Friday, October 3, 2014

The Painter Pack : The Pack is still in need!! Please help!

A fellow blogger is in need of our help!  i know that those of us in the DWB community would never turn our backs on anyone (or animal) especially someone in our own DWB community.  I understand that for some of us money is tight and we cannot spare the extra for a monetary donation, but warm wishes, encouraging messages, and prayers are always welcome (and encouraged).

We have all rallied together and called on Power Of The Paw when our furkids were ill and i have full faith that we can use POTP for this situation too!

Warmest wishes, Tail Wiggles & Puppy Kisses from our home to yours,

Coco The Princess, Lady Godiva, & Truffle!

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Colder than a Chihuahua's toenail...

Hello to all my fellow fur-kids!  Winter must be here because it is colder than a Chihuahua's toenail!  My sisters and i have never experienced a cold like this before we moved.  We had carpet, and mommy always kept our house super nice and toasty and when she would get home, she would blast the heater some and my sisters could huddle in front of it.

But now...we have hardwood floors and the heater is no longer in the wall so we cant huddle in front of it so we have been left to other options like after mom leaves for work, we dig up her freshly made bed and make doggy igloo's to bundle up even though she leaves us a bunch of our favorite fuzzy blankets on the bed.
Truffle's "I'm cold" face
Lady Godiva helps keep Truffle warm

Truffle made a doggy igloo out of mommy's fuzzy robe

CocoBean made a doggy igloo out of mommy's robe too with all of our posts, you know mom has been up to something...she had custom fleece pajamas made for us at TailsMeAboutIt!

The lovely lady named Vanessa over at TailsMeAboutIt has dogies that get cold and need pajamas like us!  Our pajamas are made out of super soft fleece and fit us so perfectly!  They keep us warm and even have a turtle neck to keep our little necks warm too!  

Vanessa is a HUGE animal lover like our humans!  Vanessa's two dogs are who inspired her to start creating and making elegant handmade dog collars, clothes, beds, and more!  Vanessa's shop TailsMeAboutIt specializes in providing us FurKids with classy, elegant, and well made collars, pajamas, and beds that are strong, functional, stylish and pure fun! 

Stop by TailsMeAboutIt and check it out!  Her items are very well priced and the quality is outstanding!

PLUS...we got Pawdicures!

CocoBean is Pretty in Pink

Lady Godiva is my little Lady in Red

Truffle is Perfectly Purple

And of course, as you all know...we Chihuahua's LOVE fruit and veggies...Mommy was having baked fish for dinner and we were VERY interested in what we though was an orange that mommy was squeezing on her fish.  Mommy kept telling us that we wouldn't like it but we insisted so mommy let us try because she said she wanted to see if we would pucker.  Here is a video of it:

Have any of you ever had one of these pucker fruits before?  Did you love it like my sisters and i did?

I hope you are all staying warm and cosey!

Tail Wiggles & Puppy Kisses,

Coco The Princess, Lady Godiva, & Truffle too!

***Just to be clear, we were not compensated in any way to write about our pajamas or where our mommy purchased them.  My mommy is so happy with the purchase that she asked Vanessa permission to name-drop and post a link to her etsy page.  We are writing about these because we want to share the information of a well made and affordable product that we feel our fellow Furkids could benefit from with the upcoming winter months.  We would also like to thank Vanessa for being so kind as to let us mention her on our blog.  THANK YOU VANESSA!***

Friday, October 11, 2013

You wont believe whats new...

or rather, whats been going on...

Truffle went to the beach for the first time...

We have learned how to "beg" and mom is less than thrilled about it...
And Mommy found an injured baby squirrel that she named "Mumbles" because he made cute little mumbling sounds while she was cleaning (preening) his feathers which made him fall really was cute.
Mom is happy she found out how to redo her access into blogger but it bummed her computer took a huge boobles and now she has to update the blog from a different location.  Mom is working hard and saving up her money though so she can get a new laptop.

Something REALLY cool happened in our home see, Grandpa was feeding/sneaking us LOTS of human foodables and we got "fat"...well, let me clarify...Godiva and I (The Coco Bean) gained weight and grandma started calling us engorged tick's.  I thought mommy gave us stuff that is supposed to keep away the biting bugs but somehow Godiva & I turned into them!  Truffle on the other hand...well...she stayed at her healthy and perfect weight of 9.8 pounds while Godiva & I got up to 7.6 pounds!  mom was NOT happy.

So, she put us on Primal doggy food!  we started off with the freeze-dried-raw, and now we are just on the raw and we L O V E it!  it is so super yummy, our poobles has decreased by a good 80% from what it was on the other vet food we were on and we are back to our healthy weights!  Lady Godiva is back to her 4.7 pounds and I am back to 5.3...YIPPEE!

More to come later.  Me, my sisters, and my mommy sure miss blogging and we sure miss you all!

Tail Wiggles & Puppy Kisses,

Coco The Princess, Truffle, & Lady Godiva too!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Guess Who...

Its me!  The CocoBean  and my cousin Moose-Lips (A.K.A. Abbie)!  Our nicknames have gone wack-a-doodle-doo since we moved but that's a WHOLE other post!

Mom figured out Blogger!...well, kind-of...but she figured out how to get in and make a post so were off to a good start!

Here is what our holiday photos came out:

Mommy & Daddy went to Disneyland...
 and they didn't take us! So while they were away, Truffle practiced and mastered the art of pooping in shoes - yes you read that correctly...and Truffle has PERFECT aim!

My sisters and i have learned other new tricks too!  Our favorite new trick is to hang out around Grandma's feet while she is in the kitchen cause she ALWAYS drops things that are super yummy!
The dynamics our our hierarchy have changed quite a bit:

Truffle has turned into quite the "good girl" ...i mean she has REALLY turned into a SUPER goodie good girl!
and LOVES to cuddle all the time

Lady Godiva is ...well...She's still the same super sweet little Lady Godiva with one exception...she is downright DEMANDING about getting attention.  But shes cuter than a button so its hard not to let her get away with it.

LadyGodiva is still on Phenobarbital twice a day to keep the seizure monster away and it seems to have worked with one exception...Every once in a while she has what mommy calls a "neurological hiccup" and she goes all bobble-head on on us and isn't able to walk so mommy has to take her to go to the potty and hold her up while she tries to go potty.  Luckly, she is usually back to normal withing 24-48 hours but it is a lot of work and stress during that time because while we hope for the best, the truth is we just dont know if on day we wont be able to pull her out of it.  Thank GOODNESS for P.O.T.P!  It has really pulled her out of some dark woods!

When LG has these "neurological hiccups" mommy keeps her close and the house quiet
I help mommy keep a watchful eye and i stay cuddled close to LG...

But sometimes Truffle & I really need to burn off some steam so I'll take a break from watching LG and we play a good round of bitey-face!
I on the other hand have decided the following:

1)  Regardless of Mommy & Grandma's comments about me "becoming a REAL dog" make no mistake...i am STILL a Princess and just because i am stating my own Independence doesn't make me any less of a Princess! 

2)  It is colder than a ducks butt on a frozen pond in the dead of winter where we live now - so i decided that i am entitled to help myself to any of mommy's warm things her hat for fits me quite nicely!
3)  I have found my voice and i not only LOVE the sound of it, but i think everyone else should be entitled to my opinions too!  Yep, this once barkless (by choice) Chihuahua has FOUND HER VOICE and is NOT afraid to use it!

4) i am no longer the "perfect" & "civilized" Chi that i used to be - if i dont like something i let it be KNOWN!  i will grumble, squirm, show my teethies, and yip and any human who tries to do something to me that i do NOT like (i.e. when the vet tries to take blood, or the nice girls try to do my nails at the nail place) and i particularly do not like it when i am on my humans lap and one of my fur-kid-relatives try to take my place...then i REALLY show my teethies and grumble (even though i end up sharing 1/2 the lap)

5) regardless of my unwillingness to be "Perfect" i am STILL a princess and I expect to be treated as such
Its getting late so i'm going to head off to bed...

Tail Wiggles & Puppy Kisses,

CocoBean the Princess