Friday, February 3, 2012

Furkid detectives NEEDED!

So much has happened since our last post so before i tell you all what we need pet detectives for, i want to update you all first.

Lady Godiva is doing very well on her Seizure meds and has been seizure free!

Mommy got really sick and was in and out of Urgent care and the Emergency room with horrible bronchitis that they are treating with the same antibiotics they treat pneumonia with. thankfully, mommy is feeling MUCH better.

My sisters and i spent an entire week in bed with mommy and only left her side to go potty or to eat. here is a photo of us playing nurse to mommyMommy said that the three of us are "bed hogs" and she doesnt understand how a combined weight of 18 pounds of dog can take up SO much room that mommy is left sleeping on the edge...So we reminded mommy of the "Bed Rules" and we even found a diagram so that it was easy for her understand because this bronchitis-buggy that mommy was fighting really left her unable to comprehend very muchMommys last trip to the Urgent care was due to a fever of 102.4 which is normal for us doggys but apparently 98.6 is whats normal for humans. so mommy asked the neighbor to borrow his thermometer and when she went to return it (after cleaning with rubbing alcohol) the neighbor accidentally slammed her finger in the doorwhich of course added to the feeling horrible, relentless coughing, high fever and left mommy on the floor in the kitchen sobbing hysterically while on the phone with our grandma. finally mommy mustered up the strength to drive herself back to Urgent care to get the fever under control. Keep in mind that 3 hours earlier mommy fainted when she got out of the shower and awoke to me and my sisters licking the shower water off her legs. Hey...we had to wake her up somehow!

So mommy gets to urgent care and they are freaking out on her and left the blood pressure cuff on her because they had to keep checking her blood pressure...the blood pressure cuff and machine were not nice to mommy and this is what it looked like after the first four blood pressure checksby the next morning, it was all blue with purple spots :( Poor mommys arm! After lung x-rays (no pnemonia or blood clots thank goodness), EKG (showed normal), blood work, and FINALLY a breathing treatment, they sent mommy home with antibiotics and ANOTHER cough syrup!

Now Godiva is acting like a babyMommy keeps telling her "Peanut, stop being so cute...its distracting!" really though...look at this face!While mommy was recovering quickly once she was given the antibiotics...she was feeling well enough to make some roses out of duct-tapewe also got lots of quality time snuggling with mommyand before you ask...yes, out of the entire queen size bed, our favorite place is right on top of mommy!

To help mommy get better fast, we have made sure that we have been very good girls and minded our manners. Especially during dinner time when we would much rather be begging for food, instead we have not needed to be reminded that we are supposed to wait patiently in our bed till the human dinner time is over.Now...Here's where my sisters and i need your Detective skills help:

There has been lots of talk with "Grandma" and odd things are happening in our apartment! bags are getting filled with stuffs...Here is a photo of Godiva who has got to be the nosiest dog in the world inspecting the contents of a bag that was in the middle of being packed with stuffsCan you see her little rump peeking out of the bag? here is a better pic of Godiva in the bag...and Truffle in the background supervising the inspection:It was my job to inspect all the purses that mommy was pulling out of the closet....Yep, she pulled EVERY SINGLE purse out of the closet and put them in two large garbage bags...Here is me inspecting the purses before they were all packed...I needed to butt-test them to make sure they were still comfortable to be carried in...There were four purses i allowed mommy to give away and there is a HUGE pile of shoes that mommy is donating! I cant believe she's getting rid of shoes! My sisters and i have NEVER seen a shoe box leave our home...only new ones coming INTO our home!

Now, all this talk about Grandma makes my sisters and me VERY excited. We LOVE to go to Grandma's house! Grandma & Grandpa sneak us foodables when mommy isn't looking and playing with Cousin Abbie is SO much fun. Every time we hear mommy and daddy talking about "Grandma" my sisters and i RUN to one of our carrying casesKeep in mind that the carrying case you see in this pic holds either Truffle alone or Godiva and i together (tightly). Mommy has NO idea how all three of us managed to cram our fuzzy butts in there at the same time. BUT...we did!

as of right now...this is what part of our living room looks like...Mommy keeps talking about giving the sofa and some other furniture away for free. and to be honest...after participating in Pip's Occupy Your Couch...were a little distraught as to why on earth mommy would get rid of our sofa...let alone GIVE it away for FREE!

As you can sisters and i have exhausted ourselves trying to figure out whats going on and inspecting everything that mommy is putting in containers...Were flat out pooped! Can you please help my sisters and i figure out whats going on!? i know some of you are great detectives and have MUCH more life experience than my sisters and i....

Were counting on you to help us while we anxiously wait to solve this mystery!
Tail Wiggles & Puppy Kisses,

Coco The Princess

P.S. I will be holding a fun and simple contest soon...stay posted!


Agnes B Bullock said...

That bronchitis is horrible news! I had a similar bout ten years ago and it kept coming back! Prayers are headed your way!

Yes, the bed situation is what we have here- Mommmies don't always understand the dynamics of proper bed etiquette! The meds confused her on the issue!

Amber DaWeenie said...

OMD....You guys have been busy. And your poor Mama....Her is just falling apart. Hope all is getting back to normal now.

Could you be movin. Me tinks you guys need a bigger place for a bigger bed!!! Just sayin!

Patrice and Higgins said...

So sorry to hear about your mom being so sick! I am sure she would not be feeling better if it were not for all the sweet care that she has been getting from y'all!! I am so happy that everyone is on the mend and that LG is doing so much better on her meds!

My great detective skills are saying that maybe y'all are moving???


Frankie Furter and Ernie said...

Yipppppeeeeee fur L. Godiva!!!

Now I'm thinkin your mom is doing that strange Spring Cleaning thingy.

Shea, Lola and Tucker said...

Could you be moving to a new house? I don't know about all of this, it sounds very suspicious and I wouldn't turn my back on them until you get it figured out.

Mr. Pip said...

First, I am so sorry your mommy was so sick. That's so scary! Glad she is feeling better. I am sure you three were very good nurses!

I am thinking maybe you guys are going on a trip or maybe moving?? Either way, it is sounds exciting.

Your pal, Pip

Cinnamon said...

Glad to hear you are feeling so much better.
That nasty bug came over here and stayed a week at our house too.
I can't imagine where in the world your off too with all the packing and baggin. Hope it's fun where ever you all go visit.
Happy February.
♥ Cinnamon

Ellen said...

Oh my goodness what a time you all have had! Too much that is for sure but so glad that mommy is feeling better and surely you each helped out like the little angels that you are. There is no better medicine than puppy licks...remember that!

Now detective wise I would say it looks like you are moving ....yes...moving out to somewhere new? Keep snooping and take notes but most of all don't get frightened by what may be happening. Okay?

Sending you all many healing hugs okay!

Nola said...

Oh I'm glad your mommy is feelin better! Hm, not sure what it could be? A visit to grandma's? A move? A room reno?
Dachshund Nola

The Websters said...

I'm not much of a mystery solver but you guys are really good at helping your mom feel better! Also, that's nice of you to sleep with her. I don't like cuddling and Mrs. Master gets really sad about it.



Nadine, Chewy and Lilibell said...

Oh my dogness, so much has been going on over at Casa deChihuahua! First offs, we are so glad that your Mom is feeling better. As far as the bed, over here, I, Chewy, needs to sprawl out all over the bed, while Lilibell needs to be right up the Mom's butt, BOL!

And to us, it sounds like there may be a permanent change of scenery? The Mom actually let out a loud gasp when she read about your Mom getting rid of shoes. The Mom never gets rid of her shoes, unless they are really beat up.

Waggles & Chi kisses, Chewy & Lilibell

Sharon said...

Oh my gosh you guys have certainly been busy!! I hope you figure out what the mystery is soon :)

<3 S and D