Monday, January 9, 2012

Godiva Medication UPDATE (& a little more)

My BF picked up my house key from me today and then went to pick up Phenobarbital for our little Peanut. the vet also included a syringe with Valium in it in the event that (god forbid) another episode happens again like Friday Night when the seizures just wouldn't stop.

The BF got to my place and said that when Godiva heard his voice, she came to him wagging her tail and was all happy (the girls LOVE him with all their butt)

i will give her the first dosage of her medication this evening when i get home. Dr. Paul (our amazing and super cool vet) said that he is sure the phenobarbital will help her. Based on the feedback i have gotten from some of you who's furkids are on the same medication - you all have had positive results which keeps me in good spirits. I will post another update this evening on Our Little Peanuts Status.

Now...some of you might have heard about the quilt that is being made for Sandra and the Fearless Five. I was going to send just the silk patch off of Coco Beans would be easier for me to just let you read the letter i have sent with the blankie...yea...i couldn't just cut off the patch because while the patch has significant meaning..the whole blankie holds even more meaning and love.

"The day that I brought Coco Bean home (not sure if you know about that whole crazy story) I needed to get a small blanket that would keep her warm because the people who I bought her from told me she was 6 weeks old and when I got her home, I noticed that she had absolutely NO teeth in her mouth placing her age at no more than one week old. So I ran out to Neiman Marcus (with Coco Bean in my bra so she would be warm) and I bought a Barefoot Dreams blanket. It is only 15x15 inches and cost me $45 (noting but the best for my princess right). On the blanket is a silk patch that has a castle on it and embroidery that says "Go Barefoot and Build Your Dreams"

On Friday night 1/6/2012 Lady Godiva started seizing. Her seizures happened every 20-30 minutes and lasted the whole night right up until I was able to get her to the vet on 9am Saturday morning. Her seizures finally stopped late Saturday but her neurological and motor skills have continued to deteriorate straight through to early this morning. I have kept Little Lady Godiva wrapped in this blanket as it seems to bring her comfort and eases some of her shaking. If Godiva is not wrapped in the blanket, Coco Bean brings it to her.

I kept asking myself “how am I going to part with this blanket for Sandra’s quilt if my little peanut needs it so much right now!?” But today I got some good news. The vet thinks that seizure medication will help my little peanut and while she most likely will not regain her motor skills (jumping onto her doggy sofa or on top of the crate) she will not be so riddled with seizures like she has been since Friday evening.

This to me is a sign. A sign that while this blankie has brought Coco Bean and Godiva so much comfort for the past three and a half years, it is now time to pass that comfort and all the love this blankie holds to Sandra.

Coco bean carries that blanket around EVERYWHERE and even sneaks it into the bed with me and pulls it under the covers. The blanket holds a LOT of sentiment to myself and Coco Bean & Godiva. I cant think of a better purpose than to have it put in a quilt for Sandra."

My dear friend Sandra, if you are reading this...Honey, Like the patch on my babies blankie says, "Go barefoot and build your dreams"'s time for you to start rebuilding your dreams. And while you will most likely end up with just a 6x6 square of this blankie (mostly the patch on the front of it), it is important for you to know that the blankie part is still attached to the other side of the silk patch...and it holds SO much more love and sentimental value than words can express. All the love of my tireless efforts and sleepless nights awake just to make sure my fur-babies made it through the night and lived to wag their tail another day. I hope the section of my babies blankie in your quilt brings you the same comfort, and wraps you in the love that it has done for my babies.

~The Mommy


Minna Krebs said...

What a most WONDERFUL story, and what a kind and loving thing you have done. I am sure that blankie patch will bring Miss Sandra MUCH comfort in the time to come.

Nola said...

That was beautiful! Glad she's feeling better
Dachshund Nola

Amber DaWeenie said...

What a beautiful story about the blanket. Definitely a tear jerker and a tissue alert is needed. You are so special.

Maggie Mae said...

What a beautiful story. We are praying real hard for Lady Godiva.

Your Buddy,

Sammie and Avalon said...

That is so very sweet ... We pray that those medicines will truly help little Godiva feel so much better! We know Sandra will be so touched.
Sammie and Ava kisses

Carol said...

So touching, you are so very kind.
Love and prayers to you and your fur babies.

The silvers and more

bbes tribe said...

Minna said it so well. We say "ditto" Hope she doesn't mind. a beautiful story full of love. It must be HARD to part with the blankie that has such a warm spot in your heart. to part with it to help someone else - a true gift!!
Wags and snuggles

Anonymous said...

Mom and I is so fury happy to learn that Godiva will be ok with medication. I sure is happy that Godiva is on the road to feelin better!

You is all doin a pawsome thing by sendin your fav blankie to Sandra. Your letter is very sweet and I just know that Sandra will be comforted by her quilt with ALL the beautiful patches of precious cloth on it.

woos, Tessa