Wednesday, November 4, 2009

A great book i had to share with you...

Hi friends,

Only once in the year and a half that Coco Bean has had a blog have I ever taken over; But I was given the opportunity to read a new book that just came out called “DOGTOWN: Tales of Rescue, Rehabilitation, and Redemption” and I really wanted to share it with all of you.
Dogtown is a no kill shelter in Utah for Misfit and traumatized dogs, puppies rescued from puppy mills and war-zone trauma cases. The workers here truly believe in second chances for animals who never really got a fair first chance at life. This book tells the story of 15 dogs whom were abandon, abused, &/or badly injured and how the dedicated staff at Dogtown was only able to rehabilitate them but re-home them too. Each story shows the powerful bond that the trainer/owner has with the dog whom they work(ed) with as they each tell their story from their point of view.

The first chapter is about “Georgia”, a beautiful Staffordshire Terrier (Pitt Bull) whom was rescued from Michael Vis’s home. We all know who Vic is and how horrible it was that he did what he did, but Georgia’s story is amazing and heartwarming.

The stories about dogs that required special training because they showed signs of aggression, gave examples of training techniques that were simple enough for anyone to be able to practice at home with their dog(s). Not only does the book explain how to work with these techniques, but it also explains why it works and what it is teaching your dog(s).

Each story is inspirational, heartwarming and touching in its own way and no two stories are alike. I am not an avid reader, but I was able to finish this book within one week of receiving it. By the end of the first story you are able to believe that there is no such thing as a “bad dog” only dogs that need a little extra love and devotion. These unbelievable stories will not only put a smile on your face but will stay with you long after you finish reading this book.

This book is available wherever books are sold and would make a wonderful gift book this upcoming holiday season. It is even small enough to be a stocking stuffer! A portion of the proceeds will go to Best Friends Animal Society

Princess Coco, Lady Godiva & Truffle are going to give their Grandma one from the holidays!

If you would like to learn more about DogTown, please click HERE.

Thank you for letting me share a wonderful book with you.


LeeTal - The Mommy


NAK and The Residents of The Khottage Now With KhattleDog! said...

Grrrrreat post!

It is khwite a touching story to share -


Cocorue said...

hiya guys, how ARE you doing?????

that sounds like a great book, i think i will buy it for mumster as her birthday is in December....let's see how to get some $$$

you look good, guys and say "hi" to your mumster for me, thanks


Scottie the 'Cutie' said...

Wow that looks like a lovely book! I'm going to get Mom to look for a copy here in Malaysia...thanks for sharing about the book with us! *grins*


Heather said...

That really sounds like a great book. I had watched a few episodes they had on NatGeo a while back. Truly a wonderful place with a wonderful purpose! I may have to get this book - thanks for sharing!

And that picture...priceless! :o)

Sunny,Scooter, (sometimes Jamie) said...

Mom watches that series Dogtown on National Geographic Channel. That looks like a great book. We have to ck the library! Thanks for sharing it
ps Mom says please email her

Golden Samantha said...

Oh we have HEARD all about DogTown, but never knew there was a BOOK!!! Can't wait to go grab it! Thanks for the info! And Coco - I am very embarrassed for my mom has yet to publicly offer you major huge thanks for your award. It's as late as she's ever been in acknowledging. She has allday work today and tomorrow and on SAT will post - finally - yay! And we personally thank you for such a sweet thing!
Hugs xo

Fred said...

Old Girl will love to read this one! Thanks for sharing!

Bijou said...


Thanks for sharing the info on this book. Our mom used to watch the Dog Town show but it may not be on anymore. She will look for the book.

That is a very nice picture of you three girls!



Hi Girls,

We luv your pretty pink blankies. You'll are just too cute!

Riley and Star.

JB's Big and Small Worlds said...

That looks like a really great book. Thanks for sharing it with us all!

Sharon said...

I know this post is about a book... but sweet lord look at those cutie ears. Your girls are as sweet as ever!!

<3 S and D

Anonymous said...

A great book and wonderful show on Animal Planet too.

Hugs, Tessa

i said...

Thanks for sharing this! LS said she'll see if she could find it in our local bookstore.

Rambo said...

Hi Coco cousin!
Great post! Miss u!

ocmist said...

That sounds like an awesome book, but I'll bet it's a real tear jerker at some points too. I'll have to check around for it. Thanks for sharing the info with all of us! Linda (OC's Mom)