Thursday, October 7, 2010

Recovery Time!

You sure all were right...little Lady Godiva got slipped into neutral! Here is all about her early morning journey!

The Crate that mommy put her into to take her to the place of surgery. But Godiva was FREAKING OUT So Mmmy Let her sit on mommy's lap since there was no traffic out that early and the place is only 1 1/2 miles from the home. I think that this picture was taken when Godiva finally started to realize that not only was something up, but it was NOT cool.

Then they arrivedAfter dorpping Godiva off and filling out the paperwork, mommy went straight to work. It was still totally dark outside! Crazy mommy!

Then at 2:30 PM mommy picked up Godiva and that was when mommy was told not only that SHE was going to have to go into the surgery room to get Godiva out of the cage but that once she was shown where Godiva's cage was they were going to stand back before mommy was allowed to open it...ok, now that is beyond weird and it had mommy totally baffled so she asked "why, whats going on!" and that was when they told mommy this "She isn't verry happy with us right now". this is weird mommy thought because none of us have EVER been mean to ANYONE! And let us tell you, when Godiva saw one of the workers, she started growling! she REALLY wasn't happy! But when she saw mommy, she turned into a sweet little mush puppy and once mommy was holding her she let the nice lady pet her!

So Here is Lady Godiva on the car ride homeAnd here is Lady Godiva in the Doggy Play Pen. We don't know what she is staring at in this picture, but whatever pain meds the doctors gave her must have been good! BOLAnd here is a pic of Lady Godiva's booboo from her big girl surgery
Tail Wiggles & Puppy Kisses,

Coco The Princess

**NOTE FROM MOM: Lady Godiva's surgery went well and she did not have any seizures during or after her surgery, she was shaking really bad earlier so i called her vet and he told me just to keep her warm and quiet so she and i have been napping together and i keep her wrapped in a blanket with me at all times. Coco Bean is amazing and incredibly instinctive about being careful and delicate with Godiva right now, but Truffle on the other hand just doesn't get it and wants to play bitey face so i am keeping Truffle separate. Coco is being wonderful with keeping Godiva's eyes and nose clean (Godiva's nose has been running and her eyes are goopy from the surgery) and cuddling with Godiva (and I) which seems to help keep Godiva from shaking.

Thank you all for your warm wishes for Godiva's speedy recovery.

I Love You All,

The Mommy

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Something's up again...

Hi all!

Somethings going on and me and my sisters are having trouble putting our dewclaw on it. Maybe you can help us out...Today, as soon as mommy got home from work, she let Truffle and Godiva out of the kitchen, got the carrying case out of the closet, put Godiva in it and left. Can you believe that...she didn't even play with us for 5 minutes! The nerve of her for not taking me and Truffle with her!!!

Then she comes back about 45 minutes later she comes back with Lady Godiva and feeds up immediately. Turns out that mommy took Lady Godiva to the vets office so that she could get her annual vaccines. I guess its a good thing we didn't go with mommy! Somethings really are a blessing in disguise!

It's now 8:00PM and mommy said that if we want to drink water we have to do it before 9:00PM because Lady Godiva is not allowed to eat or drink anything after 9;00PM and since we all share a water bowl, there is no way to stop Godiva from drinking water while allowing us to drink water.

Now mommy is saying that we have to go to bed early because she and Lady Godiva have to wake up at 5:30AM because she and Godiva have to be somewhere by 6:00AM.
And mommy keeps saying something about not being able to go through Godiva going through another "heat" and that she has to hurry up because it is going to happen next month. AND mommy said that Godiva is starting to act too aggressive because she is going to be going into "heat" soon so its time for her to have her "big girl surgery".

Now, i ask you...what the heck is a "big girl surgery"!?
Can you help us put our dewclaws on this mystery?

Tail Wiggles & Puppy Kisses,

Coco The Princess