Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Funnest War Ever!

Hi Friends! It me Lady Godiva!

Just reminding all of you that Your Honorable Judge Snuggle Puggle has chosen me to be one of his judges for the Funnest War Ever!!!

I will be Judging the Dava portion of the contest and i cant wait to see what to see the inner Diva in you! When submitting your photos please feel free to add a caption with you photo so that i know what it is that you were being a Diva about. Were you trying to get you way and someone wouldn't let you? Was your inner Diva/Cuteness just oozing and someone caught it on camera? Were you just simply being the King or Queen of your castle?

Please feel free to help me spread the word and use the HTML code on the side of my blog to post the Funnest War Ever button on your bloggie!

Everyones Favorite Chocolate Chihuahua,

Lady Godiva

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Lady Godiva's "GO DIVA FRIDAY"!

Hi there every fur-kid! Sorry I've been missing in action...my Princess of a sister Coco has not only been hogging her toys from Her Prince Dobby but she has totally been blog hogging too!

Not sure if Princess Coco told you or not, but my eyes have now fully developed and are fully functional. This means that i can play fetch and chase things and i dont run into furniture or walls anymore either! It's WAY cool!My litter mate/sister Truffle is now bigger than Coco is and i am still only 3 pounds. Its ok though cause mommy and daddy like me small. As you can see from my pictures i am starting to look more and more like a Chihuahua with a narrow muzzle but mommy and daddy still call me hippo. Not sure what hippo means, but they think I'm cute so its all good!Its back to normal around my home as far as blogging goes...I hope it stays this way! And that means that It's time for GO DIVA FRIDAY!This is my "Mommy please pick me up cause I'm a cute puppy" faceThis is my sister Truffle's "You want me to do what!? How about we forget the tricks and you just give me cookies!" Diva pose. (She is such a wort-hog! but don't tell her i told you that)This is Princess Coco's "I'm your favorite because I'm pitcher perfect " diva poseNotice that Truffle and i are in the back taking notes. We try to be like Coco but those are some big paw prints to fill. I have no idea how she got so good at being a princess!

If you would like to participate, please leave me a message letting me know that you have posted your Diva picture on your blog and Your Honorable Judge Snuggle Puggle and I will make sure to include you in the entries. Remember that the winner will get featured on next Fridays Posting! If you want to include a caption, please feel free to let me know on the blog posting with the picture. I will be accepting entries until Tuesday.
On another note, Eduardo The Snuggle Puggle has asked me to be a judge on his "Funnest War Ever" competition. He has asked me to judge the Most Diva Action Competition! When submitting your photos to Eduardo please be sure to tell him which competition you are entering and also feel free to include a caption of your photo with it!

I cant wait to see the inner DIVA in you!

Love Always,

Lady Godiva

Friday, June 19, 2009

Paw It Forward

OMD! My Prince Dobby sent me a Paw-It-Forward gift. It was wrapped in a beautiful red box and left on my porch by the mail-lady.

It smelt special...and mommy confirmed that it was a very special package so she put me and the package on the sofa and put my sisters in the kitchen so that i could open it without any distractions. When i opened it there was a special note from my Prince and a picture of him sitting perfect and pretty on his sofa.
Isn't he magnificent! Hes such a perfect little man!

The first thing that mommy helped me take out was two Chihuahua window decals. I had to check to see if the black decal smelled like Dobby :)The second thing mommy helped me open was a special gift that was mentioned in the letter. There were three hand made necklaces that were made especially for me!
There was a black pearl necklace:
And a gold pearl necklace:And a Pink necklace!There was yummy Coco-Cookies:I will definitely share these with Godiva & Truffle
There was a small net with two brightly colored squeeky toys!
And a Mouse chew toy/stuffie! OMD do I LOVE stuffies!This mouse stuffie/chew toy has funny wiskers that i liked to nibble on even though they made me make funny faces:
Thank you SO much Dobby! Did your mommy make these necklaces? They are so beautiful! I love them SO much!

I told my mommy that i wanted to send you kisses in the mail but we haven't figured out how to do that yet. This was my first idea...
yep, thats me licking the box... So, I'm calling on anyone and everyone who reads my blog...how do i send kisses in he mail to a VERY special Prince Dobby? Any ideas?

I haven't shared my new toys with my sisters yet. Mommy is letting me have them to myself for a little while since i share absolutely EVERYTHING else with them my mommy said that it is important for me to have things that are just mine.

Hmmm...I wonder who I'm going to paw-it-forward to next??? I think i have someone in mind...you all will just have to wait and see.

Tail Wiggles & Puppy Kisses,

Coco The Princess

NOTE from Mom: The bark collar that is on Godiva is pet friendly. It isn't one of those mean ones that electrocutes dogs, it only beeps in a frequency distracts the dogs when they start barking. Truffle and Godiva take turns depending on who's more ornery. I would NEVER hurt an animal in any way. (Please don't judge)

Monday, June 15, 2009

So Much To Share!

Hi there! Its me Coco The Princess! I'm taking over my blog today so that i can fill you all in on whats been happening and whats new!

First things first...My little sister Lady Godiva has been asked by Eduardo The Snuggle Puggle to be a judge for his contest! Eduardo is hosting the coolest contest ever! It is called "The Funnest War Ever" and holly DOG is it going to be fun! He is accepting applicants for the following categories:

Here is the line up for the funnest war EVER:
  1. Most Meditative Pose Competition,
  2. Most Dufus Look Competition,
  3. Most Diva Action Competition
  4. Best Paw Position Competition
My little sister Lady Godiva will be hosing the Most Diva Action Competition! This is going to be SO much FUN!

Here is a photo of Godiva that was taken this weekend. This is her usual "mommy rub my belly pose" and EVERYONE falls for it!
Then once you start rubbing her belly...She plays bitey hand!On Saturday my auntie Gizelle's little sister had a graduation party for graduating high school with honors (Auntie Gizelle's party is this Friday) Since my little sisters had not been exposed to other dogs before, or large crowds because they had not had all their puppy shots yet they were a little wierded out by my good friends Jazmine and Juicy Princess.

Here is a picture of Godiva and Truffle practically begging for my mommy to pick them up and put them on Auntie's bed with her:
After a while the puppy's settled down and they all got along just fine.Truffle was a TOTAL scardey-cat!

I of course didn't mind all the attention...but when it got late and i got tired, i found a nice comfy place to snuggle up in my Auntie Gizelle's closetOn my last post i was asked to see a photo of the "Giant Small Parrot" named Poquito so here is are a couple of pictures of her:
That is my mommy's hand in the last picture. Poquito is a big bird and she only lets my mommy touch her. if anyone else gets near her or her cage she screams REALLY loud and tries to attack! My mommy is Poquito's 13th owner. every owner before my mommy was really mean to her. She is missing the tip of one of her toes because some mean owner person was so mean to Poquito they hurt her. but for some reason when my mommy walked into the room where Poquito was loving (at her foster home) she flew to my mommy's shoulder said "Poquito" in a loud voice and started playing with my mommy's hair! Before that day, Poquito had never been nice to anyone and had never let anyone touch her...until she met my mommy that is!

This is a picture of Poquito and Hamlet our other parrot
Hamlet is a very beautiful little bird who my mommy also rescued. Mommy says that he has a "bad birdy attitude" because he only lets you hold him when HE wants to be held and he only likes head scratches. You know when you are allowed to take him out of his cage because he says "goochie-goochie-goo" and then he fluffs out his head feathers and puts his head down. Oh yea, and he LOVES taking showers!

Here is a recent picture of me and my sisters...As you have noticed...the puppy's have gotten much bigger in the month that we have had them. Can any of you guess how much they weigh? Ill give you a size comparison...i weigh exactly 4 pounds...

Godiva still looks like a hippo but is starting to look more like a Chihuahua. right now she is in a really awkward phase and looks like she's part Chihuahua and part Hippo...here is a better picture so you can see what I'm talking about
And as for Truffle...well, she has a new nickname..."destruct-o-dog"
Yea she's cute...but she has this horrible habit of digging up and shredding her wee-wee pad after she uses it and then dances in her poobles! So when mommy & daddy get home from work there is weeble soaked cotton all over the kitchen and poobles smeared across the floor! How gross is that! i cant stand being dirty and she dances through it! Totally not Chihuahua like!

As for me, I still spend plenty of time being mommy's princess while sitting on her lap

Thats all for now friends! I promise to stop by all of your blogs soon!

Tail Wiggles & Puppy Kisses,

Coco The Princess

Sunday, June 7, 2009

So Much To Share

I would like to first apologize for not blogging or keeping up with your blogs. A lot has gone on lately and mommy had to attend to the family. But so much has happened and i must share it all with you! First, I received a package in the mail from Tibby! I had played a game in which I had to count how many butterfly's were in a picture and I won! The Package came addressed to me and my sisters. Since they have never received anything in the mail before, i let them take the lead and I watched while they went wild over the package! Here are the pictures: Tibby sent us wonderful gifts that were the perfect size for us! We got a little fuzzy lamb and a little fuzzy piggy and SUPER yummy treats that are grain free!My sisters unlike myself are totally uncivilized and couldn't keep their fuzzy fingers off of those treats while i sat back and played with the fuzzies that Tibby sent.There was this really cue card that came with the package. Mommy totally went gaga over itTibby, where did you ever find such perfect cards? Here I am posing with all the goodies that Tibby sent me and my sisters This is a video that my mommy took of my sisters going totally crazy over this package of treats. Please excuse the parrot in the background screaming her name "Poquito"which means small but let me tell you that parrot is anything but small...for crying out loud, shes bigger than me! I have been given a couple of awards from some good friends! The Country Corgis gave me the "Top 10 Blogs That Make My Heart Smile"
The rules for this award are~~~
1) The winner may put the logo on their blog
2) Put a link to the person who sent you the award
3) Nominate 10 blogs
4) Leave a message for your nominees for: Top Ten Blogs That Make Me Smile

Honestly, it would be impossible to choose just 10 blogs that make me smile so I am going to have to share this award to all my friends that are on my friends list. So please friends, if you don't already have this award please take this award and post it proudly on your blog because you all make my heart smile.

My next award:

My sisters and I have been nominated by the the TN Bull Terrors (AKA Kids In Dog Suits) to post the OWAS button. Here is the story behind this button:

OPERATION WHACK-A-SQUIRRELAccording to Darla Jean: "We have GOT to rid our yards & our trees & our neighborhoods of these rotten little tree rats! They are wreaking havoc all over doggie bloggie land! First we found, they will do anything to get to the bird feeders in your yard! We mean anything."

Now, i dont know much about squirrels since my sisters and I don't go outside unless it is for a ride inthe car, but my mommy used to have a pet squirrel named "mookoosh" (It is spelled wrong but means squirrel in Hungarian). So I don't know how bad they are, but I definitely know of some doggies on here that HATE squirres...So, Big Pupi & Stanislaw, I wold like to pass this OWAS button on to you to aide you in your quest to hunt tree-lobsters!

Now, you will have to excuse me while i tend to my two little sisters that got another set of shots today and aren't feeling well. I promise to catch up with your blogs later tonight and tomorrow.

Tail Wiggles & Puppy Kisses,

Coco The Princess