Thursday, July 30, 2009

Dryer Sheets...

Who else LOVES them as much as i do??? here is a video of my mommy trying to catch me and take my dryer sheet away...HA! catch me if you can...I'm the quickest Chihuahua around!

Also, a tthe end you will se me doing someof my tricks (sit, touch, high five, and beg) so that i can get another dryer sheet...but you will see me steel the first one back from my mommy and then it's back to a wild game of chase again!

The video startsoff kinda dark but mommy figured out to turn the light on. its also a little bouncy but you'll understand why when you see me running!

Now tell you like dryer sheets too?

Tail Wiggles & Puppy Kisses,

Coco The Princess

Coco's mommy here: just wanted to let you all know that this Saturday (8/1/09) is Coco's first birthday! She doesnt know it yet and implanning a suprise for her so stay tuned for Saturday's post and please make sure to keep it a suprise!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Wild Wednesday!

Hi everyone! It's me Coco The Princess and i hve taken back my blog for the day!

I want to thank all the new doggy's that have come and introduced themselves to me and my sisters. It is a pleasure meeting you and I cant wait to get to know you all. I will be stopping by your blogs today!

My day started out with a little laundry. Thisis one of my favorite things to do because steeling socks from the laundry while mommy is sperating it and making her chase me is SO much fun! Lady Godiva and Truffle are learning quickly from me and this often ends in a game of tug-of-war with those socks! Somehow, i got too excited and ended up in the laundry basket! I still dont know how this happened, but i have pictures to prove it!

"Hello??? Is anyone there???"
"I see you with the flashy box mommy... can i come out of the laundry basket now?"
After all of that hard work, it was time for our daily Wacky Wrasteling! Here is a video of me andmy sisters having fun! I'm sorry that the viedo is a little shakey...but its hard for my mommy to keep up with us when we bounce around so much!
Hope you enjoyed our video!
Tail Wiggles & Puppy Kisses,
Coco The Princess

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Smeone has a secrete nick name!

And I bet you all want to know who and what it is right!?

Well, I was browsing through some old posts and found that my dear litter mate Truffle told you about my secrete nickname "hippo". NOT COOL TRUFFLE! So i thought it was only fair to tell you about hers...

Actually, I'm going to do better than that...I'm going to back it up with some photos just like she did with me...but you cant tell her i told you.
On a brighter note, I finished judging the photos that were submitted for the Diva portion of the Funnest War Ever which is being hosted by Eduardo The Snuggle Puggle! I thought it would be fun to share these awesome photos with all of you. Some of the photos are linked to the blog that they are associated with, but there are a few dogs that i have yet to meet yet so i don't know how to find them. if you recognise any of these dogs who's pictures are not linked than please help me out so that i can introduce myself to them!

Here they are (in no particular order):

This is what i like to call the "Royal Diva". Abby oozes royalty in this picture perfect photo. If us Divas lived in castles this is what we would look like!

CloverThis Diva pose couldn't be done better by Miss Clover. This is the typical "Damn Paparazzi! what does a girl have to do to get some privacy around here!?"

Gooberstan demonstrates very well the "I'm cute and if i lay here no will be able to resist scratching my fuzzy belly" Very typical of a Diva to be able to just lay there and be able to make some human scratch his (or her) itch for them!

StellaThis is an unusual Diva pose...not one that i have ever seen before but i have heard of it. This is the "If your a diva and you know it make the cat clean your paws" action shot which has never been caught on film before! I do not personally know Stella but I have read about her on Mango's blog. From what i have read, she is the kind of dog that gets her way or it's the highway and this looks to be a perfect example! Now I have to ask Stella (if i ever get the chance to meet her) How on earth did you train the cat to clean your paws? Is this a part of your weekly pawdicure? If this the case, than i have GOT to convince my mom to get me and my sisters a cat!
This is the beautiful Suzuli demonstrating the "What the...get that flashy box thing out of my face" Demonstrated by Divas who don't like having their massage session disrupted by camera shots by the paparazzi and are beyond irritated by the lack of customer service from their parent(s). On behalf of Suzuki i would like to ask her mommy to please get her act in gear and get back to giving Suzuki her massage. And as a owe her an extra 30 minutes for free!

Now, if you will excuse me, i need to get going because Princess Coco says that i have hogged her blog for by far too long today and my Yoda of a sister is pouting because i'm ignoring her while i type this.

Lots of love to you all!

Lady Godiva

P.S. If you don't believe that Yoda is pouting, than take a look at this picture of her while she is in pout mode:
P.S.S. thanks to you my friends, i have been given the bloggy link to Clover and Abby's blog and their photos are now linked to their page

Sunday, July 19, 2009

My 100th Post!

Hello to all my friends... I want to say that i have had a wonderful time getting to know you over this past year! As you can tell from my heading, this is my 100th post and i cant think of a group of friends other than yourselves that i would rather share this with.

So here's a toast to my 100th post and the best group of friends a Chihuahua Princess could ever have!

Thank you for being such good friends,

Coco The Princess

P.S. These are two videos of our not-so-silent Sunday. Mommy said please excuse the new Trasformers movie blaring in the background and to also please excuse her horrible video taping skills. She said that it is hard to video tape us when we are wrastling on her lap.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Bath Time Crazies

I'm sorry i haven't been around to you blogs lately, but mommy's job was giving her the blue's...BIG TIME! But that bad company she worked for went byebye and now she's better again. This is for the most part a total plus. However this means i'm back to my regularly scheduled weekly bath's which is a total bummer!

This is what i act like after my mommy towel drys always cracks my mommy up!

Mom caught this picture while i was still in crazy mode:

Do you get Bath time crazies too?

Tail Wiggles & Puppy Kisses,

Coco The Princess

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

They Mystery Solved...

And the culprit revealed...Hi there Friends; it's me Coco The Princess! After almost one year, i think its time that i let my mommy have just one chance to blog for herself ( hope you don't mind). As you can see from yesterdays pictures something not so pleasant happened yesterday. So here she is...the person in charge of the oh so yummy Coco Cookies in my cookie jar (drum roll please)...My Mommy!

I had a horribly long day and had just finished cooking dinner. Coco is a VERY good girl and has learned to sit in her bed in the living room while my fiance and I eat at the dinner table. Truffle and Godiva on the other hand are not quite so well behaved yet so while we eat, i put the puppies in the kitchen (this is where their food, water, bed and weeble pad are).

As some of you might be aware, truffle has this annoying habit of shredding her weeble pad and playing with the floof cotton as if it were the best thing since cookies were invented. She knows that this is not allowed but finds any opportunity to do it when not enough bitter-apple is on the pad and no one is looking. Anyway, back to the story...

My finace went into the kitchen to get me something to drink and all of a sudden i heard the most horrible screams. I swear it sounded like someone was trying to rip out one of the puppies nails and it was as loud as a car alarm (about the same high pitch too)

When i went into the kitchen to see what was going on, there was my fiance standing about 4 feet from Truffle with the most horrified panic struck look on his face and there was truffle...

Are you ready for this...

She had nibbled a hole through the center of the pee pad and her head was completely in this hole surrounded by all the cotton floof that she loves to play with. However, when she saw my fiance, she knew that she was not supposed to be doing what she was doing and she panicked and couldn't get her head out of the hole. n Because I put the weeble pad in a frame (to help prevent her from destroying them, it held the pad pretty securely in place so every time she tried to lift her head up (instead of out of the hole she had dug) it pulled her head back down to the floor.

from her thrashing and screaming in panic, she caused herself some boo-boo's around her schnoozle on both sides and a bloody nose.

My fiance like many people was panic stricken by the screaming little car alarm that was half embedded in the weeble pad with little drops of blood around her face (he almost fainted).

I immediately dropped to my knees and pulled truffle out and held her close to me while she quivered, shook like a leaf and whimpered; talkedg softly to her andwas telling her that she was ok and that i loved her until she calmed down. Meanwhile, my fiance just stood by with eyes like saucers shaking ( he was just as scared as Truffle).

A ew times Truffle blew hard out of her nose like a forced sneeze and both times blood sprayed onto my hand, arm and shirt. I was so scared inside, I wanted to panic but i knew that i had to stay calm.

I gently cleaned her little muzzle and nose and noticed that it was swollen so i wrapped the ice pack in a paper towel and used it to reduce the swelling on the side of her nose. On the right side of her nose it was really swollen and on the left side there was a little scratch from her pawing at her face trying to escape the evil weeble pad that attacked her.

Here is a picture of the right side of Truffle's nose and muzzle that was swollen and really red:Here is a picture of the front of her schnoozle where you can also see the redness and swelling: I kept the girls separated for the rest of the evening and Truffle seemed to go back to her normal hyper puppy self after about an hour or two but i kept them separated anyway to avoid any further accidents or rough housing that could possibly result in more injury.

Today you wouldn't even notice that Truffle had a boo-boo on her schnoozle yesterday. Shes running, jumping and playing like normal. there is no more swelling and and everything looks great. Here are a couple of pictures i took about 5 minutes ago of her so that you all can see that she is doing better:I think Truffle learned her lesson about not chewing on her weeble pad that is in the frame... so today, instead of chewing on hers, she tore up coco's instead! Go just have to love them :)

I would like to thank all of you for your support. If i could hug and kiss each and every one of you i would. You are all such wonderful friends. Reading all of your blogs makes my heart happy.

Belly rubs & back scratches,

The Mommy

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Lets Play A Game Of...

Who done it, What happened and what were consequences!? Can you guess???

Are you ready for your first three clues?

The Weeble Pad


The Paper Towel (used after clue #1 was discovered and one of us was in mommy's arms)
The Ice Pack (wrapped in a different paper towel than the one shown above)
This time mommy and daddy know what happened because they came to my rescue...can you figure out what happened, who did it, and what my consequences were?

Love Always,


Thursday, July 2, 2009

We cant figure out what happened!?

My sisters and i were all playing with our stuffies and our mini tennis balls and running around and all of a sudden daddy saw blood on Truffles Neck!

He totally freaked out and called my mommy cause she can always figure out (and fix) EVERYTHING. And on top of that... blood totally freaks out daddy.

Anyway, it wasn't super bloody like daddy had implied but there was a little bit of blood. So mommy took Truffle to the bathroom and cleaned her boo-boo a little bit (it didn't require very much cleaning)

this is what Truffles neck looked like after mommy cleaned the area with warm water:
The wound is too wide to have been done with one of our claws while playing as well as too wide to have been done by one of our teeth but mommy still cant figure out how it happened.

As you can see from this photo, Truffle's neck and chest are practically bald so it isn't like she has very much protection for her delicate skin...but we are totally baffled as to what could have happened. mommy said that it looks like a rug-burn like what she used to get when she played on the carpet when she was a kid but the shape and location of Truffle's boo-boo make that impossible. Mommy suspects that when Truffle was running around and squeezing between a box and the sofa (its a tight fit) she rubbed her neck on the box trying to squeeze through.

this is another picture of Truffle after the wound happened. You can see it's odd positioning. Something odd has also happened to Truffle's tail...about one inch from the tip it has decided to the shape of the letter "L". her tail is totally normal right up to that point and then it makes a sharp left! It's totally weird!

What are your thoughts? Have any of you ever had mystery boo-boo's? Please share with my mommy cause she's ready to make us live in a bubble nothing can happen to us!

Thanks for your help...

Coco The Princess