Thursday, June 24, 2010

Lot's to update you all on...

First off, Mom is TOTALLY on the Pooble list!
She has tried bribing us with Frosty Paws, but were not sure were ready to forgive her for neglecting our Bloggy for so long. She says that she has a good excuse because our Grandma was very sick for a while and she was taking care of Grandma, and also because in he spare time she was making Jewelry for her website, and my sisters are holding our ground...we wanna see how long we can milk all this special treatment.

Grandma is doing MUCH better now and is back to her perky normal self. In face, Grandma has officially adopted Abbie's mommy Princess!And Princess settled right in immediately!
Princess is a GREAT cuddler just like us and Mommy LOVES snuggling Princess! And believe you and me when i tell you that Princess LOVES to be snuggles by EVERYONE!

Me and my sisters LOVE going to Grandma's house and playing with Princess & Abbie...but abter a couple of hours...we get pooped out and then we crash on the sofa for a little while to recharge our doggy batteries...then its back to Romping and Rolling! (Does it look like our mommy just might be an animal lover???)

While at Grandma's Godiva discovered something Grandma call's "Treat Ball". Well, to say the least, Godiva went absolutely WILD about this Treat Ball so Grandma gave it to her.And now she wont share...EVEN WHEN IT'S EMPTY!
Mommy got a new purse...I think I might like it...After all, a Chihuahua like me needs to ride in style... Don't ya think???

Truffle; the wild child who couldn't sit still for more than a few seconds had decided that she is a lap dog and is supposed to be sleeping in mommy's bed with mommy and me!!!
Now, I bet you are sitting in your favorite computer spot looking at this photo of Truffle saying "Aww, that is so cute. But, test assure you are only saying this becasue you haven't seen how she sleeps! Its scarry and I have the proof! Watch this Video and then tell me what you think:

Aside from Truffle's usual silly self, she has decided to take up a new hobby...Pole Dancing!
Now, hows that for a doggy trick!?

Tail Wiggles & Puppy Kisses,

Coco The Princess