Sunday, November 30, 2008

What a weekend...

Today Mommy and i got an email from Izzy who is Tobi's mommy and she informed us that she nominated my blog for "Best Animal Blogger! This is such an honor. Thank you Izzy and Tobi. I have added the button to my page. It is on the very top on the right side, so feel free to click on it and place your vote!

Saturday i went to the vets to get my last puppy shot and my rabies. Of course, i didnt feel good after that so i took a nap on the sofa under my blankie.By the time i woke up from my nap, i was having an alergic reaction to the vaccines again and i was itchy all over , and i couldnt stop itching, so mommy gave me some baby benadryl and my itching went away.

Believe it or not, there is always a benefit to going to the vets, and that is : My mommy always feels sorry for me because she knows how much those little needles hurt when i get my vaccines, so she ALWAYS takes me to the pet store and buys me toys and treats to make it upto me formaking me go. Now, tell me i dont have my mommy well trained! So, here is a photo of me and this "KONG" thing that my mommy bought me. it is super good because it has this magical peanut butter in it that just lasts for ever and ever and ever!

Then, today i had my first play date with Tobi! Here is a photo of my mommy holding me and Tobi next to each other.

He is a super hyper little pomeranian who i was scared of at first, but once i got used to him, he was Super Duper Fun to play with! Here are some photos of me and Tobi Playing.

And Here is Tobi playing bitey my back leg while i tried to play pitey with his tail!

I had such a wonderful time today with Tobi! I cant wait till our next play date!

Tail Wiggles & Puppy Kisses,

Coco - The Princess

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Clucky-Lucly Food Coma!

Yep, you all read that right, i got my first food-coma.

It started with my very first mashed potatoes
You can tell by my messy face that i REALLY liked it

This of course was followed by daddy sneaking me lots of clucky-lucky under the table when he thought mommy wasnt looking. Of course,there were no photos of this.

Then all of a sudden i got really lazy and now all i want to do is lay around and watch dad play video games. Mom keeps saying that i have a "food coma"

Mommy made a special meal for our two parrots. You can tell from their photos and their messy beaks that they really liked mommy's cooking too!

This is Poquito and her messy beak:

And this is a photo of Hamlet doing his "give me my special food NOW" dance:

Have a happy clucky-lucky day every kitty, doggy, hamie, birdie and human!

Love Always,

Coco - The Princess

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Turkey Day!?!?!

My friend Tobi's mommy Izzy made this for me. (My mommy is really bad at this computer thing)

Now, since i am only 3 months and 3 weeks old, i am not exactly sure what what all the fuss is about, but mommy is promising methat i will like it. Let me tell you...i ALWAYS love itwhen mommy is in the kitchen because she is a mesy cook and always dorpps niblets that i getto run off with and daddy is always sneeking me niblets off the counters when she cooks, so im liking this already because mommy started cooking already so that tomorrow she doesnt have to cook as much.

Here are some awards that were given to me earlier todayand i would like to pass them on to the following people and to anyone else who does not already have them, pleae help yourself.

Rambo & Midget
Ruby The Mini Dachshound
Mango The Maltese Kiddo
The Texas Sun Dogs Sunny & Scooter
The FourMusketeers Cody, Joyce, Zena & Lady
Stanislaw & Big Pupi

Amber's Personal Diary
Ben The Rotti
The Zoo Crew
Nottie Scottie
To my new freinds Geo & Romeo

And i would like to dedicate not only these two awards but a VERY special award to two VERY special new freinds:

Isis (who introduced me to Moki) For being such a good freind and looking out for her friend Moki

Moki (A very special little kitty cat) For being such a trooper!

Tail Wiggles & Puppy Kisses to you all on Thanksgiving.

Coco - The Princess

Someone New & Awards!

Hello everyone!

While my mommy and my Aunti were at the pet store (shopping for me) they met a lady and two really nice girls who played with me while my mommy and their mommy talked. Turns out that they are adopting a little puppy named Tobi! Tobi is a little black Pomeranian and is SUPER cute!

Tobi is being shipped to Izzy and arrives at the San Francisco airport tomorrow on Thanksgiving! Isn’t that exciting!!!!!

Tobi is Izzy’s first puppy and she has lots of questions. Since we all love to help each other out I thought it would be really nice if you could stop by Tobi’s page and welcome him and Izzy to Blogger!

Then come back here and let me know how cute you all think Izzy is. I know one thing…I cant wait till our parents set up our first play date!!!!!

Anxiously awaiting my first play date,

Coco - The Princess

P.S. Tobi also gave me these 3 awards so i would like to say Thank you to Tobi, and I will be passing them along to all my fellow FurFriends!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

My Puppy Teethes & Sunday Photo Shoot!

(Mommy was holding my paw in this picture. look at how small my paw is between her thumb and the "no" finger)
So, while i was hanging out with mommy and daddy today the topic of my teeth came up and mommy mentioned how most of the other furkids here on blogspot had photos of their teeth up, and daddy said "lets take photos of Coco's teethes". Oh i knew as soon as daddy said this that it was going to be fun... so i did everything i could do to not coo9perate...including biting mommy's & daddy's fingers! Hey, we were playing right!?

So, without further notice...Here are the photos of my teethes

Daddy took this picture...
Sometimes i wonder about mommys nails; i think that they are really teethes but on her fingers...i just havent figured out why yet though. I do know one thing for sure about mommy's nails thought and that is thatthey are GREAT for back scratches and belly tickles! The parrots like hernails for head and underpit scratches too!

Mommy took this photo while daddy showed off my teethes. As you can tell, they are SUPER SHARP! I wonder if my big dog teeth will grow in just as sharp as my puppy teethes are???

Mommy said that i was being really pretty and propper so she went camera stupid today...but since i was the center of attention, i of course was totally ok with it.

Here i crossed my legs like a good girl...

Here is my side profile...

This one would have tured out better if i wasnt so ancy and moved my head!

Here is a picture of me playing on my toy blanket in the livingroom:
This is a photo of me and my daddy playing video games. you can tell by the expression on my face that i was talking. To be quite honest...I was telling my daddy to drive faster because the other cars were catching up to him.
All that racing made me really tired, so i took a nap next to daddy just in case he needed any more advice.

That is what my weekend was all about...

Ihope you all had a wonderful weekend.

Love Always,

Coco - The Princess

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

8 things you didnt know about me...

Here are the Tag Rules:
· Each player starts with eight random fact/habits about themselves.
· People who are tagged need to write in their own blog about their eight things and post these rules.
· A the end of your blog post, you need to choose eight people to get tagged and list their names.
· Don’t forget to leave them a comment telling them they’re tagged and to read your blog.
Here we go!!!!!

1. I have been completely potty trained for 2 weeks now (litter box with a wee-wee pad) & every time I go potty I immediately go to my mommy &/or daddy and announce that I need my “good-girl Coco cookie”

2. In the morning for my first pee-break, I put my legs as far apart as possible and lift my back leg so I don’t get my feet wet/dirty

3. I have only barked 2 times and it was because I was really excited about a play session with dad.

4. I only like going for walks if I am being carried. I ONLY walk on my leash if I am in a pet store

5. When i was a puppy, my daddy brought me to work with him so much; his boss give me a time card!

6. I often walk/stand on my hind legs like a human

7. I am very sassy and am ALWAYS mumbling. (it is how I make up for not barking)

This last one is my deepest secrete that only my mommy and i share so make sure that you dont tell anyone

8. After dad leaves for work in the morning, mommy brings me into bed with her and we cuddle under the covers until she absolutely has to get ready for work. This is why mommy is late to work every morning!

Monday, November 17, 2008

RIP computer....

My mommy's computer has passed on (she swears she has the touch of death when it comes to computers). We have not been able to visit your bloggy's or post any new photos (and we have a lot to share). We are hoping that we will be able to get the old one fixed enough by the end of next week so that we can visit all of you and share our new photos with you all.

Right now my mommy is using her old laptop that keeps crashing so we need to hurry adn post this before it goes kaput on her (again)

We got new clothes from and we cant wait to show them off.

My sisters and i miss you all SO much and we hope to be visiting you and blogging again soon (dew claws crossed for a fixed computer by the end of next week.

So, untill our computer is fixed, i would like to leave you with a puppy photo of me from when i was a couple of months old...

Tail Wiggles & Puppy Kisses,

Coco The Princess

Thank you Texas Sun Dogs

I would like to thank Sunny & Scoter for this award:

Mommy is in class right now so she will post who sheis goign to pss it on to later.

Also, Ruby got Tagged and it looks like fun so i will be doing it on this entry as well. I just need to think about 8 things that you all dont know about me

Tail Wiggles & Puppy Kisses
Coco - The Princess

Sunday, November 16, 2008


So on Friday I helped mommy pack Ruby's winner prize(s).
Then when mommy woke up thismorning, she totally freaked out because she didnt see me in my crate (i was keeping warm)
So mommy put my sweater on me and i went about my usual sunday and snooped around under the computer desks. then i found it...It was so bright...So made my eyes get all squinty...It was Mr. Sunbeam!
I started to get a little too warm, so mommy took off my sweater and pointed a fan at me...but i wasn't goign to budge. there was NO way i was going to move away from MY Mr. Sunbeam.
I didnt care if they were vacuming...i made them vacume around me!

By noon, my Mr. Sumbeam went away. I stayed in this exact spot untill he was completely gone. I only hope that Mr. Sunbeam comes back.

Waiting for Mr. Sumbeam,

Coco - The Princess

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Rest In Pease Girl Girl

It is with a heavy heart that i found out last night that my dear friend Gril Girl has crossed over the bridge.

Girl Girl was the first furkid to befriend me here on blogspot. I won my first contest on her blog too. Whe will be missed greatly by all of us.

Puppy whimpers & Kisses,

Coco - The Princess

We Have A Winner!!!


Ruby correctly guessed my weight at 2 pouns and 4 onces (1.02 kilograms)

Please stop by Ruby's page and congratulate her and send her your love because she is going through a little bit of a rough time right now.

Congratulations again Ruby, and thank you all for participating in my game.

Coco - The Princess

P.S. I will be going to the vets again on 11/29/08, so i will be holding another contest (or two) starting on the 30th of November!

Monday, November 10, 2008

CONTEST & Winner!!!

I was noticing how everyone has contests and the winner wins prises, so i was thinking that i would hold a contest of my own! I get asked a lot how much i weigh, and since i just went to the doctor, my mommy and i know EXACTLY how much i weigh. So, here it goes...If you can guess my weight, I will send you a prise! The first person to guess my weight wins. If no one has guessed my weight correctly by the end of the week, than the per son who guesses the closest wins.

How does that sound?

The last time i went to the doctors, i was 2 ounces short of 2 pounds

entries must be submitted in pounds and ounces because mommy is really bad at converting from kilograms

Tail Wiggles,

Coco - The Princess

Sunday, November 9, 2008

My first Walk Outside!

It started off as my usual Sunday morning. Playing on my toy-blanket while mommy cooked breakfast.After breakfast, mommy put my harness and leash on and told me that we were going outside. At first i thought we were going to go for a ride in the car and then shopping, but mommy had something else in mind for me. I was goingto go for my first walk outside on a leash!

This is a photo of me sticking my head outside for the very first time (im always in mommy or daddy's arms).

Mommy thought this would be easy because she takes me everywhere with her, but as youcan tell from my photo, there was no way i was comfertable leaving the safety of my apartment! At least, not unless i was in my mommy's arms!

And then i saw something...and it moved...and it made a wierd noise as it moved accross the ground...but what was it?

It didnt run when i sniffed it...and it smelled i tried to eat this crunchy thing that my mommy called a leaf...But she took it away from me and we walked closer towards the thing that mom kept calling a sidewalk.
This is a photo of me on the sidewalk. You can see my daddy's orance car in accross the street.
And then it happened, something moved...and when i tried to sniff it it moved even faster and thenit dissappeared into a crack onthe sidewalk. I could still see it, but it was really hard forme to play with it while it wasd in there...It was something called a "Bug". Now my friends, let me tell you something about this "Bug" thing. It smelled really interesting and it moved really fast, but seemed shy and didnt want to play. So i thought i would lick it out of the crack and then maybe it would want to be freinds. Here is a photo of me trying to get the bug outof the crack in the sidewalk. It escaped...But ill find him next time...

Then there was this horrible rumbled and roared like i have never heard before. It was this huge shiny thing on 2 wheels and it kept getting closer..and louder! Mommy told me that it was ok and that it was just a Harley Davidson Morotcycle that lives down the street. This thing scares em when i am in my apartment...and now im outside andit is even louder! Needless to say, i screamed...and jumpped into mommy's arms.

That was the end of my walk...I insisted on it. There was no way i was going to be outside while that Motorcycle thing is stil out there!

So we went inside and i showed mommy my new trick... I know better than to chew on shoes...I just like dragging them around by their laces because they chase me!

For now i think i will stick to cuddeling on the couch with mommy & daddy...

and of course...hangingout on my blogging chair...

Thankyou everyone for sending me warm thoughts when i felt icky. i feel better now (thank you mr. pumpkin in a can)

Plotting against my next bug,

Coco - The Princess