Wednesday, December 31, 2008

My Home Was Under Attack!

Mommy is on the poop-list for taking so long to update my blog!

I first would like to thank everyone for all the Christmas cards and e-cards. My mommy has been so busy with stupid statistics homework that she has not had a chance to get to your blogs yet, but I had a blast smelling each and every one of the cards as mommy handed them to me so that I could become more familiar with all of your doggy smells. So, thank you everyone for making my first Christmas one that I will never forget!

Now, on to more current things:

While I was helping mommy with her homework about a week ago, I saw these things outside…they were smaller than me and there were hundreds of them! They would run and stop run and stop. Whatever they were, they were all different colors and shapes; and they kept playing running and stopping running and stopping. I had to alert my mommy…maybe we were under attack and my oh so special human was not aware that we were at war in our own yard! So I started whining and jumping around in her lap and pawing at the window and growling. After all, someone had to show these intruders who was boss and I was just the Chihuahua to do that! Mommy put my leash on me and we went outside to defend my battlefield!

Of course as soon as I got outside all of the intruders stood perfectly still but I still mumbled and grumbled to make sure that they understood that I was in charge. Then all of a sudden they all started running around again! And this time I could hear them making noise. It was a scraping sound unlike on I had ever heard before. But what were they saying? I couldn’t understand so I looked at my leash keeper (AKA Mommy) and grunted hoping that she would be able to translate but my oh so special human was useless..all she would say is “what is that Coco”.

What were these things that came by the hundreds and moved about so unpredictably with no legs and spoke a language I have never heard before… and why was my entire home under attack!?

Then it happened. It was taken to another level…I was actually assaulted by one of these…these…THESE THINGS! It was one of the big ones; it must have been the leader. It was almost as big as me and it attached itself to my sweater! I jumped, then froze in place and tried to bite it off but it must have done this before because it attached itself to a part of my sweater that I could not reach! I became powerless. My little princess feet glued to the ground. We were at war and I was losing!

I looked at my leash keeper (AKA Mommy) for help and too much of my surprise she was laughing! Can you believe that? I was being attacked and all she could do was laugh at me! So I growled DARN YOU HUMAN! GET THIS THING OFF OF ME!

Finally, the leash keeper obeyed me and pried that thing from my sweater and handed it to me. I bit that thing and thrashed at it fell apart into many tiny little pieces. The leash keeper just kept laughing and told me that I was fine. How could she say that? I was attacked and SHE is telling me that I am fine! Mommy decided that I had enough fun at war defending my home so she took me inside where we went back to the computer to do more homework.

I stayed watch on the back of my mommy’s chair growling at those things outside that mommy is now calling leaves. I don’t care what she calls them; this is war! And I will continue to sit at the window and warn those leaves when they come too close to my home that this castle already has a princess and they will not be taking over anytime soon.

My fellow bloggers: Warn your humans about these things called leaves. When you find them while out on your walkies, stomp on them! (The crunchy ones are my favorite!)

Standing Guard,

Coco - The Princess Warrier

Monday, December 22, 2008

Mondays & a Hoodie

As you all know it has gotten significantly colder and colder as each day passes. Although i am not fortunate enought to romp in the snow like some of you, it still gets pretty cold here in California. I am lucky that mommy and daddy are not stingy with the heat and always try to make sure that the house is kept at around 75 - 80 degrees, but sometimes my ears still get cold, and that is when mommy and daddy know to crank up the heat (untill my ears warm up).

Here is a photo of me laying down in my new favorite spot in the house (now that Mr. Sun Beam is gone). I would like for everyone to meet "Mr. Heater"!

Even though Mr. Heater keeps me warm, mom still worries about me staying warm during the 3 hours that i am left alone while mommy & daddy work so mommy contacted my personal designer Sherri and asked Sherri to make me a sweater with a hood on it. Mommy referrs to it as a "hoodie". Now, i know what your thinking... a hood to keep my ears warm sounds like a great idea; right? Yea, well thats what i thought too. take a look at my photo shoot and let me know if you still think i look cute with my fat little head stuffed into a hoodie

Today my hoodie arrived and of course my mommy couldnt wait to put it on me. Here are the photos of my hoodie photo shoot:

Not so bad right??? Cute...kinda festive with the white glittery fur trim:
Here is what the sweater looks like when i wear the hood part:
Does this look say it all!?

Here is one of the outakes from this photo shoot. Mommy says that i look like a crazy lizard...what do you think?Was yoru Monday as embarrasing as mine? Someone please tell me that I am not the only Chihuahua whos parents do this to them. Are there any other dogs out there that share this embarrasement?
Contemplating this "hoodie" thing,

Coco - The Princess

Monday, December 15, 2008


My mommy was emailed this by one of her work friends. She thought it was the cutest thing she had ever seen (duh mom, they are chihuahua's...what did you expedct!). But anyway, mommy and i decided that we absolutley HAD to share this will all of our blogging buddies.

It's a romantic full moon, when Pedro said, "Hey, mamacita, let's do Weeweechu."

"Oh no, not now, let's look at the moon!" said Rosita.

"Oh, c'mon baby, let's you and I do Weeweechu. I love you and it's the perfect time," Pedro begged."

"But I wanna just hold your paw and watch the moon." replied Rosita.

"Please, corazoncito, just once, do Weeweechu with me." Pedro Said

Rosita looked at Pedro and said, "OK, one time, we'll do Weeweechu."

Pedro grabbed his guitar and they both sang.....

"Weeweechu a Merry Christmas,
Weeweechu a Merry Christmas,
Weeweechu a Merry Christmas,
and a Happy New Year."


And may GOD Bless you all
Mommy and i hope you liked this as much as we did!
Butt Wiggles & Puppy Kisses,
Coco - The Princess

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Support The Texas Sun Dogs!

So here are mommy's favorite photos fromover the past couple of days.

On Fiday Mommy, Daddy & I went to the pet store to buy bird food. Here is a photo of going for a ride in mommy's car

Now,k why mom insists on waking me up for photos is beyond me, but here are photos of me falling asleep in mommy & daddy's BIG bed on Friday night:

Here is a photo of me on Sunday morning. It was REALLY freaking cold, so Mommy had me bundled up on the sofa under my favorite fuzzy blanket:Although these photos are not my best, mom insisted on putting them on here because she says that my peanut butter face is just the cutest (thanks mom! Gosh this is totally embarrasing!):
These photos were taken on Monday morning after mommy got upfor work and finished making the bed. Mom is cool about it though cause she always lets me hang out on the bed while she makes it and while she gets gets ready. Mommy wants me to tell all of you that as big as her bid looks, it is not one of thos HUGE King size beds, I'm really just that small. Here is the photo that mom took when she told me that it was time for her to leave and that i had to go into the kitchen. Can you tell by the look on my face that i wasnt thrilled. Yesterday, my friends Sunny & Scooters Mommy posted a beautiful story/poem about dogs and supporting our troops which she feels strongly about. It really was beautiful and moving. It brought my mommy to tears (in a good way of course). However, a not so nice person posted something in response to her blog posting that really upset Sunny & Scooter's mommy, and it really wasn’t nice. We are a community who loves, and supports each other. So, to the mean person who upset My friends mommy, I have something to say… If you didnt like what you read, than you shouldnt have kept reading it. Scooter and Sunny, i would like for you to take this last photo of me and post it on you page so that the mean person can see that I support you!
Lets come together and support our good friends Sunny, Scooter, and their Mommy!

Show your support for The Texas Sun Dogs too and post this photo on your blog! And dont forget to stop by their page and show some love too!

Believing in true freindship,

Coco - The Princess

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

M.I.A. (mommy will post new photos later)

I’m sorry I have not been blogging lately. Mom is totally on the poop list for dropping the ball on this one. Mom says that between work stressing her out, homework, and studying for tests for school, cooking dinner, bla bla bla, she is just too pooped-out to do anything but cuddle with me and daddy at the end of the day.

Not much has happened lately. Mom keeps trying to teach me stupid tricks like sit and stay. I don’t know what is so important about these ones when I already know:

“Touch” – the human puts out their hand and I touch it with either of my paws kind of like a hand shake

“Bed” – I get into my bed in the living room and stand there (waiting for my next treat)

“Chair” – there is a small pillowed chair in the bedroom that I have claimed as mine and when you tell me chair, I get onto my chair

Mommy really wants me to learn how to walk outside on a leash. She doesn’t understand why I will do it inside the house and at the pet store, but not outside. Duh mom, I have delicate little paws and the cement doesn’t feel good. The only benefit to when mom makes me walk on cement is that afterwards, I get paw massages with lanolin to keep the pads of my feet super soft. Yea, I’m spoiled like that. And you all thought that you had your humans trained, wait till you meet mine! She will treat any furry or feathered friend into a prince or princess! Mom is such a sucker for animals, she can’t walk past one without saying hello which I am TOTALLY ok with because that is how I get to meet tons of really cool dogs when we go out.

As the weather has gotten colder, mommy now leaves sweaters on me the whole day while she is at work. Whereas before, she only needed to put a sweater on me at night, but it is cold all the time now…even when the sky’s are blue. It’s really confusing.

Since daddy holiday hours at his work have increased and he starts work at 5am now, when he leaves for work, mommy brings me into the big bed and I sleep under the covers with her until she absolutely has to get up from work. I have lots of fuzzy warm blankets in my bed, but cuddling with mom under her blankets is always best!

My sweet little Ruby has given me some awards!

"you lift my Spirit award"

"A Perfect Blend of Friendship Award"

"Lemonade Award". This award is passed to bloggers for showing great Attitude and/or Gratitude.
And of course i have to pass these on to:

Rambo & Midget Pedro

Mango The Maltese Kiddo

The Texas Sun Dogs Sunny & Scooter





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Stanislaw & Big Pupi
Mango & Dexter


Amber's Personal Diary


Ben The Rotti

The Zoo Crew


Nottie Scottie

Geo & Romeo

Poppy The Little Blonde Chihuahua

Sunday, November 30, 2008

What a weekend...

Today Mommy and i got an email from Izzy who is Tobi's mommy and she informed us that she nominated my blog for "Best Animal Blogger! This is such an honor. Thank you Izzy and Tobi. I have added the button to my page. It is on the very top on the right side, so feel free to click on it and place your vote!

Saturday i went to the vets to get my last puppy shot and my rabies. Of course, i didnt feel good after that so i took a nap on the sofa under my blankie.By the time i woke up from my nap, i was having an alergic reaction to the vaccines again and i was itchy all over , and i couldnt stop itching, so mommy gave me some baby benadryl and my itching went away.

Believe it or not, there is always a benefit to going to the vets, and that is : My mommy always feels sorry for me because she knows how much those little needles hurt when i get my vaccines, so she ALWAYS takes me to the pet store and buys me toys and treats to make it upto me formaking me go. Now, tell me i dont have my mommy well trained! So, here is a photo of me and this "KONG" thing that my mommy bought me. it is super good because it has this magical peanut butter in it that just lasts for ever and ever and ever!

Then, today i had my first play date with Tobi! Here is a photo of my mommy holding me and Tobi next to each other.

He is a super hyper little pomeranian who i was scared of at first, but once i got used to him, he was Super Duper Fun to play with! Here are some photos of me and Tobi Playing.

And Here is Tobi playing bitey my back leg while i tried to play pitey with his tail!

I had such a wonderful time today with Tobi! I cant wait till our next play date!

Tail Wiggles & Puppy Kisses,

Coco - The Princess

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Clucky-Lucly Food Coma!

Yep, you all read that right, i got my first food-coma.

It started with my very first mashed potatoes
You can tell by my messy face that i REALLY liked it

This of course was followed by daddy sneaking me lots of clucky-lucky under the table when he thought mommy wasnt looking. Of course,there were no photos of this.

Then all of a sudden i got really lazy and now all i want to do is lay around and watch dad play video games. Mom keeps saying that i have a "food coma"

Mommy made a special meal for our two parrots. You can tell from their photos and their messy beaks that they really liked mommy's cooking too!

This is Poquito and her messy beak:

And this is a photo of Hamlet doing his "give me my special food NOW" dance:

Have a happy clucky-lucky day every kitty, doggy, hamie, birdie and human!

Love Always,

Coco - The Princess

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Turkey Day!?!?!

My friend Tobi's mommy Izzy made this for me. (My mommy is really bad at this computer thing)

Now, since i am only 3 months and 3 weeks old, i am not exactly sure what what all the fuss is about, but mommy is promising methat i will like it. Let me tell you...i ALWAYS love itwhen mommy is in the kitchen because she is a mesy cook and always dorpps niblets that i getto run off with and daddy is always sneeking me niblets off the counters when she cooks, so im liking this already because mommy started cooking already so that tomorrow she doesnt have to cook as much.

Here are some awards that were given to me earlier todayand i would like to pass them on to the following people and to anyone else who does not already have them, pleae help yourself.

Rambo & Midget
Ruby The Mini Dachshound
Mango The Maltese Kiddo
The Texas Sun Dogs Sunny & Scooter
The FourMusketeers Cody, Joyce, Zena & Lady
Stanislaw & Big Pupi

Amber's Personal Diary
Ben The Rotti
The Zoo Crew
Nottie Scottie
To my new freinds Geo & Romeo

And i would like to dedicate not only these two awards but a VERY special award to two VERY special new freinds:

Isis (who introduced me to Moki) For being such a good freind and looking out for her friend Moki

Moki (A very special little kitty cat) For being such a trooper!

Tail Wiggles & Puppy Kisses to you all on Thanksgiving.

Coco - The Princess

Someone New & Awards!

Hello everyone!

While my mommy and my Aunti were at the pet store (shopping for me) they met a lady and two really nice girls who played with me while my mommy and their mommy talked. Turns out that they are adopting a little puppy named Tobi! Tobi is a little black Pomeranian and is SUPER cute!

Tobi is being shipped to Izzy and arrives at the San Francisco airport tomorrow on Thanksgiving! Isn’t that exciting!!!!!

Tobi is Izzy’s first puppy and she has lots of questions. Since we all love to help each other out I thought it would be really nice if you could stop by Tobi’s page and welcome him and Izzy to Blogger!

Then come back here and let me know how cute you all think Izzy is. I know one thing…I cant wait till our parents set up our first play date!!!!!

Anxiously awaiting my first play date,

Coco - The Princess

P.S. Tobi also gave me these 3 awards so i would like to say Thank you to Tobi, and I will be passing them along to all my fellow FurFriends!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

My Puppy Teethes & Sunday Photo Shoot!

(Mommy was holding my paw in this picture. look at how small my paw is between her thumb and the "no" finger)
So, while i was hanging out with mommy and daddy today the topic of my teeth came up and mommy mentioned how most of the other furkids here on blogspot had photos of their teeth up, and daddy said "lets take photos of Coco's teethes". Oh i knew as soon as daddy said this that it was going to be fun... so i did everything i could do to not coo9perate...including biting mommy's & daddy's fingers! Hey, we were playing right!?

So, without further notice...Here are the photos of my teethes

Daddy took this picture...
Sometimes i wonder about mommys nails; i think that they are really teethes but on her fingers...i just havent figured out why yet though. I do know one thing for sure about mommy's nails thought and that is thatthey are GREAT for back scratches and belly tickles! The parrots like hernails for head and underpit scratches too!

Mommy took this photo while daddy showed off my teethes. As you can tell, they are SUPER SHARP! I wonder if my big dog teeth will grow in just as sharp as my puppy teethes are???

Mommy said that i was being really pretty and propper so she went camera stupid today...but since i was the center of attention, i of course was totally ok with it.

Here i crossed my legs like a good girl...

Here is my side profile...

This one would have tured out better if i wasnt so ancy and moved my head!

Here is a picture of me playing on my toy blanket in the livingroom:
This is a photo of me and my daddy playing video games. you can tell by the expression on my face that i was talking. To be quite honest...I was telling my daddy to drive faster because the other cars were catching up to him.
All that racing made me really tired, so i took a nap next to daddy just in case he needed any more advice.

That is what my weekend was all about...

Ihope you all had a wonderful weekend.

Love Always,

Coco - The Princess