Friday, September 17, 2010


Since Coco Bean is feeling much better (and The Girls are starting to smell a little ripe) i decided it was time for them to have a bath. However, since this IS Coco Beans Blog, i will let her take over again. But before i do, i want to thank you all from the bottom of my heart for all your warm wishes and support. I (and Coco Bean) could not have made it this last week without you all.

Hi ya'll! Its me Coco Bean! I'm back and almost back to my healthy self thanks to you and the Power of the Paw!

Since mommy didnt have any help bathing us, we were unable to take photos of us getting our bath, but mommy WAS able to get photos of us right afterward!

Now, if you haven't noticed, Mommy's bed is very tall and you are probably wondering how we get up onto the bed. Well, Usually Mommy puts a chair next to the bed so we can get up and down easily. But, Mommy moved the chair for a little bit and when mommy turned around, Godiva was on the bed with Truffle and I.Mommy was curious as well as entertained by our after baff shenanigans and i told he i wanted a video of us playing on the bloggy so that you all could see that I and my sisters were doing well and while she was video taping us, (towards the end of the video) you will see Little Lady Godiva amaze us all with something we NEVER thought we would see... Make sure that you watch the video till the end so that you can be amazed too!

There is something that has happened that i really feel should be shared with you all. well, actually there are LOTS of things to share, but i feel that this is a very important one. 4 months ago my mommy's daddy had to take "Chocolate" his chocolate lab to the vet so that he could go to the rainbow bridge. This is a picture of our Grandpa and "Chocolate"
Chocolate was 15 years old and it was his time to go run free at the rainbow bridge with Pasko my mommy's Rottweiler (who's eyes are welled up with tears right now because i mentioned Pasko). Our grandpa was very sad and wanted another dog, but wanted the "right" dog and asked my mommy for help.

Mommy agreed, but told grandpa that it would take some time. Almost 3 months later mommy went to the pet store on a whim to buy us some surprise presents (she does this sometimes) and there happened to be a doggy adoption fair that was being hosted by "Furry Friends Rescue". Mommy thought what the heck, lets see what kind of dogs they have here today and that was when she saw him...His name was "Yasu". He was a Chihuahua/Dachshund mix who was 4-5 years old and weighed 12 pounds.Mommy called grandpa and before she could finish the sentence Grandpa was already running to the car to drive 20 miles to where my mommy was to see this little dog. Grandpa FELL IN LOVE with Yasu immediately! There was only one problem; another family had already filled out the application for Yasu one week prior and was supposed to be coming to see him to take him home. the adoption fair was over at 4:30 and they said that if the family did not show up, than Grandpa would be able to have a home inspection on Saturday!

So Grandpa waited with my mommy for three hours...and the family never came. Furry Friends Rescue told my grandpa that they would call him on Sunday to do a home inspection and to meet all the family, and if he passes, than he will be able to adopt Yasu!

All day Sunday grandpa waited and waited and did not get a call until 8:30PM when grandpa's phone made a noise and notified him that he had a voicemail. It was furry Friends Rescue! for some reason grandpa's phone was sending calls straight to voicemail so they had to leave a message but the message had been left in the afternoon and it was too late for an inspection. So they made arrangements to do a home inspection for Monday morning and 30 minutes into the home inspection/interview grandpa was approved to take home Yasu!

But Yasu's adoption family was in the same city as me and my mommy and grandpa lives 20 miles away so Mommy offered to meet grandpa right off the freeway and show him how to get to the house where Yasu was living.

Yasu was very shy and timid. He had been in 4 different foster homes in 3 months. It is very obvious that Yasu's original owners were not good to him, but Yasu has warmed up and recognize that he is now in his forever home. He is amazing to walk on a leash too...he never walks ahead or behind you and stops at every corner and looks up at whomever is walking him for his next direction. He is SUCH a joy to be around. He LOVES me and my sisters and LOVES to be on a humans lap all the time!

Grandpa calls my mommy almost every day since he got Yasu and thanks her for finding him such an amazing dog. Grandpa takes Yasu to work with him every day, and even takes him into business meetings at customers offices! He's practically become the business mascot!

Thats all for now friends...and don't forget to kiss your humans!

Tail Wiggles & Puppy Kisses,

Coco The Princess

Monday, September 13, 2010

Power Of The Paw

My dear friends both old and new,

you all have come together to show your support and send me healing vibes so that i get better and it is working. i was able to come home to my mommy on Sunday morning.

I even received healing vibes from a a woman named Tea who i found out today needs our help. you see, her doggy Rich is sick and they need us to send them healing vibes.

So please, I am asking that you stop by her bloggy and show her the same love you all showed me. Lets send Tea and Rich healing vibes so that he gets better. We all know its about Power of the Paw!

I love you all!

Tail Wiggles & Puppy Kisses,

Coco The Princess & The Chihuahua Mafia (AKA Truffle and Lady Godiva)

Sunday, September 12, 2010

UPDATE: Coco The Princess can come home

i of course couldnt wait till 10am to call the vet so i called at 9:05am (can you blame me?) i was told that Coco Bean's blood work had come back but i needed to wait to get a hold of the doctor on the phone so that he could go over the results, and she would call me back.

While this was a totally justifiable response, i still had questions, and i just couldn't wait till the doctor was in to have those questions answered. I needed to know how she did last night, did she eat anything, did she pooble or weeble!? Please for the love of ANYTHING tell me SOMETHING! The girl was very kind and told me that Coco Bean had eaten a couple of nibbles of her food, she had in fact weebled and poobled a little bit. I wanted to know if it was a nice firm pooble or was it still bad poobles (am i a mom or what!?). the girl could not tell me though as she did not know that much detail but promised she would call me back.

at 9:59am my phone rang and it was Alta View. I could not have answered the phone faster if there had been a fire under my butt! I was told that Coco Bean's liver values were high and that she has an infection in her intestine. We do not know how Coco Bean got an infection in her little intestine. She had spoken to the vet and he said that if Coco Bean had eaten and ws drinking water, she could go home.

I pulled up in front of Alta View within 15 minutes of getting this call. The girl gave me a copy of the blood work and put the vet on the phone for me. We do not know how Coco Bean got an infection in her intestine. His only guess dates back to when she was a wee little puppy and she was sold to me WAY before she was old enough to be separated from her mother. Coco Beans Mommy was so emaciated that she was not able to breast feed her puppies. puppies get their anti-bodies and immune systems from their mommy's milk. Coco Bean was not so fortunate and never got those anti-bodies cause her mommy wasn't able to feed her puppies. As a result, Coco Bean has a weakened immune system and is susceptible to getting sick easily.

As i waited for them to bring Coco Bean out to me, i looked at the wall of fame and adoptable fur-kidsAnd then it happened...the tech brought my precious little Coco Bean out to me. I was SO happy, i cried. I couldnt help it...i was just SO happy to see my baby, and to see her little perky tail wagging. I paid for her antibiotics and an additional anti nausea injection.

I put my little Precious Coco Bean in my jacket (this is where she LOVES to hang out while we go on outings) and we walked to the car. The whole way to the car i was smothered with Coco Kisses...absolutely SMOTHERED and i couldn't have been happier about it!

Then she gave me that all know the look. The look that says "Mommy can we go home now!?"
You can see in this photo how the sided of her face are a little sunken in from the weight loss. But she is home and happy right now. Truffle and Godiva were SO happy to see her, and Coco Beans tail has not stopped wagging.

Coco Bean has two weeks of antibiotics ahead of her. I have been told to keep a super close eye on her and monitor how much she eats and drinks. This will be easy compaired to how hard the last 24 hours has been.

But i really cant thank you all for all your support. I firmly believe that it was the Power of the Paw that got Coco Bean through last night and brought her home to me.

I will update daily on coco Beans recovery.

Again, from the bottome of my heart, i really cant thank you all enough for sending me the Power of the Paw and keeping me in your prayers and thoughts. I love you all!

Tail Wiggles & Puppy Kisses,

The Mommy

Saturday, September 11, 2010

UPDATE: Coco Bean is Super Sick :(

I called the vet at 4:05pm and he told me that Coco Bean has not improved and that he needs to keep her overnight.

I was told that i am to call back at 10:00am tomorrow morning.

Coco Bean is super sick :(

for two days now Coco Bean has been acting lethargic. today when we got home from breakfast Coco Bean was shivering and still refusing to eat her doggy breakfast just as she did last night with her doggy dinner. I also noticed that she was shedding really bad and her little body was really warm to the touch.So i called her doggy doctor and htey fit us right into their schedule.

the vet came in and took her temperature and it immediately shot up to just over 104 and slowly kept climbing. He took my little Coco Bean away from me and took her into the back room.

She has lost 1/2 a pound in the past 2-3 days which doesnt seem like much, but her a dog her size it is a lot...her little spine was starting to stick out.

He is running blood work and giving her IV fluids. I was told that i can not take her home right now because they want to watch her for the rest of the afternoon.

I know she is in good hands, but i cant help but to sit here at home with tears in my eyes because i know my little Princess is sitting in a cage not understanding why seh isnt in her mommy's arms.

i was todl to call the vet at 4:30 (2 1/2 hours) to see if i can pick her up today.

here is a photo that i took of her (and Lady Godiva who wanted to keep her company) before we got to the doctors.and here is a photo that i took of Coco Bean a friend of mine (who loves and adores them as much as i do) before the doctor took her away to the back observation room... Please keep My little Coco Bean in your prayers and thoughts.

Sending you all tail wiggles & puppy kisses from The Girls and myself.

The Mommy