Thursday, April 30, 2009


Hi there everyone! My name is Godiva and I am Coco The Princess's other little sister. As some of you might know and for those of you who havent heard, I now have a special day of the week! Its Friday and it is a fun game for everyone to participate in! Here is how it works:

You will need to put this badge on your blog. You can do that by saving this picture (make sure it is linked to my page) or you can email my big sister Coco The Princess and she will forward you the html code.

Once you post your picture of you being a DIVA on your page leave me a message here on my Fridays posting so that I know that you are participating and i can come check out your photo of you being a DIVA!

Eduardo The Snuggle Puggle (AKA Judge Snuggle Puggle) has been kind enough to be my official judge and he will be helping me decide who is the winning Diva! How Cool is that!?

The winning photo will be posted on my blog the following Friday! This game will be held EVERY Friday! And don't forget that each week a winner will be chosen and will be featured on the following Fridays blog (with a link to their page)!

Please forgive me if my DIVANESS is not at its finest...this is my first posting after all...but here is how my day started off...

first i had to take a nap to make sure that i had all my beauty sleep:
Then my sister Coco The Princess woke me up and told me that it was time to get changed into my DIVANESS. I was like..."OK! I'm Awake Now!!!" Can you tell i was a little excited?
I was totally excited that mommy let me borrow some of her bling for my photo shoot! It was much heavier than my bell collar so it took some getting used to for a second, but once i saw how it shined...i was totally stoked!

Then it was time for my dodeling session. this was my best picture (please excuse my mommy's fingers...she is just so special sometimes) she was totally worried that i wouldnt know where the camera was to look at. "sheesh, i'm not COMPLETELY blind mommy...just a little bit"

So fellow bloggers, make sure that your mommy's and daddy's get your good side when they take your DIVA photos! I'm going to take another nap...alll this modeling takes a lot out of a pup! I look forward to seeing all of your diva photos and meeting you all! Love Always...Everyones favorite chocolate,

Lady Godiva

P.S. I believe my littermate Truffle has some of you fooled with her fake sweet self. Please dont let her fool you...I wasn't sure if you all would believe me; especially after her last post where she came accross as such a sweetheart so aksed mommy to help me with the camera (my eyes are not so good so this is why i ask for additional help) so we hid the camera on the sofa to catch Truffle "in action" and this is the result...

Coco was just trying to get into her bed to take a nap And Truffle rushed her right back out of that bed!
Here is a picture of Truffle when Coco tried to get back into the bed It isnt even Me or Trffle's bed! It is Coco's and she is kind enough to share it with me and Truffle and Truffle totally takes over!
Not as nice as you all thought she was now is she?

Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Hello Fellow Bloggers! My name is Truffle and i am the larger of Coco The Princess's two little sisters! In case you might not be able to tell me apart from my litter mate Godiva this is what i look like:See, i look like a brown and gold (muted) version of my big sister Coco The Princess Don't we look alike!? How cool is that!?

So anyway... Coco has been teaching me a LOT. But, she said that before she teaches me anything else like her magic tricks that make treats appear out of mommy's hand; that i have to learn potty training first. Whats the big deal with all this potty training anyway? At first i was like...when you gotta go, you gotta go! But then she taught me that when i go poobles or weebles on the magic white pad in the kitchen...low and behold "potty cookies"magically appear in my mommy's hand! HOW COOL IS THAT!?!?!?

So, anyway...on Sunday, i disappeared...well, not really disappeared; it was more like all of a sudden mommy and daddy didn't see me. so they stopped and listened for a bell and they heard it coming from the kitchen. So mommy & daddy snuck to the kitchen door all stealth mode and all and spyed on me(please excuse the pink and purple streamers left over from mommy's birthday party)..and do you know what they saw? they saw me poobling on the magic pad in the kitchen! Yep, that's right; i went potty on the magic pad all by my self! And guess what happened next...are you ready for this...A COOKIE magically appeared in my mommy's hand!

Now, about this bell thing. Which one of you geniuses came up with this brilliant idea!? Its cool and all that mom wanted to help out Lady Godiva so she wouldn't get scared; but bells...around my neck...are you kidding me Mom!? I'm a Chihuahua! Not a cow!

Oh, and speaking of random animals like cows...My dear little sister Lady Godiva has an interesting little nickname...are you ready for this? They keep calling her "little hippo"! I think its absolutely hilarious! I mean come on...does anyone else see the resemblance?

SEE! she looks like a little hippo! but don't tell her I told you. I think she might get sad so lets keep this between you and me...k?

Anyway, more about me...I am a VERY vocal little puppy who has no problems snarling and barking at Coco until she plays with me. Lately i my favorite game to play with coco is a game of of chase! Of course i have to bark & grumble uncontrollably while i chase her. Mom isn't too thrilled about this barking though so every time i start barking she tells me "NO" and i have to take a time out for 10 seconds which feels like FOREVER! I also have this other game that i play where i take all the chew things away from Coco The Princess and from Godiva and i sit on top of them and when Coco tries to take one from me i bark at her...then i chase her and while I'm chasing her Godiva takes one if the chew things and runs back into the bed and then she and Coco will share it.

That's all i can think of for now, but if you want to know anything else about me or what my life is like being the little sister of a Princess, than feel free to leave your questions and comments in the comments section and i will answer all of your request next week on TRUFFLE TUESDAY!

Tail Wiggles & Truffle Kisses


P.S. This Friday will be my little sister Lady Godiva's game! It is called "Godiva's Go Diva Friday's". It will be held EVERY Friday! Please be sure to participate. Each winner will be featured on the following Fridays blog!

Here is what is required:

You will need to put this badge on your blog. You can do that by saving this picture or you can email my big sister Coco The Princess and she will forward you the html code.

Once you post your picture of you being a DIVA leave Godiva a message so that she can check it out! The winning photo will be posted on her blog the following Friday! Godiva is hoping that Eduardo will be her and be an official judge.

Make sure you Diva it up!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Sisterly Saturdays

Sorry I'm posting this on a Sunday... but mom got busy and didn't have enough time to do this yesterday.

First i must tell you all about this awesome button that i got for participating in the Bark Kent interview! This is SOO COOL! Thank you so much Bark Kent!

I have been getting a lot of questions and comments about how i look like a giant next to my sisters and you all want to know how big Lady Godiva and Truffle i took a couple of photos of them with a dollar bill.

This is Truffle

This is Lady Godiva
I hope this gives you all a better idea of how big my little sisters are

since Truffle is insistent on showing me whos boss, i played her game for a little while. This is Truffle showing me that she is the boss (i let her win, but don't tell her that).This game with Truffle was followed by playing a little bitey face between Lady Godiva & Truffle. I'm not too good at this game but i'm trying to learn. In the mean time...i just like to sit and watch them play bitey faceAll that playing wore Lady Godiva out so we took a small nap on the sofa
I wanted to make sure that Lady Godiva stayed warm so i put her in her bed with her sister. And Truffle cuddled right up!Mom thought it would be nice to have some more pictures of me and my sisters together because i was still wide awake and i kept trying to wake up my sisters. Out of all the pictures taken this was the best one...But as you can see from this next picture Lady Godiva just couldn't stay awake and Truffle started to look sleepy again.
Nap time sounded good and since they were being quite persistent upon taking a nap instead of playing with me..i figured maybe nap time sounded pretty good after all.

If you cant beat them...Join them!

Coco The Princess

P.S. Bijou suggested putting bells on our necks so my Auntie Gizelle bought Lady Godiva and Truffle cute little kitten collars that have bells on them. Now Godiva doesn't freak out anymore! That was a great idea Bijou...Thank You!!!

P.S.S. I got this REALLY cool button for participating in the Bark Kent Interview! Thanks Bark Kent!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Votes are in...

Everyone had wonderful ideas! however...there were only two ideas that had both a day designated AND and idea that went with that day of the week. Now, because both of these ideas were so different, we have TWO WINNERS!

Eduardo The Snuggle Puggle had the following idea:

"Godiva's GO DIVA Friday (you could really use Friday or Monday your choice!). In which on that day the blogger would post a picture in which him or her are being a diva! Males can be divas too!"

Suzuki had the following idea:
"Hmmm How about Sisterly Saturdays?"

So, here's whats going to happen. While Eduardo not only came up with a day specifically pertaining to giving Godiva her own special day and game, Eduardo is going to win first place! But i have decided to take Eduardo's game to the next level...for the players that participate in "Godiva's GO DIVA Friday" they will need to leave Godiva a comment letting her know that you are participating. Godiva will visit all the blogs of the players and the best photo will be featured on the following Friday (which will be directly linked to their page) and the game will start all over again! Doesn't that sound like fun!?

Suzuki's idea gave my mommy a wonderful idea of designating 1 day of the week to all three of us of which we will talk about what we did or are going to do and photos of the three of us together; cuddling, playing...things like that. Suzuki wins 2nd place!

So, there it is...we have two winners..

1st place is going to Eduardo The Snuggle Puggle

2nd Place is going to Suzuki

Congratulations to both of you! I look forward to playing with everyone and meeting so many new friends!

Tail Wiggles & Puppy Kisses,

Coco The Princess

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Sharing Is Caring

Hi all!!! First i would like to thank all of you for being so kind and welcoming my new little sisters to our community.

I have noticed that those of you who have sisters, brothers...roomates whatever you want to call them, you are kind enough to share your blog with them and give them a designated day of the week (or month) that they get to write on...This gave me an idea...and since I have TWO new sisters this means that I will be sharing two days of the week with my sisters. this is what I came up with so far:

Truffle Tuesdays

But as you can see, i still need help thinking of a clever day of the week for Godiva. Can any of you help me designate a day of the week for Godiva with a clever name? Something like:

Thank DOG for Godiva Fridays

Also, there is a game that we all know about called "True Colors Thursdays" and of course there is the "Working With Eduardo The Snuggle Puggle" on Tuesdays. Should one of my sisters host a fun game on their designated day of the week? If so, what kind of game?

I really want to do a special day for see, Mommy noticed that Godiva was having trouble seeing things; she would not be able to figure out how to get out of a room that she had just walked in or sometimes she would even walk into things like the sofa. Sometimes Godiva would sit down in the middle of a room that we were all in and she would just start crying until me, Truffle, mommy or daddy would go pick her up.Mommy took Godiva to the vet and we discovered that her eyes are not fully developed. She can see fuzzy shapes &/or outlines but she can not really see very well. The vet said that this is most likely a result of Godiva being the runt of the litter and that it is kinda like being a premature baby where things aren't fully developed. We are keeping a close eye on Godiva and hoping that this is something that will correct itself. But in the mean time, we have to keep a close eye on her because we don't like it when she thinks that she is alone. This makes my job as a big sister much more important because i must check on her all the time. I like it though. I check on her while she is sleeping and give her puppy kisses, I even bring her toys to play with and put them right in front of her. Sometimes she doesn't see those toys so i bring her bigger or brighter colored ones (she likes those). I even play with Godiva much softer than i play with Truffle. And i have even learned that when i approach Godiva not to do so from behind because when i do she snarls at me so i make sure that i let her sniff me before i wrastle with her.

Anyway...i just want to do a very special day every week for Godiva and i know that all of you have wonderful ideas. I thought that it would be really fun for us all to come up with something together for her. Once all of your ideas are in, i will be posting a voting thingy on my page for everyone to vote! The person who suggested the idea for Godiva's day will win a prize!Thanks for all of your ideas and input! And please spread the word to all of your friends so that they can play too!!!

Coco The Princess

P.S. Please note that since Tuesdays are taken by Eduardo The Snuggle Puggle and Thursday's are taken by My true Colors, i would prefer to not interfere with those fun games. I would never want to step on anyone's paws.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

An Award to share with my new little sisters

A new friend of mine named Chase gave me this award today!

Chase, i am honored and greatful...Thank you SO much for being so kind as to pass this award on to me...and thank you for being the first to pass this award on to me and my sisters! the are a little too young to understand, but when they are old enough to understand i will make sure that they stop by your page to thank you themselves.

I would like to pass this award on to any of my friends that are on my list of blogs that i follow.

Tail Wiggles & Puppy Kisses,

Coco - The Princess

Friday, April 17, 2009

too much energy and not enough toys!

Lady Godiva LOVES my tennis ball! Lady godiva likes taking my chew things too! Here is Lady Godiva swating at me because she didnt want to share my chew thing: This is Truffle doing EXACTLY what Lady Godiva does and wont share my chew things: I was trying to trick Truffle into chasing me so that i can get her away from the chew thing so that i can take it for a little while: this is a picture of Lady Godiva & truffle snuggles in the crate ready for bet time (notice that is my crate and i was kind enouth to let my mommy use it for the girls for potty training): Is it play time!?
this is Lady Godiva trying to wake me up and get me out of bed: Come on Coco Princess...I know your in there...GET UP!
Lady Godiva trying to figure out what the flashy thing is: Lady Godiva sitting pretty: Lady Godiva with my stolen chew thing trying to show off her baby blue/green eyes:

Thats all the pictures for now... I will post more pictures tomorrow of Truffle.

Tail Wiggles & Puppy Kisses,

Coco - The Princess

Thursday, April 16, 2009

First Things First...What you all have been waiting for

Formal introduction to my new little sisters!!!

This is Lady Godiva:This is Truffle (she looks like a combination of Cousin Rambo and Cousin Pedro):And these are the photos of their first night in their forever home with me as their big sister:This is a video of Me playing with my sisters:

I hope you all liked the pictures of my new little sisters and the video of us playing!

Until next time... I'll be catching up on some much needed and deserved sleep!

Coco The Princess (and her little sisters Lady Godiva and Truffle)