Sunday, November 9, 2008

My first Walk Outside!

It started off as my usual Sunday morning. Playing on my toy-blanket while mommy cooked breakfast.After breakfast, mommy put my harness and leash on and told me that we were going outside. At first i thought we were going to go for a ride in the car and then shopping, but mommy had something else in mind for me. I was goingto go for my first walk outside on a leash!

This is a photo of me sticking my head outside for the very first time (im always in mommy or daddy's arms).

Mommy thought this would be easy because she takes me everywhere with her, but as youcan tell from my photo, there was no way i was comfertable leaving the safety of my apartment! At least, not unless i was in my mommy's arms!

And then i saw something...and it moved...and it made a wierd noise as it moved accross the ground...but what was it?

It didnt run when i sniffed it...and it smelled i tried to eat this crunchy thing that my mommy called a leaf...But she took it away from me and we walked closer towards the thing that mom kept calling a sidewalk.
This is a photo of me on the sidewalk. You can see my daddy's orance car in accross the street.
And then it happened, something moved...and when i tried to sniff it it moved even faster and thenit dissappeared into a crack onthe sidewalk. I could still see it, but it was really hard forme to play with it while it wasd in there...It was something called a "Bug". Now my friends, let me tell you something about this "Bug" thing. It smelled really interesting and it moved really fast, but seemed shy and didnt want to play. So i thought i would lick it out of the crack and then maybe it would want to be freinds. Here is a photo of me trying to get the bug outof the crack in the sidewalk. It escaped...But ill find him next time...

Then there was this horrible rumbled and roared like i have never heard before. It was this huge shiny thing on 2 wheels and it kept getting closer..and louder! Mommy told me that it was ok and that it was just a Harley Davidson Morotcycle that lives down the street. This thing scares em when i am in my apartment...and now im outside andit is even louder! Needless to say, i screamed...and jumpped into mommy's arms.

That was the end of my walk...I insisted on it. There was no way i was going to be outside while that Motorcycle thing is stil out there!

So we went inside and i showed mommy my new trick... I know better than to chew on shoes...I just like dragging them around by their laces because they chase me!

For now i think i will stick to cuddeling on the couch with mommy & daddy...

and of course...hangingout on my blogging chair...

Thankyou everyone for sending me warm thoughts when i felt icky. i feel better now (thank you mr. pumpkin in a can)

Plotting against my next bug,

Coco - The Princess


Girl Girl Hamster said...

Oh dear Coco. I just read about your tummy. Hope you are better now. Your first walkie sounds like an advanture.. I hope you weren't too scared by the loud sounds

~ Girl girl

happy said...

Sounds like a great walkie!

Lacy said...

w00f's Coco, wow, motorcycles wood skeer me too...u did pretty good fur u 1st outside walkie..

b safe,

Mango the Maltese kiddo said...

Congrats on your very FIRST walk.
Discover the outdoor world, chasing a leaf, observing a bug, inflating your lungs with fresh air, keeping your ear and eyes open, it's fun, isn'it, sweet girl?

Ruby said...

Hi Coco
Isn't walking outside fun. So much to see & smell. Wait until you get your first pee-mail, you won't want to go inside.
I couldn't see your video, it wasn't available,
I like your pink dress & nail polish. You're adorable.
Love Ruby

Sunny,Scooter,Jamie said...

HEY COCO!!!! Mom is letting us visit a couple of friends before she leaves the house again. We missed you and were amazed to see your big girl walk outside!!!! Don't worry about outside. Mom won't let anything happen to you. Just never get loose from her and you will be fine!!

Pedro said...

Oh Coco, you are too cute! I see your ears popped back up again!