Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Power of the Paw brings Good Dogma to all!

Hello friends! You all sure pulled together for Power of the Paw for my recovery and it has been working wonders! I am going to give you some updates and then i have a very special offer for all of you.

I am healing well and have grown almost enough fur back to where you can barely see the incision site. I am playing and running, but I am still hesitant about jumping… actually; I refuses to jump on anything if mommy is at home. Instead, I will sit and stare at mommy and grunt at her until she picks me up. Mommy things its super cute when i grunt!

Truth be told, I'm REALLY enjoying this extra special attention (i even tasted a small niblet of Bacon for the first time!) Does this photo not look like a Princess that is happier than a pig in slop!?

Here is a photo of Coco Bean’s knee

Truffle has been a wild woman so she has made two trips to the bark park with he cousin's Abbie & Princess (Abbie is standing in the car seat with Truffle and Princess is sitting closest to the camera) and the Bark Park makes Truffle & Abbie REALLY tired which Mommy and Grandma really like because then Truffle & Abbie aren't bouncing off the walls!

Mommy decided that it was time for us to have more durable collars (Truffle chewed off Godiva's collar from Scruffy Dog Collars and it made mommy sad because she REALLY liked those collars). But, you know our mommy and nothing is ever good enough for us..that is, until she found this super special web site called "Small Dog Mall" and under the collars section for collars they had one called "A Perfect Little Dog Collar". Mommy thought why not and bought us all three of us a lavender collar.

Mommy was shocked when the package arrived just a few days later but she was blown away when she opened the box. Inside the box was the three collars wrapped in pretty tissue paper and a hand written thank you note. Also in the box was three cookies for me and my sisters and a small bag of jelly beans for mommy (how did they know jelly beans are mommy's favorite?)

Also in the box with our collars there was a card called "The GOOD DOG(ma) of KARMA" and it says:

"TODAY, somebody will do something nice for you. Maybe they will open the gate for you at the dog park. Maybe they will give you one of their extra poop bags. Or maybe they'll do something as simple and sweet as bending down to give your pup a pat on the head.

Whatever that nice thing is, return the favor by giving that anonymous animal lover a print out of our GOOD DOG(ma) card (pdf download below), proving that a little karma goes a long way."

Here is a photo me Me and Lady Godiva wearing our lavender collars: And just like the name of the name of the collars, they really are Perfect! Mommy was so thrilled with the collars and the packaging she called "Small Dog Mall" and left a message expressing her gratitude.

Never in a million years did my mommy think that she would get a phone call back but she did and the woman who called her back was named Robin. Turns out that Robin started Small Dog Mall to help those if us with small dogs find products that are perfect for us! because lets be honest it IS hard to find stuff fur us small dogs.

Well friends, you all have helped me, my sisters, and my mommy, get through some incredibly scary and sad times and we couldn't think of a better way of giving good Dogma back by sharing with you a very special discount to the Small Dog Mall that Robin so kindly offered to do for us to give to you!

Robin said that we can offer our readers a very special
15% off of any purchase! And she even came up with a very special coupon code: Coco Bean & Lady Godiva

Robin was even so kind as to post a photo of Lady Godiva and myself on the collars Page and listed us on her four pawed walk of fame!!
I would like to Welcome Robin and her fur-kid "Little Doug" to the Dogs With Blogs Community! You see, Doug was a rescue and shortly after Robin met Doug, he inspired her to start the Small Dog Mall!Let me tell you, Robin and Doug make quite the team because they have EVERYTHING for us small dogs! Check out this List:
So Friends, i would like to thank you for all your kind words, your prayers, and for pulling together and sending me healing vibes via Power of the Paw. Please accept this special discount that has been so kindly provided to us by another wonder fur-kid owner with amazing products for great prices! And don't forget to check out the Small Dog Mall, check out what they have, use the super pawsome promotion code that Robin has given to us or if you like, you can even peemail her and tell her how super she and Little Doug are!

Tail Wiggles & Puppy Kisses,

Coco The Princess