Thursday, March 26, 2009

Second Interview

Mommy had an interview on Tuesday and it lasted 2 hours! I waited patiently at home for her to return. She hugged me and told me and daddy and my aunti Gizelle (Juicy Princess & Jazmine's mommy) that she thought that it went well. But you really never know (right?).

so, last night mommy got a call from one of the two people at that she had interviewed with and the wanted her to come back and interview with the owner of the comapny. His name is Yoli and he is Isralie just like my mommy!

So, mommy's interview was at 9am this morning and within 1 minute of her walking in the door the owner introduced himself and then immediatley after 2 men asked my mommyif she spoke hebrew! Sadly, my mommy forgot a lot of her hebrew, but she still knows the basics...and of course she talks to me in both Hebrew and English which makes me probabible the only bi-lingual Chihuahua that speaks hebrew & English.

So anyway...mommy got a call about 15 minutes ago from one of her 3 references letting mommy know that Yoli had called her for work references. Momy's reference wanted to speak to mommy before she called Yoli back to see if there was anything inparticular that she should elaborate on.

So, now it is a waiting game...and mommy is practically biting her nails!

Wish us luck and send us your prayers!

Ill be keeping my dewclaws crossed,

Coco - The Princess


The time is now 2:59pm and it is about 5 hours since my mommy's interview ended. She just recieved a phone call and she was offered the position of the Office/HR Manager! Thank you everyone for your prayers, warm wishes and for keeping your dew claws crossed.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I Gots The Bath Time Blues

My morning started out pretty good...It started with a good cuddle on the sofa in my favorite cuddle spot...under my mommy's robe.Then i was taken to the bathroom and put into the tub for my brushing. It isnt so bad really; my mommy bought me some "special" brush that pulls out all the extra fur that makes me itchy. I'm getting used to it and i dont try to escape anymore...i just stand there like a good girl and wait for the brushing to finish and then i do the crazy doggy shake and my legs go flying out from under me and my mommy says that it looks like my legs are going to propel my body off the floor.
"Is it time for me to do the crazy legs yet mommy?"

Then she threw me for a loop...and let me tell, I gots the bath time blues
"If i hold really REALLY still this will all be over soon...right?"

"is this really necessary mommy? If i give you air kisses will make this be over soon?"

This is a weekly event...but it gives me the blues every time. I keep hoping that if i act REALLY cute, than maybe she will forget about the rest of the bath and it will end sooner.

Tell me friends, how often do you have to take a bath?

Singing the blues (Bath time blues that is)

Coco - The Princess

Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Ups & Downs

This whole situation with mommy loosing her job defanitley has its ups and downs

The good things are:
  1. We snuggle a LOT
  2. I get lots of doggy massages
  3. I have someone to entertain me all day
  4. I get to sleep on the sofa for my naps
  5. I get to go for rides in the car
  6. Mommy holds, hugs & kisses me all day

The not so great things are

  1. Obedience training.
  2. I had to take a bath today
  3. I am sick and tired of getting pawdicures!
  4. I get brushed every day
  5. She keeps telling me that I have stinky feet
  6. She has even gone so far as to decide that I need my teeth brushed

If i have to do another "sit, stay, touch, high five, get in your bed, get in your chair, up or down"...well, i might just bark (again)!

Mom, I love you, but you REALLY need to get that job thingy out of your computer becaues your driving me nuts!

Love Always,

Coco - The Princess

Sunday, March 15, 2009

I Barked!

It was around 8:30 yesterday morning and daddy opened my crate so that i could go do my morning business. Mommy was still sleeping so it was just daddy and me which means extra Coco-cookies for doing my business (but we dont tell mom about that; its a secrtete between daddy and me)

All of a sudden mommy was woken up by daddy and a very loud constant barking which sounded like it was coming from the kitchen. Mommy jumpped out of bed and started heading to the kitchen. It sounded like the neighbors dog (constant, high pitched and irritating), but why did it sound like it was in the house? And why was it such an angry bark...Something was wrong...VERY wrong!
Daddy was totally freaked out. he wouldnt even go into the kitchen. So mommy went, she headed stratight to towards the back door to tell the neighbors dog to shut its trap but then she realized that it was coming from my bed...It was me!


As soon as mommy realized that it was me that was barking her whole demenor changed. She immediatley dropped to her knees and began to slowly come closer to me speaking very softly saying "whats the matter Coco Bean? Its ok, come to mommy...come come" But then i started growling and it was a VERY angry growl; daddy could hear this growl from the living room so he rushed to the kitchen doorway to make sure that mommy and i were oging to be ok (but he kept his distance just in case). Mommy stayed abut 2 feet from my bed because i was acting so angry.

Mommy knows (from experience) that if a animal is going to bite or nip, it is more likely going to happen when the animal is scared. But why was i so upset? what on earth made me angry enought to bark? up untill now, i had never barked before; let alone growled.

Very slowly i came out of my bed...esrs back, tail down, belly crawling and still very visably upset. i looked back at my bed a couple of times and growled again. When i finally made it to the safety of my mommy's arms, she noticed that my back, tail, and sides were wet; but she paid it no mind and held me close while i shook uncontrolably.

Then she saw it...the culprit...there was poobles in my bed! It had stuck to my butt and freaked me out so bad that i weebled all over the place and got that weebles all over me while i was freaking out...then i had jumpped into my bed for safety but it followed me...still attached to my butt!

So there was not just one thing that i was upset about...there were THREE
  1. I got poobles stuck to my butt
  2. I got poobles in a place where it did not belong
  3. I barked which in the past whenever i made a noise remotley close to a bark i scared myself enough to hide either in my crate under the blankets or in my mommy's lap
It took mommy holding me in her arms for about an hour before i stopped shaking, then daddy gave me a bath. After the bath, i was all better, but when it came time for me to do my afternoon potty break...i entered the kitchen with caution and refused to pooble without mommy there with me.

Seeing as though i have NEVER barked before. Mommy and daddy are wondering if this is a begining of a barking erra for me...but i havent barked since yesterday they think it was a one time deal...What are your thoughts?

Tail wiggles & Puppy Kisses,

Coco - The Princess

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Tru Colors Thursday (Purple) - And I'm Famous!

First things first... It's Tru Colors Thursday! And todays color is violet/purple.

This was a tough one, but i managed to find a few things.

There is purple on the tissue box:

Mommy's craft bag is purple:

and lastly, mommy has purple paper clips in fun shapes:

Now, about this famous thing...Famous Chihuahua has decided to feature me on their front page yesterday March 11th! Mommy found out yesterday and sadly only got aroudn to talking about it today. Go check it out an dlet me know what you think!

I would like to encourage ALL of my fellow Chihuahua family and friends to submit your photos too so you can get famous too!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I'm working with Eduardo The Snuggle Puggle

I've been working VERY hard today. Actually, it started last Friday. You see, my mommy was alway stalking about this thing called a job and often referred to it as work. Now, considering how often she spoke of this work, she managed to loose it.

Something about there being no more money or business. If you ask me, if this work thing is only around when there is money involved than they are not as loyal as us furkids cause all we want is love, cookies and to lick your face (maybe pee in the occasional shoe).

But anyway...she managed to loose this work so now she is spending a lot of time here at home looking for it on the internet. I don't know how it got into her computer, but I'm going to help her find it! So first, I'm working with Eduardo the Snuggle Puggle and helping my mommy find this work thing in her computer and I'm going to help her get it out:Then i helpped my mommy brush up on her photography skills:

Even though that was a lot of work for a little Chihuahua like me, i still worked even harder on resting so that i can help my mommy later with the cooking of dinner...she's going to cook up a storm tonight...were having Steak (daddy says that mommy's steak is the BEST and i would have to agree) , and veggies, and rice...and for desert, mommy bought some super sweet strawberries!!! Yum Yum...I LOVE strawberries! This is a super big chore and requires a not only a LOT of rest, but i must warm up my jaw muscles because being special taste tester uses a lot of energy!

Licking my chops!

Coco - The Princess

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Quite a busy Sunday

First i helped mommy sort the laundry. this of course is one of my favorite things to do because i get to steel mommy and daddy's unmentionables and run around the house with them while mommy chases me. Mommy refused to take pictures of this because she said that unmentionables don't need to be posted on the internet (whatever was a great game of chase)

Then because it is Sunday...i had my weekly play-date with Juicy Princess & Jazmine! Princess and i did not waste any time with the introductions and went straight to business while Jazmine played coy with the humans.
Here is a short video of Juicy Princess and i playing chase and her barking/quacking at me and some photos.
Then we went to this specialty doggy store where we met a bunch of other dogs! I got so excited that i poobled in the store! (My mommy said that i embarrassed her because i stunk up half the botique even though she caught me in the act and had a tissue under my butt while i poobled) Yea, i know...its embarrassing, but poobles happen...and don't let your humans tell you otherwise...they pooble too!

Then we went home and we said our goodbyes.

My mommy said that if i am a good girl and i can learn keep my poobles under control that i get to go with Juicy Princess & Jazmine to the "Happy Go Lucky Dog Botique" where us doggy's get to taste the newest doggy beer in 3 different flavors
  1. Wet Snout Stout
  2. DoggerLager
  3. Amber Bark
And there will be 3 different flavors of pizza too!
  1. Cheese
  2. Bacon
  3. Pepperoni
I promise to tell you how things go...but first...i need to have a talk with my pooble end.

Tail Wiggles & Puppy Kisses

Coco - The Princess

P.S. Don't forget poobling nothing to be embarrassed about no matter what your humans tell you. Just ask Stanislaw...he's the king of poobles! And poobles happen!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

True Colors Thursday - Yellow

Yay, i get to share with all of you all the yellow things in my life...

First and foremost is my mommy's yellow car. This is how i get around town.. and in this car is a yellow air freshener that looks like thisI have a yellow tennis ball that i LOVE to play chase with: Cuddleing in Mommy's yellow blanket on the BIG bed:And of course, my yellow ducky pillow
Ther is yellow on two of my toys too:
Thats enough pictures mom...lets play now :)Yellow ribbon:
Yellow stickies from mommy's desk on me!!!

I hope you enjoyed the yellow in my life as much as i have enjoyed sharing!

Tail Wiggles & Puppy Kisses,

Coco - The Princess

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Playdate Update!

The introductions took place on the sofathen there was a game of tug-of-war between Juicy Princess and myself And amazing game of chase! (please ignore our parents laughing hysterically in the background. they thought that Juicy Princess's bark was too funny!)
After this MAJOR game of chase, Juicy Princess decided to take over my toy collection This of course turned into another game of chase...whcih ended in some Princess Time between Juicy Princess and myself There was plenty of room in my bed for the two fo us, but i had to whisper to Juicy Princess that there was more room and it was warmer up on the sofa with my daddySo, to the sofa we relocated...and daddy couldnt be happier
I had such a wonderful time with Juicy Princess & Jasmine. they were so kind and i had such a good time sharing my toys with them.
Till next time, I'll be counting the days till my next play date...
Coco The Princess