Sunday, December 18, 2011


Thanks to all of you, i got 51 comments on my post about the HPP! you all helped me raise $25.50!!!

What makes me the happiest this holiday season is that i can sincerely say that you all are wonderful friends. Thank you for finding it in your hearts to help the HPP Family.

Please keep in mind that the donation box on the top right side of my bloggy will remain open until February 15th so continue to help me spread the word!

Tail Wiggles & Puppy Kisses,

Coco The Princess

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Heartbreak in Houston

I just read about some horrific news on Mr. Pip's bloggy about our beloved Houston Pittie Pack suffered an unimaginable tragedy last night ...a fire took their home and the lives of five of their beloved dogs, including our beautiful blogville miracle, Shelby.

My heart stopped and my stomach sank.
we have all followed precious Shelby's story from the painful beginning. We prayed for her and cheered her on as she beat the odds that were set against her and SURVIVED. There really are no words to describe how deeply saddened we are at this horrific event.

Tomorrow's Grand Finale of Mr. Pip's Couch Occupation will be dedicated to Guero, Coco Chanel, Tiger, Lucky, and Shelby. This is no longer about couches, but about supporting and standing with our friends.

Along side with Mr. Pip, tomorrow i will be hosting a comment-a-thon and f
or every comment left on tomorrow's post, I too (just like Mr. Pip) will donate .50 to the Houston Pittie Pack Family. So please, comment away!

if you would like to donate directly to The Houston Pitty-Pack fire recovery, you can do so directly via the ChipIn Widget located at the top right of my bloggy will send your donations directly to The Houston Pitty-Packs mommy to help with any immediate expenses she may incur. Remember that there is no such thing as a donation too small...every penny helps

I had turned the comments section off on this post yesterday as we took the day in silence and kept The Pitty-Pack family in our hearts and prayers as we will continue to do.

i have opened the comments section of this post so please comment away.

Puppy Kisses and Prayers for our friends

Coco The Princess, Lady Godiva, Truffle & The Mommy too

Thursday, December 15, 2011

We Got An Award and we have to share it with you!

Nola a super cute little Dachshund gave me and my sisters an Award! WE have not had an award in so long this is super exciting! And were even more excited to share it with you all! Ok...heres the Award...

Liebster Award
These are the rules for the Liebster Award:
1. Thank the giver and link back to them.
2. Reveal your top five picks {with less than 200 followers} and let them know by leaving a comment on their blog.
~> OMD this is going to be WAY too tough to chose just five...
3. Copy and paste the award on your blog.
~> Done!
4. Hope that the people you’ve sent the award to forward it to their five favorite up-and-coming bloggers and keep it going!
~> I'm still stuck on only being able to pick five...well see how this goes...I hold
so many of you close to my heart i might have to share it with you all...

Ok, ok, ok... Here it goes...and here's what I'm going to do...I am going to pick my top five followers AND every furkid who visits my bloggy is welcome to help themselves to the badge as well. ( i wish i could give the badge back to Nola because she is definitely a loyal follower!)

Tessa the Maltese - Tessa and her mommy
my family and i hold VERY close and dear to our hearts. Tessa's mommy once told us that she followed our bloggy before she even had Tessa and it was our bloggy that inspired her to start Tessa's blog when she first got Tessa!

Baby Rocket Dog & Hootie -
Now, these two are new to my bloggy but they have definitely kept me entertained since meeting them when they entered our Awkward family photo contest. they look so alike my sisters and i cannot tell which one is Hootie and which is Rocket Dog but were sure that if we ever got a chance to meet them in person we could figure it out.

Lilibell & Chewy-
did you know that Lilibell's mommy is a top notch doggy clothing designer!? she makes the most beautiful dresses! Lilibell has a super cute little hop-skip-jump-wiggle to her walk just like me (Coco Bean) and her brother Chewy looks exactly like my sister Truffle!

Lola & Tucker (live together but have separate bloggs) - These are two cool furkids! Lola is a Pug Tucker is a Chihuahua like me and my sisters! Lola & Tucker's mommy is also very talented and not only makes beautiful snow globes but also takes special requests!!

Stewey -
this spunky Pembroke Welsh Corgi is always well dressed! major kudos for that!

Again, i have to share this with not only the furkids listed above, but with ALL my followers!

Tail Wiggles & Puppy Kisses,

Coco The Princess

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Operation "Occupy your Couch"

I'm a big supporter of Mr. Pip and wanted to spread the word that all of us fur-kids need to Linkoccupy our couches until Mr. Pip gets either a new couch or his old couch back!

Here is a photo of me occupying my couch:

Tail Wiggles & Puppy Kisses,

Coco The Princess

Thursday, December 8, 2011

tried to help mommy wrap presents.....

and this is what happens. Darn my dew claws for not functioning like my mommy's thumbs!Wile i was helping mommy with the ribbon...Truffie was trying on her holiday outfits...

Elf Truffie
Reindeer Truffie
Mommy decided that we would wear our special occasion winter clothes for the holidays this year...which meant that Truffie doesn't get to look goofy which i'm sure she'll be ok withAlthough, I'm sure Truffie will find a way to wear her Reindeer antlers with her nice dress shirt and she'll probably tell mommy it'll keep her head worm. Darn her for having such good excuses to be such a goofball!

I guess i cant be mad at her for it though...after all, i am the QUEEN of excuses as to why i need to look like a Princess and be decked out in my best outfits and jewelry/collars any time there is company or we go out.

Tail Wiggles & Puppy Kisses,

Coco The Princess

Thursday, December 1, 2011

My First Trip to the Beach!

Daddy came over SUPER early in the morning (5:15am) and woke me and mommy up and told us that we were going to go to the beach to watch the sun rise. Now...i had no idea what a beach was or what it meant to watch the sun rise, but i know what "ride in the car" means and i was super excited! Here are the photos of my first trip to the beach!

First, we walked...well, i didn't walk...mommy walked while i hitched a ride in her jacket.there were so many new sounds...waves softly crashing on the sand, birds chirping and singing...even a hawk kept flying by making hawk noises. mommy wouldn't put me down because daddy said that the hawk probably thought i was food!

When we got to another section of the beach, this is the beautiful sight we got to see...And then the sun started to come out from behind the mountains...I met a red bone coon hound who was super friendly and sweet like my cousin Abbie and was very gentle with me. mommy said that he felt like velvet. since the other dogs at the beach were on leashes and all seemed very friendly (and the hawk was not around anymore) mommy decided to let me experience sand for the first time...Mommy thought that when i felt sand under my feet for the first time i might get a little weirded-out (like when i walked on grass for the first time) but i didn't. instead i let my schnoozle to the leading for me! my schnoozle went right for the sand and i kept following all the smells - boy-oh-boy were there TONS of smells and it was SO much fun! i even managed to get sand on the top of my head! (mommy has no idea how i managed this). i found a shell and licked it...take my word for it when i tell you it smells better than it tastes.

after about 20 minutes, mommy saw something right when she took this you see what my mommy saw??? I started limping and favoring my left hind leg...the one i had knee surgery on back in March. So mommy put me back in her jacket. I was ok with it because it was a long way back to the car and mommy's knees are much better than mine and hanging out in her jacket was the best seat in the house! (Note from mom: tried to upload the pix of Coco Bean in my jacket but they were coming out upside down when blogger uploaded them).

by the time we got back to the car, i was super tired...(the photos are coming out upside down again so until i have a fix for this, you'll have to imagine Coco Bean fast asleep on my lap).

then we went to down town Half Moon Bay and had brunch at a fur-kid friendly cafe. by the time i got home i didn't want anything to do with my sisters because i was so tired! This is my "leave me alone or I'm going to yip at you!" facei curled up with mommy and went back to sleep...I didn't want to cuddle with anyone but my mommy so instead of upsetting me, Truffle curled up close by to me instead...
I hope you enjoyed reading about my first trip to the beach and looking at my photos!

Tail Wiggles & Puppy Kisses,

Coco The Princess

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Coco Bean Nose: Eukanuba Chihuahua Formula

Hello fur-friends!

I was asked for my sisters and i to try out a new Chihuahua specific dog food by Eukanuba. Here's what happened...

At first my sisters and i were very interested in the bag that mommy brought inside (the nice people at Eukanuba were kind enough to send us two bags for the 28 day challenge) Lady Godiva was more interested in sticking her head in the bag than trying what mommy had put in the bowl. but after all, the sneaky little meatball IS known for being able to stick her head in peoples pockets without them realizing it so that she can steal gum!Truffle on the other hand had no problems trying to dive right into the bowlI on the other hand (as you can see) didn't want anything to do with it. Mommy even tried to hand feed me one kibble at a time which mommy KNOWS i am a total sucker for and i still wouldnt have anything to do with this new food.
Now, before you get the impression that i am a picky Princess, let me assure you that i am not...for some reason i really just wasn't interested in this food for some reason. But mommy knows that if i don't want to try a new food, she wont try for force it on me; she just takes my word for it. If only i was able to convince her of this when it comes to medicine.

Truffle and Godiva couldn't get enough of this food on the other hand. as you can see from this photo, they were totally begging for mommy to just hand over the bowl!
Because it is not good to just switch foods on us doggies, what mommy did was she measured out a 1/4 of a cup of this new Eukanuba Chihuahua food and took small hand fulls and tossed them on the floor so that Truffle, Godiva and I would go hunt for it...
it is a game that my sisters and i LOVE to play, but as you can see from the last picture...only 2/3 of that plan don't see my furry little butt hunting in that pic! and do you know why... yep, you guessed it. it's because i kept my furry little princess butt planted on the sofa!
My little wart-hog sisters on the other hand were begging for more! As you can see...there goes Godiva trying to stick her head back in the bag!
Mommy decided that a 1/4 of a cup between us was enough for introductions and she didn't want to upset our tummies so she put the bag away and fed us our normal dinner shortly after (which for the record, i gobbled up)

The next morning was the true know...when we do our morning poobles and weebles. This my friends was then the REAL testing of the food takes place...and here's the result:

Coco Bean Poobles: perfect (but i didnt eat any of the Eukanuba
Truffle Poobles: too moist and didnt have the firmness it should have had. didn't pick up easy
Lady Godiva Poobles: Better than Truffles but not as good as mine

Aditionally, Truffle and Godiva were prone to gasious eruptions all night! Truffle's butt even squeaked!

The packaging is esthetically pleasing and the size of the kibble is perfect for our tiny mouths. As for the smell; it isnt as offensive as some of the other dog food on the market.

Mommy really wanted to stick to the 28 day challenge with all three of us, but was only able to continue it with Godiva who desperately needs to lose weight.

Truffle and i are back on our special dog food. Godiva really seems to like the Eukanuba but her poop hasn't firmed up so mommy is thinking that we wont make it the full 28 days.

And that my fur-friends is a Coco Bean Nose Review on the new Eukanuba Chihuahua Formula Dog food.

Tail Wiggles & Puppy Kisses,

Coco The Princess

Friday, November 18, 2011

A New Friend in Bloggy Land!

Hi there friends!

i wanted to introduce you to a new furkid here in bloggy land named Nola. Nola is a super cute Dachshund with LOTS of personality just like us that lives here in the United States.

Here are a couple photos of our new fur-friend Nola!i think Nola was hunting tree-lobsters (AKA Squirrel) in this last pic!

So head on over to Nola's Bloggy by clicking on either of these two photos or on her name to be re-directed to her bloggy!

Nibbles & Licks,

Truffle (AKA Truffie Monster)

Caught in the act!

Mommy keeps our doggy food in a large container in the kitchen. The other day, it was dinner time and Truffle wasn't waiting in her crate like she usually is and when mommy was calling Truffie she wasn't responding...then we heard a ruckus in the this is what we found...
Somehow, Truffie-Monster managed to jump up into the food container! i guess the temptation of the entire container was much more appealing than her bowl with measures scoop of food in it. This was just too cute of a scene for mommy to be upset at Truffie for doing what she KNOWS is a major no-no.

CONTEST UPDATE: Mommy has emailed the publisher your photo submissions but he is on vacation until the 28th of November. so i am going to be posting the photo submissions here on my next post (this weekend) so that you all can vote too!

Tail Wiggles & Puppy Kisses,

Coco The Princess

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

Sadly, Truffle was not as excited about her new pajamas as mommy was...But she just looked too darn cute not to share this. For those of you who have asked, mommy purchased her Pajamas at Target for $7.99
And here is a photo of me wearing my mommy's favorite hat:And here is a photo of Lady Godiva all cuddled up. And before you ask, yes she throws this look around ALL THE TIME! and the worst part is that EVERYONE falls for it! Mommy is always telling her "Stop being so cute; Its distracting"
If you have not already heard, we are hosting a contest! Don't forget to check it our and submit a photo (or two). our peemail address can be found on our profile :)

Tail Wiggles & Puppy Kisses,

Coco The Princess

Friday, November 4, 2011

Had a serious talk with mom...

I was on my way with my mommy to Grandma's house to play with Cousin Abbie and Auntie Princess (AKA Prinnie-Bug)And i told mom that Truffle (AKA Truffie or Monster) and Lady Godiva (AKA Peanut or Meatball) REALLY needed to start making appearances on my bloggy! after all, they ARE my sisters and i DO share my house with them...right??? Mommy said "oh, ok Coco Bean, well see" and then i gave her my "i'm serious mommy" face.And as you are about to see, What Coco Bean wants, Coco Bean gets! Here are some super cute photos of Truffie who happened to be looking particularly cute (and well behaved)last night. So for today, I'm going to turn my bloggy over to Truffie!Hello furends! WOW ow WOW do i feel special that my big sister Coco Bean is sharing her bloggy with me for the day! I have lots I would love to tell you about but what i feel is most important is how mommy has managed to get me diagnosed with doggy ADHD. so now every evening mommy gives me what she calls "doggy Prozac" and it is super yummy and she gives it to me in this squirtey thing but i wish the squirtey thing would give me more cause it tastes so good that my sister Godiva tries to lick it as mommy is giving it to me!
Most importantly, ever since putting me on Doggy Prozac, i have not had a single potty accident and i manage to keep my butt over the pee-pad the ENTIRE time i am going potty which makes mommy VERY happy! I have even shown mommy that i know tricks like sit, stay (for about 5-10 seconds but then i bark), bed, doggy jail (crate), and my personal favorite command "go play" and that command means that me and my sister and Coco Bean get to bark and jump and run around like wild beasts for a few seconds! As you can see, i am even allowed up on the bed because i don't go potty up on mommy's bed anymore! the vet said that i wasn't stupid it was just that i couldn't focus (hmm, like mother like daughter?)Mommy is even looking to start taking me to doggy agility because she says that it will be good for my confidence and her waste line that she says needs to shrink. now, personally, i don't understand what my confidence and her waste line have to do with one another, but if it means more play /running time with mommy than I'm all for it! Mommy says that I'm going to be the best agility Chihuahua because i LOVE to run and i can jump higher than any Chihuahua that mommy has ever seen. Mommy knows this for sure because the top of her mattress is is 3.25 feet from the floor and i can jump on it without needing a running start OR touching the side of the bed with my nails. Not bad for a 7 1/2 pound chihuahua huh!? Mommy has found agility places, but these people want to train and work with me for mommy and that's not what mommy wants, mommy wants to train WITH me which i think is totally cool!

Anyway, i sure am glad i got to chat with you all and i hope that you are all going to send in a photo or two for the contest my sister is hosting! If you are not familiar with the contest i am referring to, please see the post below.

Frantic Nibbles & Licks,

Truffie Monster!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Coco Bean Nose: “Awkward Family Pet Photos” Book Review and CONTEST!

This has got to be the most fun book review I have ever done! The title of the book says it all and I promise you won’t be disappointed if you go out and get this book. My sisters and I cuddled with mommy as we looked at each photo and read each caption.

Awkward Family Pet Photos is the perfect size for any coffee table as it doesn’t take up too much or too little room! Measuring in at a whopping 7”x8.5”; this half inch thick book is filled with oober cuteness and laughter page after page that you could never get sick of looking at!

Here are a few of our favorites just to give you an idea of what kind of cuteness is in here:

“Bennie, we are sure, grows thumbs when we leave him. He has separation anxiety and he hates being left alone so he managed to push open a window on the second floor and scale up to the peak of the third floor. He was looking for his “people!”

The Assistant

Cookie Monster

Embrace Me 2

"That’ll do, human."

It really is way too hard to just pick a few but I'm sure you get the point!

Ok, so now for the contest…My sisters and I have teamed up with new friend at the Crown Publishing Group, Inc. in New York and we would like to send a brand new copy of this book directly to you directly from the Publishers to the furkid or human who sends us the best Awkward Family Pet Photo of them and their family!

We love our humans and we know that they love us unconditionally, but let’s be honest… sometimes they take pretty silly photos of us. So why not surprise them with a beautiful coffee table book full of funny photos of other humans and their furkids!?

Here are the rules:

1. PeeMail me your Awkward family Pet Photo no later than November 15th, 2011 (we want to make sure you have enough time to wrap it for your human)

2. 2. The Awkward Family Pet Photo must be of you (or those of your litter) and your Human or human relative.

3. 3. Photos of furkids other than yourself will not be entered into the contest as I have no way of authenticating if they are REALLY your relatives

And just to be a good sport about awkward family photos, I would like to post one of my mommy and my cousin Abbie which looks like a totally cute photo until you hear the story behind it… Abbie LOVES giving kisses and mommy is always more than happy to oblige. After taking this photo, Grandma told mommy that just before she arrived, Abbie found a dead and fairly squished squirrel under a parked car and carried it through her entire 1.25 mile walk because Grandma couldn’t get it out of Abbies mouth! Yea, the awkward moment when you find out that you just kissed a dog on the lips that had been carrying a dead squirrel for 1.25 miles! GROSS!

Can’t wait to see your Awkward Family Photos!

Tail Wiggles & Puppy Kisses,

Coco Bean The Princess

P.S. PLEEEAAAAAAASE don't tell my mommy i told you about the dead squirrel!!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

10 years ago today...

...WAY before my sisters and i were a twinkle in our pawrents eyes yet, our Grandpa was running through the house screaming "WERE UNDER ATTACK! GRAB THE DOGS!" and the first thing he did was grab the two dogs that he and grandma used to have.

You see, Today is our Grandpa's Birthday..yea... September 11th. A lot of people say to my mommy what a horrible day to have a birthday because so many lives were lost, and while this is true, and horrible that so many lives were lost, let us not forget that a LOT of incredibly brave humans and dogs saved hundreds of lives on this very day too.

Let us never forget, and let us ALWAYS stand united!

Tail Wiggles & Puppy Kisses,

Coco The Princess

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

OMD...A Wedding!?

Hello Fellow FurKids!

Sorry it has been so long since my last post, but mommy has been recovering from extensive reconstructive surgery on her shoulder.

On Sunday morning, i was woken out of my deep slumber with my mokoosh (squirrel in Hungarian)... by mommy squealing my name...i was pretty shooken up by her hysteria of excitement hoping i wasn't in for another bath...when mommy told me that my uncle Chris and Mommys friend Galen were getting married and Uncle Chris and Galen want me to be the ring bearer in their wedding which is being held at the historic Ralston Rall Mansion! i had to ask what a ring bearer was and found out that i get to hold the rings of the bride and groom as i walk down the isle! HOLLY POOBLES THIS IS HUGE!!!!

OMD what am i going to wear!? i have to wear a dress of course, and it has to be fit for a princess...the colors of the wedding are Tiffany's blue, black and white. mommy explained that only the bride can wear white and mommy is going to be a brides made and gets to wear a beautiful blue dress...i am hoping my dress will match mommy's.

Mommy has been put in charge of making the jewelry for the bride, making the reception shoes of the bride sparkle, and of course mommy promised me that she would add sparkle to my dress too, and i get to get a pawdicure with sparkle pawlish...After all, Sparkle is our favorite color!

This is all just so exciting! i cant wait to start posting updates and photos about all the things mommy makes for the wedding! All this excitement and nervousness has worn me out so I'm going to go back to my nap with my mokoosh...

Wish me luck with finding the right dress maker for my outfit! If you know of anyone, let me know! :) Have anyof you been in a wedding!? i'm starting to freak out not knowing what to expect so I welcome any and all advise too!

Tail Wiggles & Puppy Kisses,

Coco The Princess