Tuesday, June 28, 2011

And The Winner Is.....

I would like to thank all of you for participating in my contest and for voting. You all had so many wonderful ideas!

Here are the results:Lets all come together and congratulate Tessa for winning with a whopping 35% of the votes!
Grandma and Mommy were talking and they thought it wold be fun to play a little pun with the words and change "Knows" in Tessa's entry to to "Coco Bean Nose". After all, we ARE dogs and what do we use to find our favorite stuffies, treats, food, OR DECIDE ID WE WANT OR DONT WANT SOMETHING... OUR NOSE! Cute, yes?So from now on, when we write a review, the title will start with Coco Bean Nose... and my signature will be something silly like "Because the Nose Knows"

Tail Wiggles & Puppy Kisses!

Coco The Princess

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Why we should win a date with The Mango!

Hello Friends its me Truffle!
My sister Coco Bean informed Lady Godiva & I that The Mango from MasterChewSits is having a contest to win a date with him, but we have to post as to why we should win a date. As you all know (or maybe you don't cause our sister Coco Bean hogs the bloggy to herself!) MY sister Lady Godiva and myself are single...in fact, we have NEVER had a BF nor have we ever gone out on a date unlike our sister Coco Bean who has the most wonderful BF named Prince Dobby

Anyway, Lady Godiva and i believe that we should win the date with The Mango for the following reasons:
  1. We love to snuggle and there sure is a lot of him for me and Godiva to snuggle with
  2. We have a dog cave and we love to hang out in the dog cave too
  3. When Godiva sometimes has gas problems like The Mango when she gets into the methane generating human foodables that fall on the floor while mommy is cooking or out of the garbage (photo not added for obvious reasons)
  4. we are not bed hogs and are super cute when we sleep
  5. we like to play with toys
  6. We sometimes get fed up with mommy's flashy box thing like The Mango
  7. our colors will compliment The Mango's brindle markings & vise versa.
  8. Lady Godiva & i share everything so we would have no problems sharing Mango on the same date.
  9. If The Mango chooses us, than he wouldn't be winning a date with just one lucky lady, he would get TWO and what man of The Mano's stature wouldn't want to date sisters at the same time!?
  10. We don't eat very much (Truffle gets 1/4 of a cut twice a day and Godiva gets 1/8 a cut twice a day)
  11. With me being 7 pounds and Godiva being 5 pounds The Mango wouldn't have to worry about us overpowering him. Plus, such behavior just is not in our nature
  12. We love the company of other doggys
  13. we love giving kisses and sucking on ears
  14. We don't drink alcohol so The Mango wouldn't have to worry about us getting out of hand. That's right...only bottled water for us! (Mommy keeps a 2/1/2 gallon container in the fridge that is JUST for us)
  15. We know our commands in both English and Hebrew VERY well (sit, stay, come, beg, touch/shake, high five, bed, crate/doggy jail, kisses, settle).
  16. We are well educated knowing our commands in both English AND Hebrew. That's correct, we are a bilingual trio of Chihuahua's
  17. When The Mango arrives to pick us of from the airport, we would be wearing our newest outfits made especially four our first date!
  18. Lady Godiva & I are a total catch - just celebrated our second barkday, never married, no puppies = baggage free!
That is all that i can think of for now, but i sure do hope that this is enough for Lady Godiva & I to win the date with The Mango!

Nibbles & Licks from us to you!


Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Its Time to Vote!

Wow! i was not expecting so many wonderful ideas in such a short period of time. in fact, i have received so many name suggestions that i decided to put up the voting poll today!

The voting poll is located on the top right hand side of our page just under our banner. The poll will be open for 5 days so make sure you cast your vote!

The names that were suggested and are available are:

  1. Pet Products Reviews by Coco Bean
  2. Coco Says Try This
  3. Coco Bean Knows!
  4. CGT Pet Product Reviews
  5. CGT Reviews
  6. Coco Bean Reviews
  7. Coco Considers
  8. Chocolate Chihuahua Reviews
  9. Reviews & More by Coco Bean
  10. A Dog's Eye Review
  11. Coco Says
I already told mommy which one me and my sisters want to vote on! Some of you even suggested that we don't add a separate bloggy since the products are for dogs only but we don't want our bloggy to be overwhelmed with reviews so we are going to have to blog more so that there is a healthy balance of me & my sisters vs. the reviews.

So, we have decided not to set up a separate blog, but each review we do will be titled with the winner of this poll!

MY sisters and i cannot wait to see who has the lucky title that wins the votes and recieves a special prize!

Tail Wiggles & Puppy Kisses

Coco The Princess

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

fun and exciting news and contest just for you!

Hello fellow fur-friends! i have super exciting news for all of you! Becaue my mommy is usper involved in the products my sisters and i eat, play with, and the clothes we wear, and we know your pawrents are too; My mommy has decided to start writing review on doggy products!
We will be setting up a separate bloggy and while we will keep this blog as the diary of me and my sisters lives, every time we write a review, we will tell you about it briefly on this blog so that if you chose, you can click on a link and it will take you to that blog. These reviews will also more than likely include promotion codes so that if you chose to try the product, you can get discounts!
Isn't this exciting!?
Mommy wants to call it "Coco Bean Reviews" but were not sure we like the ring of that so we are looking to you for your help to come up with a name for this separate bloggy! Would you like to help us come up with a name?Mommy and i were talking and we decided that we will collect your suggestions until Saturday and come Sunday we will put all the names together into a voting poll and leave the poll open for 5 days and which ever name gets the most votes; the furkid who suggested the name will win a super special prize!

Cant wait to hear your suggestions!

Tail Wiggles & Puppy Kisses,
Coco The Princess

P.S. my little brat sister Lady Godiva eviscerated my favorite stuffy! i TOLD mommy that it was Godiva, but she didnt believe me and now we have proof! BOOOOOOO!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Today was Doggy Rescue Day

We have a neighbor who has a dog named Domino. when the neighbors daughtor moved out, she left Domino with her dad (our neighbor) but our neighbor has to keep domino inside while he is at work and since he is in construction, that means Domino is left in the house for on average 12 hours a day with no potty breaks. can you imagine having to hold your potty for 12 hours!? Domino was also fed human food on a daily basis and had such a horrible flea problem that she was going bald from scratching and chewing on herself.She was hit by a motorcycle about a one and a half years ago (and was never taken to the vet). As well as being in an apartment with two cats, Domino also shares/has shared her home with two love birds (fly free through the apartment at times), and a few squirrels (fell out of tree in back yard and needed nursing). Domino play’s with the baby squirrels right up until they are adults and its time for them to be released and she had NEVER hurt one of them (she tries to herd them). When you come home at the end of the day (or leave for 5 minutes and come back) she gets SUPER excited and smiles showing all of her teeth…she literally SMILES. Domino also LOVES going for rides in the car and will mumble & grumble at you if you are standing near her leash. The few times mommy has taken Domino on a walk, Domino likes to hold onto her end of the leash as mommy walks her (kind of like a golden retriever would do)

She is in-tact and would need to be spayed. The fur on her rump is not as black as it used to be and now she looks like she has red in her fur which I think is due to loosing chunks of fur during flea seasons. But it wouldn’t surprise me if it all grew back black if she was taken care of. Domino is a wonderful dog and if I didn’t already have three dogs myself, I would take her without hesitation. Domino needs a home that will love her and keep her inside. She lives very much like a street dog but would greatly benefit and thrive if she were given to a responsible home…a home that would feed her good doggy food, cuddle with her at night, take her to the place of tile and steel (the vets), have her spayed and vaccinated. Domino needs a home that will show her what it is like to have the unconditional love that she so desperately needs and deserves…the same kind of unconditional love that she has always shown me, my sisters and our mommy.

There are so many wonderful things about Domino Mommy and i honestly wouldn't know where to begin. Domino only deserves the best. She deserves to be treated how my mommy treats me and my sisters and how Grandma treats Abbie & Princess and how your humans treat you!

My mommy and our neighbor spoke and mommy helped him decide that Domino needed to go to a better home and that mommy would find one for Domino (that was 5 months ago). Mommy has found homes and has had many offers for Domino, but mommy turned them all down because she didn't feel that they were the "RIGHT" home(s) for domino.
Last week, my Grandma called Mommy and said that she had a co-worker who was looking for another dog and pur her in touch with mommy. from the moment mommy spoke to Mary she knew that THIS was the right now for Domino!

This morning, mommy took Domino to meet Mary at the Vets office. Mary decided to go to the same Vet that me and my sisters go to because he is REALLY good and his prices are AMAZING. At 8:15am this morning mommy kissed me and my sisters goodbye for the day and put Domino in our car and drove off...Domino wanted to hang out the window, but it made mommy nervous so Domino just sat in the front seat like the good girl that she is and kept an eye on mommy's travel Tea-mug to make sure it didn't spill:
When they arrived at the vets office, mommy took Domino for a walk until Mary arrivedWhen Mary arrived, Domino was very happy but a little apprehensive and shy. The first thing Mary did was put a collar and leash on Domino and held onto the leash and mommy stepped back a little bit so that Domino would get used to her new mommy. So Mary and mommy hung out in the parking-lot and talked for a while while Mary held Domino's leash and my mommy told Mary lots of information about Domino and gave Mary the gift bag that we helped put together last night. In the gift bag there was: 2 tennis balls (Domino LOVES Tennis balls), a business card for Flea Busters (an amazing company), some treats and cookies, and a magnet of our vet where Mary will continue to take Domino.

A little while ago, mommy received a call from Mary to update us on Domino's status - Domino had to get SEVEN injections she needed her standard vaccines (she had never had any), and she needed an injection for her worms that she got from the fleas, and an injection of another antibiotics for the cough that Domino developed this morning because it was the beginning if kennel cough. Her teeth and gum's are in really good shape, but she is underweight (probably from the worms and unbalanced diet). Domino is now at her forever home and will be kept in quarantine in a bedroom until tomorrow morning because we want the kennel cough to be under control (they said mommy caught it right at the very beginning!) and we don't want the other two dogs in Domino's new home to catch it either.Mommy, my sisters and i are going to miss Domino but we know that we are doing what is best for her and we feel incredibly blessed to have been able to share our life with Domino and we know that Mary will feel just as blessed to now have Domino in her life :). It was a wonderful way to start the morning and a wonderful way to begin the weekend!

Tail Wiggles & Puppy Kisses,

Coco The Princess

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Sunday Fun Day and yummy foodables!

Hello fellow furkids!

My sisters and i have missed you all SO much!Although we have not had time to update our bloggy in WAY too long Mommy has mad ensure that her busy schedule has not stopped us from having lots of fun. Mommy makes sure that any free time she has she spends playing and cuddling with us.

Here are a few things that mommy and i have done...

We have lots of visits to Grandma's house every Sunday and mommy made me a little hat out of petal from a HUGE tulip from a bouquet that me and my sisters got Grandma for mothers day:Mommy and i are on a mission for new furniture for me and my sisters that is made for our size so we went to Target and i butt-tested furniture:One thing that i have kept a secrete (until now) is that between my sisters and i some of us (maybe all three of us) have been put on a doggy diet. yea, serious pooble face regarding that! we get measured quantity of food twice a day and only ONE treat in the morning right before mommy goes to work. (for the record, my sisters and i are still contemplating going peepee in mommy's shoe(s) in protest of this diet)

Another secrete is that we have sensitive tummies and anything other than a small milk bone broken in half gives me and my sisters "the bad poop". As those of you who also have sensitive tummies know...this can be incredibly difficult for our mommy (and us) to deal with. We are fortunate that mommy feeds us Blue Buffalo and that works well on our tummies, but cookies are just don't agree on our tummies.

The week before last a super nice gentleman named Anthony contacted our mommy and wanted to introduce a new product by his company called Terra Paws. Terra paws is human grade treats that are freeze dried and contain absolutely NO crazy ingredients. Anthony understands that we are the loves of out humans lives. Anthony was so upset after finding out what was in his little Hailey's food that he started the Terra Paws company and quit his job!!! That's one cool dude to quit his job just to start a company to offer us food and treats that are good for us!

This is a photo of Hailey (Anthony's little girl):when mommy looked at the milk-bone ingredients what she found was incredibly disturbing. In fact, it was SO disturbing to my mommy (and us) that we thought it was important that you see all the garbage (literally - "dough conditioner" what the HECK is that!? and the rest of this garbage... you don't really have to read everything, but it is definitely something that you need to show your humans):

Ingredients: Wheat flour, wheat bran, beef meal and beef bone meal, wheat germ, beef fat (preserved with tocopherols), poultry-by-product meal, lamb meal, salt, chicken meal, dried beet pulp, dicalcium phosphate, bacon fat (preserved with BHT, propyl-gallate, and citric acid), brewers dried yeast, whey, artificial color (includes red 40, yellow 5, blue 1), vitamins (choline chloride, dl-alpha tocopheryl acetate [vitamin e], vitamin a acetate, calcium pantothenate, riboflavin, vitamin b12 supplement, d-activated animal sterol [source of vitamin d3]), malted barley flour, iron oxide, casein, natural flavor (source of peanut butter flavor), sodium metabisulfite (dough conditioner), minerals (zinc sulfate, calcium carbonate, copper sulfate, ethylenediamine dihydriodide [source of iodine]), soy lecithin. (i cant believe i just typed all this! but my goodness was this a MAJOR eye opener!)

Calories per Biscuit - small/medium = 30
Fat per Biscuit - small/medium = 0.5 g

When we looked at the ingredients of the Terra Paws treats we found this:
Freeze dried chicken liver - under 6 calories per piece!
Freeze dried Beef Liver - approximately 9 calories per piece!
Freeze dried sweet potato - approximately 4.5 per piece!

The Sweet Potatoe's are Organic. The Chicken and Beef Liver are Kosher but not "certified" organic. Tera Paws wanted to provide the healthiest product while remaining affordable as most Freeze-Dried treats to be priced way too high.

i was a little concerned that while there were no additives in the process of creating the treat but what about hormones used in most meat products (g-d forbid me and my sisters start ingesting cow hormones or pestacides!) but in doing research, mommy found that the products are all raised by farms located here in the USA and are completely natural.

The Chicken and Sweet Potato are produced "for" human consumption so yes, they are completely "human grade" but because the liver is actually freeze-dried raw "to" human grade standards but since it's a raw organ meat it's not classified as "for" human consumption (so make sure that if your humans are reading this over you shoulder they don't go getting any crazy ideas). these are furkid treats and our humans have enough treats of their own that they don't share with us!

Our Cousin Abbie and her mommy Princess have two very different eating situations...

Abbie: eats EVERYTHING non-food related(wood, leaves, fabric, stuffies, grandma's kaiser card) but is INCREDIBLY picky about food and treatsPrincess: would LOVE to eat EVERYTHING but anything other than her doggy food will give her "the bad poop" for weeks!In fact, Princess had been battling a case of "the bad poop" for 4+ days because she had a milk-boneSo these treats came at the PERFECT time because Princess's poop just got good about 2-3 days ago and it was time to test her sensitive tummy out with Terra Paws and Abbie's super picky food/treat issue too!

Princess was a little hesitant (understandably) so i gave her some moral support and assured her that these treats would not upset her tummyand as for Abbie...the super picky eater of any kind of treat or food...well, I will let these next few photos speak for themselves:

The Introduction:The Results: (Note: you can see Princess and Abbie digging her nails into my mommy as they were BOTH trying to climb up mommy's leg to get closer to their next Terra Paws Treat!) (Notice the very happy wiggie buts)They even begged for more!in fact..Princess' evil outlook on cookies went from this (notice the horns):to THIS:she turned into a "Prinnie Bug" with red licorice antennas!!

Not to mention, Abbie who loves to eat anything that is NOT edible finally has an edible dogy treat that she LOVES and she is WILD about Terra PawsSo now that we are on the doggy diet, and now that we have these new super yummy treats that are WAY lower in calories and fat, all of us furkids were concerned that maybe this meant we wouldnt get to go to the bark park as often (you know, the whole less calorie intake, less exercise needed) but mommy and grandma assured us that this by no means meant that we would be going to the bark park any lessSo fellow furkids, if my mommy says that it is good enough for me and my fellow furkid family, its definitely worth discussing with your humans!For the month of June and July, if you go to the Terra Paws web site and enter the promo code BL20 you will receive a 20% discount on your entire order!

Tail Wiggles & Puppy Kisses,

Coco the Princess, Lady Godiva, Truffle, Princess (Mami Dog) & Abbie!