Thursday, January 12, 2012

I'm entering Mango's Minster! 2012


yep, you read correctly! ever since i was a little puppy and mommy brought me home when i was only on week old... i have always wanted to enter this competition. for the very first time in my furry 3 1/2 year life! and I'm entering into the Too Darn Cute part of the competition! I sure hope I'm Too Tarn Cute enough to compete against the rest!

Here is a pic of me that was taken today...

With everything that has gone on, i have been a bundle of nerves playing nurse to my little sister Lady Godiva and therapist/tear cleaner upper to my mommy i have been just so shaken up that i have peepeed on the carpet in front of the human bathroom three times since Friday (oops!). Anyway, being the princess that my mommy knows i am, she sure knows how to make my life pretty and pink again! I got one of my favorite treats today...a PAWDICURE! And I am SUCH a good girl while the polish dries after mommy hand files my nails:
(This is the Mango Minster Photo i submitted)
Mommy DOES have a trick up her sleeve to get me to stay lying like this for long enough for the polish to dry...wanna know what it is???

I DEMAND that she rub my belly!
And OMD does it feel good!With Godiva feeling and actin a lot better...mommy decided that we needed to celebrate so she dressed us up in new outfits because we LOVE our clothes! So I'm thinking that if the second photo of me is not cute enough (or if The Mango will allow it) Cute multiplied by three is always cutter than cute multiplied by 1!

Mommy calls this pic of us "The Perfect three"

Or this photo which mommy calls "The Chi Mafia" and apparently Godiva thinks she's our Ring Leader!

Wish me/us luck in the Mango Minster!

Tail Wiggles & Puppy Kisses,

Coco The Princess

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

UPDATE - Almost back to normal

Little Lady Godiva was carrying around her little teddy bear stuffie last night and this morning she went after her frog stuffie and was squeaking it to her little hearts content!

Normally, when I'm on a global conference call i confine myself to a room without any squeekie stuffies and the girls generally know that when I'm on the phone to not make any noise...but today...Godiva didnt care how much squeaky noise she was making and frankly, neither did I. I figured that as long as she is following me around the apartment squeaking a stuffie non stop, than that means that she is not sad, feeling ill, or having a seizure. So i left my phone on mute until i had to speak and them put it back on mute right after :p

Last night Truffle and Godiva were both under the covers...i was wondering how close they were to each other and when i lifted up the covers, this is what i saw:They were cuddled together and just like before Godiva got sick...they were cuddled together with Godiva's arm over Truffle. Just like old times :)

So here is where the "almost" back to normal part is - Godiva still will not play with Truffle or Coco Bean. she will show interest in a toy that Coco Bean has but seems to recognise that she is not ready yet for Trufle's roughness (Truffle is 8 pounds of solid muscle and not an ounce of fat to her body no matter how much i feed her. Truffle is built like a little Tonka truck). Godiva did however go bouncing after Truffle this morning doing her play growl but Truffle was more interested in getting to the kitchen to have her morning potty-pad break and Godiva couldn't keep up with Truffle.

Godiva does not run anymore. she walks surprisingly fast (always has) but her little back legs seem a little stiff or are looking bow-legged (hard to tell which cause she moves so fast). But she cannot run like she used to; she hops like a bunny rabbit now when she tries to run which is really cute. she used to do this a lot as a puppy but stopped when she was about 1 and a half years old. She was SUCH a fast runner - much faster than Truffle and Coco Bean. Godiva was like a little torpedo when she ran. i'm hoping that she will have the motor skills to run like that again, but if not, than i will just have a super cute bouncing Chihuahua...kinda like a little mexican jumping bean!

I know you all miss posts from Coco Bean and are most likely tired of hearing about all this, but i want you to know that i really do appreciate all your kind words, prayers, thoughts, suggestions and for putting up with my questions and concerns.

The truth is, you all are the only ones i can go to for resources that i can blindly trust. yes, i can call the vet (and i do), but hearing from all of you has helped me so much more than you can imagine.

I promise that i will give the blog back to my Chihuahua Mafia soon and i truly hope that i dont lose any of you as followers and friends while i use The Girls blog to update you all on the progress of my Chi-Mafia.

Hugs and <3 to you all,

The Mommy

Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Last night i gave my little Lady Godiva her first pill of Phenobarbital. it made her sleepy but after a nap, she woke up and actually started to show interest in her favorite little stuffie! She carried it around in her mouth very cautiously and brought it into her crate for a moment and then when she came out of her crate with it in her mouth she gave it a little shake! our little peanut was trying to play!

She is able to open her left eye, and is acting very happy and wagging her tail. her appetite is good and while she acts like she is rediscovering how to do things and what things are, she is still potty trained (thank dog for that!)

Coco Bean desperately needed some "mommy & me" time last night. Coco Bean brought me some of her stuffies and played and rolled around and acted goofy. These last few days have taken a lot out of Coco Bean. She has been doing the bad peepee on the carpet, throwing up white stomach foam, decreased appetite, and spending all her time right by Godivas side. Last night was the first time since Friday that Coco Bean actually ate her doggy dinner and played. And while she kept an eye on Godiva she wasn't glued to Godiva's side like she has been.

Truffle on the other hand is still acting oddly. Shes eating (never had a problem with that), but she is being very distant. i have checked to make sure she doesn't have a fever, her poop is good, etc. she just refuses to interact with Godiva like she used to. They used to be inseparable...and not i literally have to PLACE Truffle next to Godiva and tell her "STAY" just to take a picture and as soon as the photo is done, Truffie moves a good 1-2 feet away and just stares at Godiva like Godiva is about to sprout wings and a horn out of her forehead and fly around the room.

all in all, The vet does not know how Godiva survived through Friday night having seizures every 20-30 minutes for 12 hours straight...The vet told me that i must be Godiva's angel and my father told me that i am his hero because i took Godiva in knowing very well that she had medical problems.

Truth be told, I am far from a hero, and i am not an angel either. Its the Houston Pittie Pack Fearless Five Angels, and all of you coming together with your prayers and Power of the Paw that my little peanut made it through this weekend.

With the exception of some minor motor skills that Godiva has not regained, if you didnt know what her weekend had entailed, you would not know anything had happened to her. Its your prayers and Power of the Paw that pulled her through. And for that, i cannot thank you enough.

Lady Godiva is still very attached to me and still wants to be held all the time - but i can totally live with that!

Hugs, Tail Wiggles & Puppy Kisses,

The Mommy

Monday, January 9, 2012

Godiva Medication UPDATE (& a little more)

My BF picked up my house key from me today and then went to pick up Phenobarbital for our little Peanut. the vet also included a syringe with Valium in it in the event that (god forbid) another episode happens again like Friday Night when the seizures just wouldn't stop.

The BF got to my place and said that when Godiva heard his voice, she came to him wagging her tail and was all happy (the girls LOVE him with all their butt)

i will give her the first dosage of her medication this evening when i get home. Dr. Paul (our amazing and super cool vet) said that he is sure the phenobarbital will help her. Based on the feedback i have gotten from some of you who's furkids are on the same medication - you all have had positive results which keeps me in good spirits. I will post another update this evening on Our Little Peanuts Status.

Now...some of you might have heard about the quilt that is being made for Sandra and the Fearless Five. I was going to send just the silk patch off of Coco Beans would be easier for me to just let you read the letter i have sent with the blankie...yea...i couldn't just cut off the patch because while the patch has significant meaning..the whole blankie holds even more meaning and love.

"The day that I brought Coco Bean home (not sure if you know about that whole crazy story) I needed to get a small blanket that would keep her warm because the people who I bought her from told me she was 6 weeks old and when I got her home, I noticed that she had absolutely NO teeth in her mouth placing her age at no more than one week old. So I ran out to Neiman Marcus (with Coco Bean in my bra so she would be warm) and I bought a Barefoot Dreams blanket. It is only 15x15 inches and cost me $45 (noting but the best for my princess right). On the blanket is a silk patch that has a castle on it and embroidery that says "Go Barefoot and Build Your Dreams"

On Friday night 1/6/2012 Lady Godiva started seizing. Her seizures happened every 20-30 minutes and lasted the whole night right up until I was able to get her to the vet on 9am Saturday morning. Her seizures finally stopped late Saturday but her neurological and motor skills have continued to deteriorate straight through to early this morning. I have kept Little Lady Godiva wrapped in this blanket as it seems to bring her comfort and eases some of her shaking. If Godiva is not wrapped in the blanket, Coco Bean brings it to her.

I kept asking myself “how am I going to part with this blanket for Sandra’s quilt if my little peanut needs it so much right now!?” But today I got some good news. The vet thinks that seizure medication will help my little peanut and while she most likely will not regain her motor skills (jumping onto her doggy sofa or on top of the crate) she will not be so riddled with seizures like she has been since Friday evening.

This to me is a sign. A sign that while this blankie has brought Coco Bean and Godiva so much comfort for the past three and a half years, it is now time to pass that comfort and all the love this blankie holds to Sandra.

Coco bean carries that blanket around EVERYWHERE and even sneaks it into the bed with me and pulls it under the covers. The blanket holds a LOT of sentiment to myself and Coco Bean & Godiva. I cant think of a better purpose than to have it put in a quilt for Sandra."

My dear friend Sandra, if you are reading this...Honey, Like the patch on my babies blankie says, "Go barefoot and build your dreams"'s time for you to start rebuilding your dreams. And while you will most likely end up with just a 6x6 square of this blankie (mostly the patch on the front of it), it is important for you to know that the blankie part is still attached to the other side of the silk patch...and it holds SO much more love and sentimental value than words can express. All the love of my tireless efforts and sleepless nights awake just to make sure my fur-babies made it through the night and lived to wag their tail another day. I hope the section of my babies blankie in your quilt brings you the same comfort, and wraps you in the love that it has done for my babies.

~The Mommy

Lady Godiva UPDATE and some good news!

Our little peanut made it through the night! She actually woke me up making her usual squeeky sound excited voice because she had to make the good peepee! She is still wobbly and her physical actions make it apparent that she is still having difficulty with motor skills. But Coco Bean is staying close to her and keeps a very close eye on her. When peanut loses balance Coco Bean is right there to clean her face And either nudges peanut with her nose or paws at peanut. She also stays with peanut until peanut gets on her feet and follows coco bean back to the bedroom.
I just talked to the vet. he said definitely doggy epilepsy and her neurological problems have gotten worse. he is prescribing phenobarbital to be taken daily as well as liquid Valium for me to inject her with in the event that she has another episode while on phenobarbital.
More than likely her wobbly ways will not get better, but were hoping that on the new medication, they will not get any worse.
I will keep you all updated this evening when i give her her first dosage of Phenobarbital. i will also do a follow up post of all the wonderful advice i have been given and how i have made it a part of Godiva's life going forward like the wonderful idea of a doggy seizure bag!
thank you all for your prayers, thoughts, advice and sending me Power of the Paw. you all have proven that yet again, our healing vibes can and do save our babies lives. And for that, i cannot thank you enough. We are not out of the woods yet but were almost there. please continue to keep our little peanut in your thoughts and prayers.

Hugs, Tail Wiggles & Puppy Kisses,

The Mommy

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Lady Godiva - Turn for the worse

my little peanut has taken a turn for the worse. a few hours ago while she was with me at my moms, she started shaking and being wobbly. i just got her home and she threw up on herself and was just laying in it. i cleaned her up and she is just laying on her side and not moving but she is breathing and she follows me with her eyes when i walk by her.

i am beside myself...i keep asking what i could have done more...what signs have i missed. how do i fix this...god please just let her make it through the night.

i love my little peanut and i cant stand seeing her like this. i thought i could not cry anymore since i have been crying since Friday night straight through to right now.

Lady Godiva Update

i got to bring my little peanut home late yesterday. she is very tired and refuses to not be attached to either myself or my BF.

i have to call the doctor later today and find out whats next.

Saturday, January 7, 2012


Lady Godiva last night started showing neurological problems. She has lost vision in her right eye, holding her mouth oddly, can't stand or walk and her body get ridged followed by horrible shaking. Please pray for my little Godiva. I love my peanut and feel so horrible that I cant save her from whatever is happening. All I know is that she is getting worse. Please pray for my little peanut. Here is a photo of when she was healthy and happy... The way I want her to be and the only way I want to remember her

just left the vets. she keeps falling on her right side. they took her and told me to call back at 1pm. the vet bill is up to $299. all last night i was up holding her...PRAYING that she would make it through the night. now i'm just praying that i dont have to send her to the rainbow bridge.

Just called the vet... Couldn't wait another hour and a half. Her x-rays dont show anything wrong. They immediately put her on Valium because they couldn't get her little body to stop shaking. He said that she is sitting in the crate drooling. Definitely neurological but we dont know at this point how bad the neurological damage is.

I'm in peaces. cant stop crying. trying to keep positive but for some reason i cant help but to try to be prepared for the worst...why must time pass so slowly at times like this?