Monday, February 28, 2011

We made it home!

And all is good in the world!

But let me tell sisters and i were SO tired! Mommy was SO happy to see us and we were incredibly happy to see her too...but at that point, all we wanted to do was sleep!

Truffle: "huh? Wha? what was that big flash?"
Truffle: "Oh no mommy, no flashie beast thingy right now please? i wanna sleepyz first"I was so tired, i didn't even wake up when mommy took this picture of me, but Godiva didOh, and here is two photos of me on my tempurpedic pillow that you all heard about in my last post...
I'm telling ya...if you don't have one, make you humans go out and get one! it isn't easy being a dog (or a cat I'm sure). you need postropedic for your little doggy (or cat) butts! Youll sleep like a puppy (or kitten)Mommy has been working so hard and i know she has been a little stressed so my sisters and i have been spending a lot of time being our goofy selves and making sure she laugh's (often). Mommy especially likes it when i do my "froggy butt" stretches.

Tell me friends, what do you do that makes your humans laugh? do you have any pictures? I would like to hold a competition if there is enough of you that are willing to participate. Let me know and if there is enough people who can submit a photo or video of something you do that makes your human(s) laugh, i'll host the contest!

Tail Wiggles & Puppy Kisses,

Coco The Princess, Lady Godiva & Truffle

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Doggy Hotel's and Vacations

So on Tuesday, Mommy woke me and my sisters up before the sun was even awake to feed us our doggy breakfast. then she got out our purses and said that she was taking us for a doggy vacation and that we were going to stay at the doggy hotel...So, Lady Godiva and i jumpped right into our doggy bags and truffle sat on mommy's lap as we drove down the street. I could tell by the excitement in Truffle's voice that were were somewhere exciting when mommy turned off the car engine.So mommy took us out of the car and started walking into the pet store that we go to all the time and into a different section than we had never been to before. This section was behind big glass was the "Hotel" that mommy was speaking of.Truffle and Godiva were all for it, but being the smart one of the group headed straight for those glass doors and begged every person that walked past to open them for me but no one would help :( Dont get me wrong, everyone was incredibly nice to me and my sisters, but i had a bad feeling about this and somewhere in my little doggy gut it was telling me that this "Hotel" did not have the same kind of tempurpedic pillow for my little doggy butt that i have at home. yes, you read right...i have my very own tempurpedic pillow and it looks like this:Note from Mom: i did not buy this $100 pillow for Coco Bean. one day she decided she wanted to lay on it and it was so cute, i let her...ever since that ONE time, if i am sleeping on my pillow at night, she will wake me up at whatever hour she decides by grunting at me until i wake up and get off her pillow. as soon as i get off the pillow, she jumps right onto it and curls up in a ball and falls immediately asleep. The pillow is stolen and I am the rightful owner...i just have not been able to convince Coco Bean of this.
A girl came out and put red leashes on us and took us away...right after mommy kissed us and told us how much she loved us...Truffle made sure to lick the tears off mommy's face before we were swept away...

Mommy calls every day and checks on us...and told us about Masterchusets and how cold it is there and how much she misses us. The girls and i were curious so we logged onto our dogbook and looked up mommy's Facebook page...cold my furry doggy butt! she's out in Masterchusets playing in piles of whipped cream and staying in a WAY better hotel than my sisters and i!
Look at these photos!look at our mommy LYING to us! all bundled up like its cold. Horse pucky its went to charlies chocolate factory like in the movie we watched...WE SEE ALL THAT WHIPPED CREAM MARSHMALLOW IN THE BACKGROUND!!!and then we found THESE two photos...
She's climbing on marshmallow piles!and look at this night, it sprinkles sugar from the sky and makes the marshmallow sparkle!
I know my two friends Mango the relentlessly Huge and Dexter the Labradude live in Masterchusets..I wonder if mommy saw Mango when the plain was flying over Boston??? It would be cool if Mommy got to meet them, but i would have to admit that my sisters and i would be a little upset if she did and left us behind because we would LOVE to meet them.

Normally i would end my bloggy entry by saying "Tail Wiggles & Puppy Kisses" but this time i'm going to end it a little different...

Hoping my mommy comes home fat from eating all that marshmallow and whip-cream with sugar sprinkles,

Coco The Pirncess, Truffle & Godiva