Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Coco Bean Nose: Eukanuba Chihuahua Formula

Hello fur-friends!

I was asked for my sisters and i to try out a new Chihuahua specific dog food by Eukanuba. Here's what happened...

At first my sisters and i were very interested in the bag that mommy brought inside (the nice people at Eukanuba were kind enough to send us two bags for the 28 day challenge) Lady Godiva was more interested in sticking her head in the bag than trying what mommy had put in the bowl. but after all, the sneaky little meatball IS known for being able to stick her head in peoples pockets without them realizing it so that she can steal gum!Truffle on the other hand had no problems trying to dive right into the bowlI on the other hand (as you can see) didn't want anything to do with it. Mommy even tried to hand feed me one kibble at a time which mommy KNOWS i am a total sucker for and i still wouldnt have anything to do with this new food.
Now, before you get the impression that i am a picky Princess, let me assure you that i am not...for some reason i really just wasn't interested in this food for some reason. But mommy knows that if i don't want to try a new food, she wont try for force it on me; she just takes my word for it. If only i was able to convince her of this when it comes to medicine.

Truffle and Godiva couldn't get enough of this food on the other hand. as you can see from this photo, they were totally begging for mommy to just hand over the bowl!
Because it is not good to just switch foods on us doggies, what mommy did was she measured out a 1/4 of a cup of this new Eukanuba Chihuahua food and took small hand fulls and tossed them on the floor so that Truffle, Godiva and I would go hunt for it...
it is a game that my sisters and i LOVE to play, but as you can see from the last picture...only 2/3 of that plan worked...you don't see my furry little butt hunting in that pic! and do you know why... yep, you guessed it. it's because i kept my furry little princess butt planted on the sofa!
My little wart-hog sisters on the other hand were begging for more! As you can see...there goes Godiva trying to stick her head back in the bag!
Mommy decided that a 1/4 of a cup between us was enough for introductions and she didn't want to upset our tummies so she put the bag away and fed us our normal dinner shortly after (which for the record, i gobbled up)

The next morning was the true test...you know...when we do our morning poobles and weebles. This my friends was then the REAL testing of the food takes place...and here's the result:

Coco Bean Poobles: perfect (but i didnt eat any of the Eukanuba
Truffle Poobles: too moist and didnt have the firmness it should have had. didn't pick up easy
Lady Godiva Poobles: Better than Truffles but not as good as mine

Aditionally, Truffle and Godiva were prone to gasious eruptions all night! Truffle's butt even squeaked!

The packaging is esthetically pleasing and the size of the kibble is perfect for our tiny mouths. As for the smell; it isnt as offensive as some of the other dog food on the market.

Mommy really wanted to stick to the 28 day challenge with all three of us, but was only able to continue it with Godiva who desperately needs to lose weight.

Truffle and i are back on our special dog food. Godiva really seems to like the Eukanuba but her poop hasn't firmed up so mommy is thinking that we wont make it the full 28 days.

And that my fur-friends is a Coco Bean Nose Review on the new Eukanuba Chihuahua Formula Dog food.

Tail Wiggles & Puppy Kisses,

Coco The Princess


Nola said...

Hi girls! I can't eat any food with corn or soy, or I go completely bald and scabby and just very sick, so Eukanuba's out for me. Mom's never been too pleased with them, she's used it on most of her other dogs.
Kisses and Tail Wags,
Dachshund Nola

Anonymous said...

Well I am with you Coco, I don't care at all for kibble. It really upsets my tum. Mel makes me my food 2 times a week. Organic turkey, beef and lamb. Then adds fish. I do very well on this as long as I don't eat anything else. Fine by me!

Happy Turkey Eatin Day!

Woos, Tessa

Baby Rocket Dog and Hootie said...

Hmmmm. We have never tried this brand, but of course, we are wayyyy bigger than either of you 3 pooches. Soft pooh isn't nice...It is only good when it freezes! bol!! Hootie and I eat Blue (lamb & rice) by Blue Buffalo. We LOVE that stuff. It was originally formulated for an Airedale, so I guess that figures, huh?
Baby Rocket Dog
BabyRD & Hootie