Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Holidays!!!

My sisters and i wanted to wish all of our furry friends and their humans a wonderful Holiday!!!

There has been lots going on and we cant wait to tell you all about it. We would like to say that Mommy is on the pooble list because she has not blogged in quite some time, but it is for a couple of very good reasons.First, our mommy got an AMAZING job, and while she still spends lots of tie with us, she has felt that it was more important to spend time with us (since she is at work for 9 hours out of the day) than to spend time ignoring us while she is online. Although, she has kept up with your bloggies.

Second, our grandma has been having trouble with her back and had to see a spine specialist and finally had a procedure done where they had to inject die and medicine in between he vertebrae of her lower back. So, mommy has been spending a lot of time taking care of that.

Mommy FINALLY found us some hand crafted collars that she felt were perfect enough for us. They are Princess collars and they are beautiful. Mommy said that since my sisters are princess's like me, than all three of us needed princess collars. Here is a photo of them: No photo shop here...they REALLY are that blingy!

Although it is nice that mommy works very hard for her money and buys us incredibly nice things with it, I still expresses my displeasement every morning...As you can see, Truffle & Lady Godiva try to comfort me, but i still insist that mommy should work from home land stay in bed and cuddle with us all day! After all, I AM a PrincessMommy gives us each a treat Ball with a MilkBone in it and that keeps us occupied while mommy leaves. And Mommy is also convinced that those treat balls keep us busy for a long time because when Mommy gets home, this is what she finds...Truffle for some reason has had by mommy's and my standards by FAR too much energy! So mommy took Truffle over to Grandmothers house for a play date with Princess & Abbie. When Mommy returned home with Truffle, Truffle was acting kinda odd and i got suspicious so i went through the camera and this is what i found...

Truffle hanging out with Princess and they (as you can see) were both staring at something...but i couldnt figure out what had the two fo them so interested...And then a photo of Truffle and Abbie..and then i came across THIS photo!Truffle eating home made organic pumpkin pie off of a spoon! And then THIS photo...for crying out loud, shes practically sucking the pumpkin pie off mommy's finger! WHAT IS THAT ABOUT!?!?!?

HOW DARE Mommy feed her fat little bald butt pumpkin pie! and to top THAT off, not bring any pumpkin pie home for me & Godiva...THE NERVE!

And last but hot least...and Godiva will TOTALLY back me up on this one...Truffle took this picture on purpose just to add insult to injury cause she KNEW i was going to find photos of her eating pumpkin pieShe stick's her tongue out at the camera! I SWEAR she knew i was going to find out that she got pie because we didn't! i KNEW her breath smelled too good to be true and it wasn't cause mommy brushed her teeth with pumpkin toothpaste like she had said! TOOTHPASTE IS CHICKEN FLAVOR!!!

It's ok though because Godiva and i came up with a way to get back at Truffle...and we think you are going to like it...Are you ready???

What do you all think about "Rudolph Truffle" guiding Santa's sleigh this Christmas...
Or Santa's special "Elf Truffle" Helper
And just so that you don't think Lady Godiva and i are TOTALLY being mean, we decided to post a totally embarrasing photo of myself from when i was a puppy...
Sending lots of Tail Wiggles & Puppy Kisses this holiday season, We Love you all!

Coco The Princess, Lady Godiva & Truffle