail Wiggles & Puppy Kisses,

Coco The Princess


Bijou said...

Hi Coco,

Your cousin Abby looks like a very sweet pup. I bet she will be lots of fun to have around. Mom loves her little fat tummy!


Audrey the Photographer Dog said...

Abby is beautiful! Those photos are so sweet. Congrats to all!

Khyra The Siberian Husky And Sometimes Her Mom said...

Oh my!

What a khutie pie!

Tank woo fur sharing her with us!


Lorenza said...

Abby is adorable!
Thanks for sharing the pictures with us!
Kisses and hugs

happy said...

Hello Abby! You are such a cutie! Hope you're enjoying your new home.

Scruffy Dog Collars said...

Hi Coco!
Your new cousin is the cutest! Besides you and your sisters of course! I hope you will become great friends!
:) Tibby

Fred said...

She is booty-full!

Draco and his Mom said...

Mom and I thing Abby is real cute, mom said she looks like a little stuffie spaniel...her little wave was really cute.

Nadine said...

Oh my, she is such a little angel! You guys are going to have lots of fun with her!!

Anonymous said...

Hi there Coco!

Your niece Abby is absolutely adorable!

We're so happy that you shared the pictures with us!

Hugs, Tessa

Sharon said...

Ohhh very cute! That picture of her sleeping on the couch would be great for the new website called "Dreaming of Puppies" at

(plus there are lots of OTHER cute puppies on there to look at!)

<3 S and D

Bae Bae said...

Abby sure is a cutie. I hope we get to see more of her soon. :)

~ Bae

Endless Love said...

your cousin Abby is very cute like you