Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Guess Who...

Its me!  The CocoBean  and my cousin Moose-Lips (A.K.A. Abbie)!  Our nicknames have gone wack-a-doodle-doo since we moved but that's a WHOLE other post!

Mom figured out Blogger!...well, kind-of...but she figured out how to get in and make a post so were off to a good start!

Here is what our holiday photos came out:

Mommy & Daddy went to Disneyland...
 and they didn't take us! So while they were away, Truffle practiced and mastered the art of pooping in shoes - yes you read that correctly...and Truffle has PERFECT aim!

My sisters and i have learned other new tricks too!  Our favorite new trick is to hang out around Grandma's feet while she is in the kitchen cause she ALWAYS drops things that are super yummy!
The dynamics our our hierarchy have changed quite a bit:

Truffle has turned into quite the "good girl" ...i mean she has REALLY turned into a SUPER goodie good girl!
and LOVES to cuddle all the time

Lady Godiva is ...well...She's still the same super sweet little Lady Godiva with one exception...she is downright DEMANDING about getting attention.  But shes cuter than a button so its hard not to let her get away with it.

LadyGodiva is still on Phenobarbital twice a day to keep the seizure monster away and it seems to have worked with one exception...Every once in a while she has what mommy calls a "neurological hiccup" and she goes all bobble-head on on us and isn't able to walk so mommy has to take her to go to the potty and hold her up while she tries to go potty.  Luckly, she is usually back to normal withing 24-48 hours but it is a lot of work and stress during that time because while we hope for the best, the truth is we just dont know if on day we wont be able to pull her out of it.  Thank GOODNESS for P.O.T.P!  It has really pulled her out of some dark woods!

When LG has these "neurological hiccups" mommy keeps her close and the house quiet
I help mommy keep a watchful eye and i stay cuddled close to LG...

But sometimes Truffle & I really need to burn off some steam so I'll take a break from watching LG and we play a good round of bitey-face!
I on the other hand have decided the following:

1)  Regardless of Mommy & Grandma's comments about me "becoming a REAL dog" make no mistake...i am STILL a Princess and just because i am stating my own Independence doesn't make me any less of a Princess! 

2)  It is colder than a ducks butt on a frozen pond in the dead of winter where we live now - so i decided that i am entitled to help myself to any of mommy's warm things ...like her hat for example...it fits me quite nicely!
3)  I have found my voice and i not only LOVE the sound of it, but i think everyone else should be entitled to my opinions too!  Yep, this once barkless (by choice) Chihuahua has FOUND HER VOICE and is NOT afraid to use it!

4) i am no longer the "perfect" & "civilized" Chi that i used to be - if i dont like something i let it be KNOWN!  i will grumble, squirm, show my teethies, and yip and any human who tries to do something to me that i do NOT like (i.e. when the vet tries to take blood, or the nice girls try to do my nails at the nail place) and i particularly do not like it when i am on my humans lap and one of my fur-kid-relatives try to take my place...then i REALLY show my teethies and grumble (even though i end up sharing 1/2 the lap)

5) regardless of my unwillingness to be "Perfect" i am STILL a princess and I expect to be treated as such
Its getting late so i'm going to head off to bed...

Tail Wiggles & Puppy Kisses,

CocoBean the Princess