Sunday, November 23, 2008

My Puppy Teethes & Sunday Photo Shoot!

(Mommy was holding my paw in this picture. look at how small my paw is between her thumb and the "no" finger)
So, while i was hanging out with mommy and daddy today the topic of my teeth came up and mommy mentioned how most of the other furkids here on blogspot had photos of their teeth up, and daddy said "lets take photos of Coco's teethes". Oh i knew as soon as daddy said this that it was going to be fun... so i did everything i could do to not coo9perate...including biting mommy's & daddy's fingers! Hey, we were playing right!?

So, without further notice...Here are the photos of my teethes

Daddy took this picture...
Sometimes i wonder about mommys nails; i think that they are really teethes but on her fingers...i just havent figured out why yet though. I do know one thing for sure about mommy's nails thought and that is thatthey are GREAT for back scratches and belly tickles! The parrots like hernails for head and underpit scratches too!

Mommy took this photo while daddy showed off my teethes. As you can tell, they are SUPER SHARP! I wonder if my big dog teeth will grow in just as sharp as my puppy teethes are???

Mommy said that i was being really pretty and propper so she went camera stupid today...but since i was the center of attention, i of course was totally ok with it.

Here i crossed my legs like a good girl...

Here is my side profile...

This one would have tured out better if i wasnt so ancy and moved my head!

Here is a picture of me playing on my toy blanket in the livingroom:
This is a photo of me and my daddy playing video games. you can tell by the expression on my face that i was talking. To be quite honest...I was telling my daddy to drive faster because the other cars were catching up to him.
All that racing made me really tired, so i took a nap next to daddy just in case he needed any more advice.

That is what my weekend was all about...

Ihope you all had a wonderful weekend.

Love Always,

Coco - The Princess


Bae Bae said...

Aw.. you really look so cute Coco. The only time I'll show my teefies is when I bite hahaha..
You're so sweet when you cross your paws.

~ Bae

ps. Can you read korean Coco?

Ruby said...

Hi Coco
What sharp teethies you have.
I would want to take millions of pictures if I had such a gorgeous model living in my house.
I have a "no" finger to, but it say "uh uh".
See you soon.
Love Ruby

Ruby said...

Ooops. I forgot to say send me some pictures of you in your Buddy Belt & I will add you to my post.
Love Ruby

Pedro said...


You are just so cute! Your eyes are amazing in the first picture. Your mom did go a little camera crazy this weekend but how could she resist!


Sharon said...

Coco you are TOO CUTE! I co a little camera crazy on Dobby sometimes, too.

Sharon and Dobby

Sunny,Scooter,Jamie said...

Oh Coco. What great pictures. You are so stinkin cute!! Such white pretty teeth(and no, your grown up teeth won't be nearly as sharp. Mom says thank dog for that!)
Tess used to cross her little feeties like that. Mom just can't get over how very much you look like her. She is always muttering about dognapping you. lol
Good job helping your Dad too.

Lacy said...

w00f's Coco, wowzers, u gots sharp little gots my big boy teefies..dong nos which picksur me likes bestest, they iz all pawfect..

b safe,

Isis said...

Coco, did your mom make your shirt there? Its really nice! Would you do me a favor? If i paid you, would you make one for another pet in need? there's a kitty named Moki who is in trouble. He can't keep his body warmth up! He needs animal clothes, and lots of people are donating. I thought maybe you could make him a nice one to help save him?

Lorenza said...

Hi, Coco!
Looks like you had a nice weekend!
Sharp teethes!
You look so beautiful with your paws crossed!
I like your sweater!
Kisses and hugs

Scottie the 'cutie' said...

Coco, you look SOOOO adorable in your red shirt! Your teefies are so sharp, like Kenji's! He's having a bit of trouble with his two sets of teeth, but he seems to feel better these days..

Hope you have a great day!


Moki Joe Designs said...

Aren't you a cutie Coco! Please tell your mommie and Daddy thank you from me!


We also added you to our blogroll so we never lose you and can always keep in touch!!!

happy said...

Great shots of you, Coco! Your teeth look really cute too!

The FOUR Musketeers said...

Look at your teeth !
Great Photo shoot !

♪Izzy ♥ Tobi♪ said...

Hi Coco!!

u look so propper and cute with ur little paws crossed and ur sweater-dress