Thursday, April 30, 2009


Hi there everyone! My name is Godiva and I am Coco The Princess's other little sister. As some of you might know and for those of you who havent heard, I now have a special day of the week! Its Friday and it is a fun game for everyone to participate in! Here is how it works:

You will need to put this badge on your blog. You can do that by saving this picture (make sure it is linked to my page) or you can email my big sister Coco The Princess and she will forward you the html code.

Once you post your picture of you being a DIVA on your page leave me a message here on my Fridays posting so that I know that you are participating and i can come check out your photo of you being a DIVA!

Eduardo The Snuggle Puggle (AKA Judge Snuggle Puggle) has been kind enough to be my official judge and he will be helping me decide who is the winning Diva! How Cool is that!?

The winning photo will be posted on my blog the following Friday! This game will be held EVERY Friday! And don't forget that each week a winner will be chosen and will be featured on the following Fridays blog (with a link to their page)!

Please forgive me if my DIVANESS is not at its finest...this is my first posting after all...but here is how my day started off...

first i had to take a nap to make sure that i had all my beauty sleep:
Then my sister Coco The Princess woke me up and told me that it was time to get changed into my DIVANESS. I was like..."OK! I'm Awake Now!!!" Can you tell i was a little excited?
I was totally excited that mommy let me borrow some of her bling for my photo shoot! It was much heavier than my bell collar so it took some getting used to for a second, but once i saw how it shined...i was totally stoked!

Then it was time for my dodeling session. this was my best picture (please excuse my mommy's fingers...she is just so special sometimes) she was totally worried that i wouldnt know where the camera was to look at. "sheesh, i'm not COMPLETELY blind mommy...just a little bit"

So fellow bloggers, make sure that your mommy's and daddy's get your good side when they take your DIVA photos! I'm going to take another nap...alll this modeling takes a lot out of a pup! I look forward to seeing all of your diva photos and meeting you all! Love Always...Everyones favorite chocolate,

Lady Godiva

P.S. I believe my littermate Truffle has some of you fooled with her fake sweet self. Please dont let her fool you...I wasn't sure if you all would believe me; especially after her last post where she came accross as such a sweetheart so aksed mommy to help me with the camera (my eyes are not so good so this is why i ask for additional help) so we hid the camera on the sofa to catch Truffle "in action" and this is the result...

Coco was just trying to get into her bed to take a nap And Truffle rushed her right back out of that bed!
Here is a picture of Truffle when Coco tried to get back into the bed It isnt even Me or Trffle's bed! It is Coco's and she is kind enough to share it with me and Truffle and Truffle totally takes over!
Not as nice as you all thought she was now is she?


The FOUR Musketeers said...

WOW ! I am seeing bling bling around your neck ! BOL `

Anonymous said...

Hi Lady Godiva! Nice to meet you, I'm Kylie, your sister Coco's friend!! :) I am excited to play your GO DIVA FRIDAY! I think I might have to have Mommy help me gets some DIVA pictures... mmmm I dont know how to be a Diva...


Brind'Amour said...

WOW, Godiva, you sure are the little Diva!!! Love the bling!


Bijou said...

Hi Girls,

That is some serious bling you are wearing there Godiva. I'm so jealous! Mom doesn't have any sparkly jewelry for me to borrow. I will have to make do with my pretty pink collar that I only wear on special occasions.

Wags & wiggles,

Sunny,Scooter,Jamie said...

OH MY DOG!!! Y'all have had a chihuahua splosion over there!!! Our cousins are chocolates. one milk choc, one dark choc. We have to go catch up but mama says to you 2 little pups, you be good to Coco!!!(pssst-coco, now is time to show them you are alpha or believe me, you will never have any peace. Try to channel Tess. She was alpha over everyone!)
Gotta go see what's been going on while we were gone. geeez.
Sunny & Scooter
pee ess mom says if y'all ever get overwhelmed by all of them, send Coco her way!! mmmuuuaaahhh

Bijou said...

Okay, I've posted my Go Diva picture on my bloggy. Come check it out!


Isis said...

wow what a LOVELY necklace you have there. And what a great idea for a game, i might just participate!

Lorenza said...

Happy Go Diva, Lady Godiva!
You look so beautiful with that necklace... so Diva!
Kisses and hugs

Stanislaw said...

You have the cutest wrinkly faces sometimes, miss Godiva. Mom wants to give it smooches. I told her that she has to save those smooches for me!

ocmist said...

So... What exactly is a Diva? I had thought it was sort of being "spoiled rotten" which is what EVERYONE says about me, so I want to enter. If it means I have to wear "bling" though, I don't know... I'm a COUNTRY Corgi and I like wearing "perfume" better, though the hoomans around here don't like my specialized tastes in that department.

I'm having Grammy post what we think might be a Diva pic. Dott (Country Corgis)

Eduardo said...

Your the cutest diva ever Godiva!
Hugs & Snugs
Eduardo the Snuggle Puggle

Pink Chihuahua Princess said...

look how precious that collar is!!! All 3 of you are just so stinkin' cute!

Pedro said...


I'm a boy so I can't be a diva. I am tough and I don't like to wear clothes. I growl and bark. I think you make the most beautiful diva ever! I love your bling! You are cute as a button!


Asta said...

You awe stunning in that blingee collaw..All thwee of you awe weal cuties. I'll see if I can find a good pictoowe of me being a Diva..It's a vewy cool contest.
smoochie kisses
pee ess , I hope that Coco will be nicew to you